Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by amigomatt, Apr 14, 2015.
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  1. MadMike
    Well, I have True-Fi and it makes my Focal Elears sound fantastic! Takes away the upper-mid suck-out and everything sounds terrific. Money well spent. Haven't heard full Ref 4 though.
  2. Kdubbs82
    Anyone try this on the hd600s?
  3. Bern2
    I have tried Ref 3 with the 600's. There's not as much correction needed as the 600's were a lot flatter (as compared to the HD800's which I use Sonarworks exclusively). It's a free trial have nothing to lose by trying it.

  4. Mr H
    quick questions. I'm using the sonarworks headphone trial. (I'm reading the manuals and stuff but can't find this)
    * the calibration profiles just have 1 per headphone, the average. the paid version has some more profiles?
    * the frequence response are set. can I modify them in the paid version? flat response is great but I'd like to modify them a little bit to my preferences
  5. Bern2
    I'm assuming you are using Ref 4? There should be some bass and treble minor adjustments. Not familiar with the True-Fi software. You can send your headphones in and have a specific file customized for your headphone.

  6. MadMike
    With True-Fi you can raise the bass response and the treble response (treble is age-dependent- you cannot change specific frequencies).
  7. Mr H
    I saw that, but they pivot on the middle freqs like more bass-more treble, I wanted to raise the middle a bit lol
    and I'm trying both, true-fi and sonarworks
  8. groovyd
    You can only 'tilt' the response bass or treble or select one of their other fixed presets, nothing fully customizable though that would indeed be an incredible feature. To that end I still require following Sonarworks with a quality EQ plugin to shape the exact response I like. Fortunately for me CanOpener offers the curve I want while at the same time performing excellent headphone crossfeed. I run the two together from within menuBus Pro ( on a Mac and it is a perfect solution. You could also add in additional plugins to the bus and there are a few free ones included to choose from (like basic apple eq) but I haven't so far needed any more then Sonarworks + CanOpener.

    I had hoped they would have included full target curve customizability in Ref 4 but sadly it wasn't such a step-function upgrade over Ref 3. It is still very much worth purchasing imho one of the best things you can spend money on in pursuit of great sound regardless of your gear.
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  9. Mr H
    hmm having to eq after sonarworks seem like it's not what I'm looking for.
    day 2 trying, the best setting I find with the lcd2 is flat but setting dry/wet to 50ish%. more than 70% is too bright for me, less mids than I like.
    from the freq response curve they have on the lcd2 shows mids a little bit prominent and the software takes some of the mids to make it "flat". but what I like about the lcd2 are the mids lol don't take away the mids.
    otherwise the software looks well made and practical. 0 glitches so far. not being able to customize the curve takes points on the usability scale for me
  10. Roll
    U can mess around with - Predefined B&K 1974 speaker and the dry/wet settings...
  11. cloudkicker
    For me the idea of using True-Fi is to flatten the headphones I'm using so I'm not using an EQ, but for those that want to and are using a Mac there is a way to do it. I'm using Ghz CanOpener and Ghz Midside Matrix with Audio Hijack and then set True-Fi as the output device for Audio Hijack. Put in an EQ in the workflow and you can change the sound as needed.
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  12. MattTCG
    hoping to see a profile for the hd660 S soon :)
  13. techboy
    In Ref 4, I am unable to use Ref 3 files. Says Invalid File. Can you please help me? :frowning2:
  14. groovyd
    I keep getting crashes using a MacBook Pro, with Zoom Audio Interface over thunderbolt while trying to get a speaker calibration using Ref 4. Have reported it to support but wondering if anyone else has had issues with Ref4 measurement app crashing or indicating completely inaccurate speaker distances? for example speakers are 15' from listening position and it thinks they are 2'.
  15. Roll
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