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Shure SE 215, etymotic hf3, or bose ie2?

  1. Kevbo
    trying to decide which have the best sound clarity for the best price, right now im leaning to the shure's but im also interested in the bose.
    id use these headphones for intense workouts and leisure listening 
  2. Kevbo
    forgot to mention the genre i listen to is heavy metal 
  3. zunehdrocks
    You should consider the rha ma750 and the etymotic hf5. If you want a more fun sound signature, there is the yamaha eph100
  4. zunehdrocks
    The shure se215 and bose ie2 are out if sound quality is priority.
  5. Slashfury99
    A fair warning, the SE215 is a bass-heavy IEM (or slightly bass-heavy depending on your preferences). The Etys are flat, neiutral, with the best clarity among the three.
  6. FunkDrummer
    The Shure SE 215 IEM's are great choice for those looking for tight bass and a nice sounding midrange. In comparison, the treble is not as articulate, it is rather laid back and slightly recessed. I personally would not recommend these IEM's if clarity is important. 
  7. Kevbo
    i settled on the shure se215-cl
  8. zunehdrocks
    You might want to check this out.

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