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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. HiFiDJ
    Would you classify the sound sig as a little boring? And any comparison between the solaris?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  2. CoryGillmore
    Never would I ever classify the sound signature of the M9 as boring, my dude. Not even close. It's the most fun sounding headphone I've ever heard and it puts enjoyment before accuracy, I'd say. When inserted correctly with the right tips, these things pound out the bass notes beautifully.

    I've seen comparisons with the Andros for sure. Some people prefer the M9, some the Andros. They are definitely direct competitors though and the M9 punches right there with them and has much better bass. I've yet to see any comparisons to the Solaris though. There's still not too many reviews out there on the M9 even though they were released in October. I'd say just buy them from Amazon, audition them for a week or hell even 2 months and send them back if they're not for you. Though I've yet to see anyone who's spent time with them who didn't adore them.
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  3. HiFiDJ
    Yeah, it sucks there aren't too many reviews of them.......Did you get them from amazon? I was wondering why the international version is so much cheaper....
  4. CoryGillmore
    Yep, Amazon buyer here and I bought the INT version as well. The difference is only concerning the warranty. Meaning if you need to warranty them you have to send them back to the seller rather than dealing with Sony USA. Which may be a huge pain in the ass, I have no idea and hopefully won't have to find out.
  5. CoryGillmore
    I've come to the conclusion that while the Sony tips sound best to me, the fit/seal with them is so finnicky for my ears. The JVC Spiral Dots may or may not sound as good but they provide a much more consistent fit/seal for my oddly shaped ears. The SpinFit tips sound great as well but maybe not quite on par with the Sonys and JVCs but what the SpinFits do better than either of them is a comfortable consistent fit that once you pop in your ear, you can just forget about them and enjoy the music. I have found the JVC Spiral Dots to be the perfect balance between the two for my ears. I don't expect this to be the case for everyone though.
  6. 3388
    Hi everyone
    I m going to buy the m9, can anyone tell me about the run in time? Or its not a matter at all. Thanks
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
  7. CoryGillmore
    Nah I don't think so to be honest. Just gotta figure out which tips fit you best. Fit is crucial with these IEMs, more so than other IEMs. You can have too much seal or not enough and the sound suffers with either one. Though if you don't have abnormally large ear holes like I do I suspect you won't have any drama with finding the perfect tip to use in the box. I wish SOny included just one size larger but I can get by with the LL silicone hybrids and they're the best sounding tip I've tried and I've tried many well known aftermarket tips too.
  8. Ocelitgol
    How does it compare to the triple comfort?
  9. CoryGillmore
    I wish I knew! The biggest triple comfort in the box was a size L while the hybrids have an LL. The L in the triples were too small for me.
  10. 3388
    Tks. So looks like run in time is not a concern here
  11. CrocodileDundee
    Let me give my 5c opinion here. :)

    I do own both the Andromeda S and just got my Sony M9. I would just say straight away, try it with Wiz Khalifa "Rolling Papers" if that is your taste, it gave me a freaking "wow" of enjoyment compared to my beloved Andromeda S, I got a few IEMs before and compared to it and always came back to the Andromeda S as my cup of tea. The M9's have Amazing and controlled low end, highs and mids just at the right level. Not as much stage as Andro though, but you completely forget with all the rest you get.

    If you like classic, try the playlist "Soundscape" from Tidal, you will have another "Wow" feeling from it. again, not as spacious as the Andro, but the details and separation is right there and on the right amount.

    If this is a boring IEM, I don't know what is funny anymore. I didn't have this feeling even from the expensive Noble Khan I auditioned these days and this was the closed I got from Full Size headphones to date.

    Ps.: I agree that is a bit sad we don't have much reviews of Sony's IEMs, probable because it's harder to get review samples. I hope that changes, because M9 and Z1R has a lot of potential.
  12. TooPoorForHiFi
    Question, The M9 doesn't have a problem taking any 3rd party MMCX Cable right? Nothing weird?
  13. CrocodileDundee
    It has a recessed connection, so just need to be careful with that.
  14. Ocelitgol
    I think I prefer the stock cable :)
    It'd be great if they have 2.5mm version (shorter will be better for me as well)

    Anyone try inserting it deep with small tips? I got a little bit smoother treble....kinda nice

    Also, TC tips gave it a tad bit of bass I think. IDK if it was my assumption that foam would increase bass but it does sound a little bit more musical.
    The tips are smooth so they tend to push out at first, but I notice after wearing them for a few days, they don't bounce back as much and kinda "collapse". Now they fit and stay better than out of the box.
  15. CrocodileDundee
    I would love to have the 2.5mm cable included, but is Sony and they need to push the 4,4mm standard. I bought an adaptor though. :)

    I love the comfort and sound of the TC, the musicality and signature are top notch for me, but I still struggle to keep the good seal as it keep bouncing back. Without a good seal they sound really awful with no low end. So I keep going back to the silicone ones that are not as comfortable.

    PS.: Interestingly the TC tips on my Andromeda S (larger bore than M9) filled like a glove in my ears and sound amazing too.
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