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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. dazzerfong
    Never truly understood that myself - IMO, not much point having the best sound in the world if you can't enjoy it for long.
  2. aminus
    I just don’t mind the minor discomfort at all. I can wear it for hours.
  3. Kitechaser
    I don't think I have ever been more disappointed after listening to a hyped iem than the IER-Z1R.
    Grainy mids, everything sounded recessed, horrible tonality.
    Music sounded dead.
    Just a trip.... KEPT LOOKING for that stage that was supposedly wide and massive, it was flat, zero depth, just...recessed.
    How this thing costs 2000 dollars is beyond me.
    How the same company can design the DMP-Z1 and this is baffling.
    Hoping that the M9 was handled by a different staff.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  4. Ra97oR
    While I completely disagree with your Z1R impression, the M9 is tuned completely different to the Z1R.

    The M9 is more of a warm neutral reference sound than the more coloured sub bass focused tuning of the Z1R.
  5. Kitechaser
    How would you characterize the IER-Z1R's mids and staging?
    Upper mids?
    Just trying to get a picture of how you are hearing it.
  6. dazzerfong
    Grainy mids.....huh, if anything, I felt like the mids were scooped.
  7. TooPoorForHiFi
    Stock Tips are Best Tip for the M9?

    Whats the model # Tips for the Sony hybrid, would like to get extra
  8. Kitechaser
    Scooped is being kind. To me, it's almost like the mids were an after thought.
    And yes, grainy, as in there was distortion around the edges, vocals on some tracks were not smooth, and had a hazy sound. (Could be the hybrid configuration)
    Also tonality was washed out with the 4.4 SPC Cable, when I switched to a pure copper one, it helped a little, but overall, it was still quite a disappointment.
    Fit was another thing, these things stick out quite a bit, I can't really imagine walking out and about with these everyday.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  9. CoryGillmore
    Very much dependent on your ear hole. For me the LL Sony Hybrid gave the best sound by far. I tried JVC Spiral Dots and Spinfits, both of which gave a better more secured seal. But the M9 is not at its' best when you have an airtight seal. They shine when secured, yes, but not so much that you're getting a suction effect. I could never get the triple comfort tips to fit (too small). But the Hybrids are amazing.
  10. sphinxx
    I tried RHA tips on the M9. Best fit ever, also more isolation than the stock.
  11. TooPoorForHiFi
    Have you try the Final E Tips?
  12. CoryGillmore
    Nope I want to though. Heard good things about them.
  13. dazzerfong
    Both the Hybrid and Triple Comforts work for me. Prefer the Triple Comforts as they're a hair larger than the Hybrid for the equivalent size, and I'm between LL and L. Also, they don't pull as hard on my ears when I pull them out of my ears.

    They are, to an extent, picky with tips. If I use LL, it fits in, but I can easily get this ridiculous seal which blocks out everything but also sucks the bass out. Avoidable, but it takes some getting used to to avoid that phenomenon. And conversely, if it's too small the bass will be gone too.

    I tried to use Comply, but for some reason it doesn't sit quite right for me. Sound is fine, but comfort leaves much to be desired. Maybe it's because it sticks too far out, but I'm avoiding them for now until I get a M size or something. Normally, I prefer Comply Isolation tips because it avoids that thud thud sound when you walk, but the comfort just isn't there this time.

    There are so many tips, you're bound to get something that works for you. Just don't be tempted to treat them like Etys, because the sound will change for the worse.
    CoryGillmore likes this.
  14. CoryGillmore
    By treat them like etys, you mean don't shove them deep down in your ear? If so, I agree! You're spot on about them being finicky. But once you get it right, WOW! It was messing with my head something fierce. I would sit down for a session and we wow'd. Then the next session I'd be life What, these are boring and lifeless! It took me a good couple months before I figured out not to shove them deep in my ear and to not get a suction like seal.
  15. dazzerfong
    Yeah exactly. Just pull your ear up like an Ety, plop them in and then let it sit. No need to jam it in.

    I'm actually tempted to try custom tips for them. I know Westone does custom ear tips for universals - might give them a try in the near future.
    CoryGillmore likes this.
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