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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. stormers
    Ok...so I've been trying diffrent methods and this is the best for my ears at the moment.
    So, same as you, I find TC a lot more comfortable, sound better, and as better isolation than stock Hybrid. On the other hand, stock Hybrids seal a lot better and brings out the treble (TC brings out the bass) but isolation sucks and somehow it hurt/itch my ears after a few hours.

    Finally, yesterday I tried out a method from another thread here - to add foam into the silicone. But original method uses comply foam (active series) that are too soft or porous and end up didn't do much for me. I love Shure olive and had a couple spares so I decore and put the top half of 2 olives to fit under stock Hybrids. Man....this works so well for me that I have to share it (after a whole night listening of course).

    I've had the M9 for a month or two now so here's my limited experience with tips (source = ES100 or M0 or A&K Jr.; stock cable, FLAC files):
    TC: more bass, comfortable, good isolation, a little bit roll off on treble, lose seal easily for me
    Stock Hybrids: more treble, less bass (it was noticable), comfortable, easy deep insertion, seal well, isolation just ok, less....musical
    Spinfits: noticably more highs (too much for me), good seal, comfortable, make them stick out of my ears, isolation suck
    Comply TSx: lots more bass, lots more isolation, make it a lot darker, not my taste, sooooo comfortable (but I ain't gonna pay that much for tips in the long run)
    Modded (below): more bass, more isolation (more than TC, a little bit less than Comply), I can only hear a tiny bit treble roll off (worth the trade to me), seal very well (so much that if you push too much there will be pressure build up). I need to spend a few more days with this but for now, I'm very happy with this.
    20190422_094217.jpg 20190422_094117.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  2. stormers
    [kinda sad seeing M9 is not as popular as Z1R even though it's better price/performance ratio to me]

    So....I also gave Spiral Dots a try...Don't really like it.
    They fit well but there's something odd with the tonality. It sounds off to me.

    Anyone try Dekoni foam with these? I've heard good things like they don't roll off treble as much.
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  3. CoryGillmore
    Spiral Dots sounded fine to me but they allow pressure to build up in my ear and eventually they just get very uncomfortable for me. I've settled on the Sony LL Hybrid tip as the best tip for me with the M9.
  4. bibit69
    Stock Sony hybrid works well with almost any IEM i've tried, fitwise and soundwise. But M9+spiraldots fits so well to my ears, don't have to push hard inside, so it feels so light to me and neutral sounding. Not the case with M7+spiral as M7 spout is a bit bigger. So it's mostly about the fit of the iem, the tip and the ear. This is why I don't discount any tip I can get nowadays, collect as many types as I can, there's no bad tip IMO. When I find a perfect match, I prefer it to CIEM as I can't stand hard plastic all over my ears for long hours.
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  5. dhruvmeena96
    Only one stands on top of iem world
    Spiral ear SE5 ultimate.
    Haven't tried SE6 but SE5 doesnt apply with law of diminishing result

    I tried M9 and was floored. Its better than Andromeda.

    Z1R sounds harsh to me in upper mids and lower treble range.
    And quite thin on mids with gigantic bass...

    Didn't like it

    M9 anyday
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  6. toughnut
    Will try to have a demo on SE5u, heard good feedback on it.
  7. Giullian
    ha! I like both, but agree that M9 is better than Andromeda S. :)
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  8. stormers
    Anyone here has an impression on RHA CL2? Compare to M9 i mean
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  9. CoryGillmore
    I've seen it mentioned somewhere I know but has anyone taken out the foam material in the M9 nozzle? I tugged on mine a bit with tweezers but it felt secured in there and I was too big a puss to really tug on it. I swear I saw it mentioned somewhere that there were sonic improvements to be had with doing this...at the expense of coating your BAs in dust, earwax and other bodily fluids. What sort of bodily fluids, you say? Well I don't know about y'all but me and my M9 have a VERY healthy relationship...
  10. stormers
    given the healthy nature of the relationship, take one for the team and take the next step :)

    we're waiting for your feedback
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  11. stormers
    So...eh.....anyone interested in selling their Triple Comfort tips to me :) (especially the Ms and S sizes)
    Left them somewhere during moving (repost from other thread)
  12. Giullian
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  13. CoryGillmore
    I've actually found my M9 to pair very well with my Burson Audio Play. There is a hiss that can be heard when no music is playing. But other than that it's the best sounding thing I have. Definitely an audible difference when compared to my DAPs. Much more aggressive sounding, I love it.

    My M9 is still the most enjoyable sounding headphone I own. I choose it over the Aiva even. Love the Aiva too though.
  14. Giullian
    Have you tried the iFi iMatch to get rid of this noise?
  15. redrol
    I have exactly one IEM on my get list and that is the M9. I have to grow a little more sack to drop a grand on the international version. Still, I want them verrry much.
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