Shure srh840 or Audio-Techiniqa M50
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even though there are about 10 BILLION threads you can have searched through to find the answers, I'll make is 10billion and 1
840 for a more neutral audio experience
m50 for fun an engaging
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There really should be a BIG RED, BLINKING SEARCH button at the top of the main page...
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I went with the AT M50 personally.  Also the new search is both powerful and not great at finding specific things.  The other thing is out opinion of a can isn't static.  Reading opinions of the Senn 600 in context of a time before the Beyer 880 for instance isn't useful.  I can certainly appreciate wanting opinions based on the current market.
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I like the M50s looks more, but thats just me.
EDIT: I take that back, the 840 doesnt look to bad.

but, that exposed wire on the headband of the srh840 is just asking to be snagged on something.
i've seen some folks on here used zip ties to keep it from sticking out...
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Lately Head-Fi has turned into the AD700/SRH840/M50 discussion board. I want to try the 840 someday, but I need portability so the M50 is my choice.
Abeeb, what kind of music? What is your source?
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Technically easier to drive from a Zune/iPod but its more like easier vs easiest.

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