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Shure SE846: A New In-Ear Flagship From Shure. Finally! (Impressions p26-28)

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  1. sethsez

    Yep, on the consumer end we know Shure for their earphones because that's what's targeted at us, but it's not what really pays the bills.
  2. uchihaitachi
    That is exactly my point. Shure will not undertake such a 'gamble' of a project to kill off one of their profitable divisions. I never said they would fund a failing division (even thought, this often does happen). Merely that they are following a very calculated market strategy. Stepping into their main HQ has no relevance whatsoever, especially your point about being part of the 'real world', or do you magically absorb balance sheet information by visting the geographical location of a company? I have helped to formulate and execute many finance related statistical software and simulations, for retail companies as well as for Investment Banks like Goldman so I have indeed 'seen'. Furthermore, I never made a remark insinuating that the real world is not cut throat... In fact, it is for these calculated approaches to profit maximisation that this world is so cut throat....
  3. eke2k6

    The ethics bit was a joke for myself, the rest is completely valid.
    I've repeated my point 4 or 5 times already. If what I'm saying hasn't clicked for you by now, then there's nothing I can do.
  4. dweaver
    I think Shure went higher priced for 2 reasons. They do not want to devalue the SE535 by pricing a new flagship to close to the price of 535. They also want to create an aura of value by pricing this flagship very high. The gamble for them will be if people who buy their product feel it is a game changer or not to justify the price. If all reviews are overwhelmingly positive then Shure will win, if not the price will drop so they can sell their product. AKG and Sennheiser both have taken the same gamble with their high end IEM's.

    I think the negative comments in this thread stem from people frustrated with this strategy on principal. By Shure lovers who are disappointed they will not be able to afford this new flagship. By Shure detractors who feel Shure milked their 530/535 technology to long and are unsure of Shure's resolve to make a large stride forward in the industry.

    Me? All I want is more actual impressions and reviews, LOL.
  5. uchihaitachi
    +1 My point is that Shure is not taking some blind uninformed gamble. They will have made serious decisions. 
  6. Spyro

    And your point of that analogy is what?
    I think you have it backwards. A no name company like Fit Ear has elephant balls charging $1000 for an IEM. A well known reputable company like Shure can get away with it.
    Analogy: just think Bose and what they charge. If Acme Electronics charged $400 for a clock radio would anyone buy it?
  7. eke2k6
    Have you not been reading my posts?!! [​IMG]
    This is exactly what I'm saying. Shure is banking on their name to move their product. Next thing you know, Westone will be doing the same. They'll take the drivers from the W4, engrave some stuff on it, add in a few steel plates, and bam, $1K.
    FitEar is a tiny company. They need to charge that much to keep up their profit margins.They can only produce a limited number of sets at a time, and it is a human resource intensive process. Hence, the prices.
    I realize I'm being slightly facetious, but I hope this finally gets what I'm saying across. I'm done.
  8. uchihaitachi
    Lol, some people don't really get humorous comments on head-fi.... 
  9. Spyro

    Okay, I see what you are saying now. Yes, valid point.
  10. zdkaiser
    For $1000, I think I would rather just get some custom IEMs.
  11. Spyro
    For those complaining about all the rhetoric with only 2 impressions posts. That's okay, just skip the thead or just check in every few days. Allow the rest to bloviate. Its good entertainment.
  12. spook76

    Spyro usually you are the voice of reason but this time I must respectfully disagree. As an M&A attorney I have seen a lot of unprofitable divisions subsidized by profitable ones in a corporation. General Electic is a great example. In some years almost all of the the profits come from GE Capital. NBC almost always lost millions a quarter. It is why conglomerates are horrible ideas and yet they persist in the corporate world. Why does it happen? Answer the boss loves running bigger companies instead of returning the profits to the shareholders. As a M&A attorney that it what keeps me employed.
  13. goodvibes
    More customs are sold today than 2 years ago and a few anecdotes don't make a universal [​IMG] truth but keep up the good anti custom fight. Larger work forces, more makers, along with longer waits should tell you all you need to know.
    Lots, like reviews of ones own IEM is exaggerated by bias on headfi as you are displaying your anti custom bias as well. Most with a properly fit top custom have listened to top universals though the opposite is rarely the case. Perspective is easily skewed. As for problems, squeaky wheels are the ones you notice. I would dislike MG6s as well. So guess what? I didn't buy them. No one said every custom is better than every universal. It's more than coincidental that the most respected IEM reviewer's favs are customs but I doubt they look upon it as a universal truth as you do the opposite. Perhaps they'll all like the Shure better. Don't know and don't really care because I'm happy and don't have an axe to grind.
     Now back to the product at hand that none of us have a sonic clue about. May be the best thing ever made. I don't see this as an either/or proposition for most folks. Universals will continue to dominate the market. No need to continue the anti custom crusade. You won before you started.
  14. Mimouille
    Because less than 10 as2 are out there, including two with apparent tweeter problems. The overall investment is not comparable.
  15. hjfxjf
    so interesting, also for price
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