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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. arnaud Contributor
    Similarly here, the jump for the 846 wasn't about the bass quantity (if anything it's too much out of the iphone 5, looking into alternative dap atm) but its visceral kick is simply unmatched to these ears for the iems I have tried (I have limited exposure though ymmv).

    More importantly, it's the mid/highs integration, total lack of compression and shrillness while being well extrended that sold me (that bass quantity was holding me off actually). That just made music to my ears instead of just sounds... As such, while I certainly can imagine the benefits of well done eq. to fit one's taste, I still recommend you hold off your judgement until you hear it.

    In the end, the price is indeed quite steep but there's really something going on about what Shure achieved with this new product. I wasn't sold on the previous models and actually satisfied myself with a pair of SE315. This one feels quite different and makes me excited about owning quality iem again...
  2. bmichels
     "balanced with silver cables"... ?
    may be a stupid question, but... where do we get those balanced cables ? Do they come stock inside the SURE package or is it an after market cable ? 
  3. spook76

    It is an aftermarket cable. You can only use balanced cables with a balanced amp like the RSA Protector. I bought mine from a real craftsman, Ted Allen at Headphone Lounge.

    If you look closely at my avatar picture those are balanced silver cables with the four pin connector and the 846.
  4. bmichels
    ... yes I see, the plug is bigger than the earpiece !  :wink:
    I will need similar plug to go with my Centrance HiFi-M8 with balanced out.
  5. spook76

    I cannot recommend Ted Allen and Headphone Lounge enough. Great guy and probably the best prices anywhere. Headphone Lounge has a thread here at Head-Fi and you can contact him via PM
  6. sect44
    Thanks for your comments, but it would very practical and benefit a lot of people if owners could make A/B comparisons with other phones (besides 535) for us to have a better perspective of its sound signature because this is all very subjective[​IMG]
  7. piercer
    sect44 - perceived sound is subjective!
  8. jlbrach
    I am not one who is much for superlatives normally but in this case I have to give in and say the 846 is a tremendous achievement.I currently have the 535 and the westone 4 and have sampled pretty much every different IEM out there.I got a chance to do some serious listening in the last 2 days on a trip that provided me some down time.I spent 2 hours listening to the 846 yesterday and 3 hours today and i must say I was blown away.I havent been as involved with music on any IEM before and I honestly think the 846 may well be the best IEM currently on the market.The sound is lush and exciting,the bass is deep and satisfying and the sense of space and detail of the music is incredibly involving.The vocals remain beautifully presented but now the overall presentation is simply more involving.I listened to all kinds of different music...the who,Frank Sinatra,Led Zep,Miles Davis,Duke Ellington and more and everything I listened to was an absolute pleasure.I rarely feel comfortable having spent so much money for a product but in this case I feel it is worth every penny to me.I was a big fan of the 535 and I love the 846 which seems like the 535 with all of its shortcomings improved upon.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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  9. bmichels
    even better than 1plus2 + UBER Cable ??
  10. jlbrach
    I can only comment having listened to westone 4's,shure 535 and etymotic..and as i said the 846's blow them away IMHO
  11. truckdriver
    Well, with my limited experience, I will never be able to say the SE846 is THE best. I just hope it will be the best IEM that I've ever heard. I have little doubt the SE846  will deliver when it gets delivered to me tomorrow (presumably)..
    I feel like I've been (sort of) misled by assessments/reviews/comments about other IEMs (relative to the SE535). But I didn't get stuck with the cost of any of those so-called “better than the 535” IEMs (so no harm done).
    I'll compare the SE846 to the SE535 (naturally), but I don't intend to make endless comparisons (for comparison's sake). I'm in this because I love my music. I want to hear my music in all of its glory (from the lowest of low notes—the sweetest of warm/lush midrange vocals—to the realistic sounds of cymbals and bells—and everything in between in a pleasing soundstage).
    After I research and settle on a portable source/player, I will retreat from this forum to enjoy my music.[​IMG]
  12. spook76

    One piece of advice, the SE846 needs to burn in. Both myself and another person received ours yesterday and out of the box the bass was overwhelming. I actually switched to the bright filters because of it for a time. About 3-4 later the bass really tightened up and my comments are based upon the after burn in. On day two all I can say is they keep getting better.
  13. truckdriver
    Thanks Spook,
    I'm one who believes that changes (of some sort) do indeed take place (even with BA-type IEMs). I think the length of time is in the hundreds of hours (with the first change coming within the first 100 hours). I even witnessed a new (left) earpiece take several hundred hours to catch up to an older right earpiece. It's hard to believe that that was just a brain trick (or adaptation).
    But anyway, I'm not expecting miracles. Better is what I want. It's worth it to me because of the 8 hours (per work day) that I use IEMs.
  14. jelt2359 Contributor
    Do you use them when driving? That sounds dangerous...
  15. PsiCore
    Would love to read a comparison to some customs - let's say UM Merlin. Or AS(G)-2?
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