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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. rocky500

    Yes I thought I read the Singxer driver was limited to DOP in the higher DSD rates.
  2. Tboooe
    DoP only  available at all rates (64, 128, 256).
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  3. joseph69

    I'm a bit confused with using either the SU1/Holo driver? Prior to adding the SU1 to my chain MBP>Holo my MBP MIDI set-up recognized the Holo which is what I used as the "output audio". When I added the SU1 to my chain MBP>SU1>Holo I only had the choice of using the SU1 driver in my MIDI set-up. It seems the SU1 driver over-rides the Holo driver? I'm under the impression on a PC you could choose which to use one to use as the "output audio" as the driver, but on a Mac you cant? Am I missing something?
  4. Tboooe
    I am not a MAC guy but I believe you are correct. On a MAC there is not driver to install so you cant choose.
    Another nice feature of the Holo driver is that it has settings for latency and buffer size.
  5. joseph69
    No, there is no driver to install on a Mac, so I guess it is different from a PC having a driver choice.
    Also, being I don't need to install a driver for the Holo on the Mac, I don't recall any settings for latency? Maybe this is only a PC option as well? All of my options are done via JRiver. Maybe I'm missing something?
  6. Tboooe
    Yes, the latency and buffer settings are part of the control panel that gets installed with the driver.  See there are some benefits to being on PC!!!  :)
  7. inthere
     Only by choice, you can Boot Camp Windows 10 on any Mac and it will run smooth as silk if you *really* want to install the Holo driver!
  8. joseph69
    I'll just run my Mac the way it is without partitioning it to use the Holo drivers.
    I've never used a PC for audio before so thanks for the clarification as to why I don't have these setting. I just thought I may have been missing something.
    Thanks to both of you!
  9. winders

    Yes, he is. At least for me. Maybe he received so many requests that he figured it was time to make them.
    I did not ask him exactly how he was going to make the box, but I assume it will be as you describe.
  10. Tboooe
    Thank you.  I assume it was cheaper as well?
  11. winders

    I paid $360 including shipping...so a little cheaper but nothing earth shattering.
  12. T Bone
    Since I2S is best suited to short runs, I decided to invest in a quality 1.5M WireWorld AE$ cable to try out.
    Out-of-the-box I can't hear an audible difference between the two.  It will require more than just casual listening to discern any differences.  
    In the meantime, the only "disadvantage" of using AE$ is that it doesn't support native DSD. It requires that I configure my player to use DoP (DSD over PCM).  
    That's not really that big of deal as I've been perfectly happy using for DoP for years.  It would be nice to go "native" and avoid the processing overhead of packaging DSD into a PCM stream.
  13. Tboooe
    @T Bone I wonder if there is any audible difference between a super short HDMI cable and a longer one?  I think this weekend I will throw in one my longer HDMI cables I have laying around and compare it to the 0.3m one I am using now with the Spring and SU-1.
  14. oneguy

    Which 0.3m cable are you using?

    I am using a 0.5m Emotiva cable.
  15. T Bone
    I have the same question.  I am actually on the hunt for a quality "shorty HDMI" to add to my inventory.  (You can never have too many interconnects!)
    My SU-1 & Holo are over 1M apart, but for testing purposes, I could temporarily move the two closer together and see if it makes any difference.  
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