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Some Cans With Good Bass For 300$

  1. Master Shake
    So im new to the forums and i have been searching around for quite some time for a pair of good headphones with a lot of bass that doesn't wash out mids and highs. I mostly listen to electronic music, and i know that headphones cant reproduce the earth shattering bass at concerts and clubs etc. But some cans that can at least rattle my head a little would be cool. Talking to people i know and people at stores and things they all say get beats. But there has got be something better out there that isnt ludicrously over priced, (and that probably sounds a lot better to for cheaper). I have been looking around amazon and other places and found a few in my price range.
    -Ultrasone Hifi 780
    -Beyerdynamic dt770 pros
    -M Audio q40
    To name a few but what are your guys suggestions and thoughts on these headphones? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    btw i wanna use them for portable listening on my samsung galaxy s3 but i also wanna use them with my pioneer amp and my computer.
  2. dweaver
    AKG Tiesto K167 may be up your alley...
    In the full size forum you will see a thread on them for more information.
  3. mochill
    Sony xb900 :)
  4. AznInvasion138
    Denon D2000 and Ultrasone HI780 or Pro900
  5. Master Shake
    I took a look at those headphones but i can only find them in the states and im in canada, so the best sony xb's i could find were the 700, are they any good in comparison?
  6. Master Shake
    Hey guys i did some more research and i decided on the beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80 ohm edition headphones because i am definitely a basshead, thanks for the input though. It was really close between those and the ultrasone hifi 780's.
  7. ZARIM
    You can many brands here in Canada and M80 are highly recommended because it offers tight punchy bass and very detailed mids and highs.
  8. mochill
    You can get the on ebay for $230 or accessoryjack.com for $159 and add $20 for ems for only $180 :)

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