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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. NoMythsAudio
  2. JeremyLaurenson
    Got a link to a pentagon 4.4 right angle plug? I have 4,4mm female connectors and maybe I’ll make myself a right angle extender
  3. tgrosu
    How about this phenomenon?

    I fully charge the WM1A, I listen to it until the battery shows around 2/3 of the battery still charged, I turn off the screen (not powering off the device!) and in 7 hours time, when I get back home, it is fully discharged and powered off...

    Do I need to power it off completely each time I know I won't be using it for several hours? Or is it a power management problem of some sort?

    Did you experience it?
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    I leave mine on all the time, has not been powered off in over a year and get about 20 hours play time per charge which for me equates to charging it every Sunday
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  5. tgrosu
    Hmm... That's strange, then. My unit is brand new, it shouldn't happen ...
  6. tgrosu
    Do you leave your headphones inserted in the device? I am trying to eliminate possibilities...
  7. kingdixon
    I don't think there were cases of battery inaccuracy or didn't read about it, so your best bet is either the battery is working ok or not ..

    without the battery care option, i fully charged the battery and used it in multiple scenarios.

    with screen off mostly all the time and shuffling mix of mp3s and flacs

    Direct Sound On, no dsp at all, i got 33 hours
    ALL DSP on, got around 20 hours
    only Dynamic normalizer and tone control on, WITHOUT DSEE HX; DC Phase Linearizer i got around 30 hours

    I think thats enough to show status or the health of the battery.

    Also iam not sure, what the bars reflect to in numbers on the battery icon, but if you are missing only 1 bar and the player shuts after 7 hours, this doesn't seem logical, thats why i mention inaccuracy although i never witnessed or read about this problem on a sony device

    also take care, that playing around in the dap, specially screen on for a long time, switching different dsp on and off alot, and moving between songs alot .. too much of these actions can deplete the battery much faster.

    Edited :

    Also if your library is all flac or hires, using bluetooth, have nfc on .. it has different calculations for the battery
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  8. tgrosu
    Thank you for the very detailed answer. I have the battery care option ticked. I will experiment. Thanks again, if everyone else have witnessed something similar, please shoot!
  9. Whitigir
    Also screen brightness if the screen is on all the time. It warm the player up and also drain battery like a champion. Especially if you love those spectrum analyzer or Vu-Meters.
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  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Most of the time yes
  11. tgrosu
    On mine, screen brightness below half, standard cover album screen, no fancy analyzers. Thanks!
  12. kingdixon
    I did those tests, because first time i got the dap, i had battery care on charged it, with all dsp on and i got total 13 hours, so i was worried something is wrong

    i had to turn all features off, just to test the battery, battery care is a cool option, but i felt that it takes something like 5 hours off, anyone has a more accurate number please chime in

    but after seeing that the battery is fine you can turn it back on and will still give you enough hours
  13. gerelmx1986
    I leave my headphones connected on my WM1A an i haven't noticed a negative effect on battery life
  14. kubig123
    I found them only in Japan (Buyee, Amazon JP and similar).

    These are the Pentaconn part numbers:
    NBP1–14–003 (OFC)


  15. fiascogarcia
    If the meter shows 2/3 charge, and you turn off the screen, it shouldn't be fully discharged after 7 hours time. And not to the point that it powers off. Only additional thoughts I can throw in are:
    -It is improperly discharging if you are getting the low battery message after the 7 hours. That sounds like a bad battery to me. If you are basing the discharge on the little battery meter, your meter might be miscalibrated.
    -On the issue of the unit turning off, you might go to settings and make sure it is not on the shutoff timer, which will turn it off after a chosen period of inactivity.

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