Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by amigomatt, Apr 14, 2015.
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  1. Solrighal
    I understand where you're coming from because I also found it confusing. I must say I do really enjoy the system-wide aspect of it. We're currently living in a rented house and so can't make many alterations to the listening room. Consequently the sound in this room is very 'lively', to say the least. The living room is huge, with tiled flooring and two large sets of patio doors. Not ideal for hi-fi. Now I know this isn't exactly scientific & it's definitely not neutral but I use the in-built setting called "French hi-fi speakers" and the sound is beffed up beautifully. The ringing which is normally present in this room is completely removed and the bass sounds like it goes lower. Like I said, not scientific, but it is very pleasant.
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  2. DivineCurrent
    I’m curious, has anyone here done the calibration for the Hifiman HE-400i or 560? (Or any of the HE series?) I’m interested in how Sonarworks translates with planar headphones. Alternatively, anyone try the new Beyer headphones, DT 1990 and 1770 with Sonarworks?
  3. groovyd
    At least according to the techs at Sonarworks both Ref 3 and 4 output identical samples for the same input. Surprised me too as I felt that I could hear a difference apparently it just isn't so. They indicated they have tests that prove it.
  4. thecrow
    ive just installed the ref 4 trial on my mac for headphone use and it comes up with a hum (using a wa2 tube amp)

    it's a hum that increases in volume as the volume on the amp is increased

    it occurred streaming tidal and itunes library

    the same has happened before with either the ref 3 trial i tried a while ago (or perhaps another plug in if it wasn't the sonar work ref

    i have not yet uninstalled anything that was loaded with ref 3 if that might be the culprit
    a while ago i also installed the out of your head software in case that has anything to do with it
    any ideas?


    EDIT: i think all is good now

    i did delete soundflower, and ref 3 trial from my mac and it appears all is fine now
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  5. thecrow
    can anyone help me get ref 4 working with tidal app on OSX? I sure can't
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  6. Solrighal
    When you go into your OS X you should see this or similar...


    Highlight Sonarworks Systemwide & that's it.
  7. thecrow
    I’ll try it again tonight

    And settings of tidal output to sonarworks? (Or my usb connection output)
  8. thecrow
    Unfortunately I can not get ref4 to marry up with tidal or audirvana 2 (to stream tidal there) at all

    it does work with audirvana 2 as a plug in however

    any ideas anyone on how to use this systemwide feature - as my settings don't seem to be working

    (i did try disabling exclusive access on audirvana but that was no help either)
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  9. Solrighal
    I don't use Tidal so I can't help you with that I'm afraid but if your System Settings are set to use Sonarworks Systemwide then surely it's irrelevant what Tidal is doing? That's just a guess btw, I don't pay for music playback software.
  10. thecrow
    no problem

    i think i'm going to give sonarworks a miss. i've trialed it a few times and it hasn't sold me on it

    many thanks anyway
  11. UELong
    I've tried both Sonarworks and the new plug-in for Audeze, both with negative success. I find the whole experience to be like the preverbial mirage in the desert-desirable but unobtainable. I HATE being beaten!
    These manufacturers seem to use JRiver and other expensive non-accessable players as the gold standard. FB2K is both free and blind-user accessable. When these famous companies ignore our market, they're telling a possible 15% of their market to get stuffed. I say thank Bog for good people like @JaZZ and others who try to make things easier and understandable to people on this forum.
  12. DivineCurrent
    You should try setting up Pedalboard and Soundflower to use the VST plugin systemwide. I still use version 3 Sonarworks, but it still should work with 4. Follow this tutorial here;
  13. Roll
    At least in Windows 10, just load the latest Reference 4 Headphone Edition trial, input the serial number and restart the computer.
    Right click the icon to set up the Systemwide Settings and choose your output device. (Taskbar notification area is where the icon is, in white)

    I did not have to do anything else except to change my playback device to my DragonFly so as to play the MQA Tidal (the only thing u need to check is the volume controls on the dac, output system and the Sonarworks Systemwide window..

    U do not have to play with foobar2000 settings

    There is no need to have Pedalboard, etc to run this software...

    TRUE-FI, have not tried the latest, should be the same easy setting up
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  14. UELong
    Will that work on W7? Or does 10 have some drivers one needs? For visual imparement reasons, I prefer to stay with 7 at this time.
  15. Roll
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