Show us your McIntosh! *** Pictures ***
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^Definitely one of the best photos I've ever seen on Head-Fi, OmoNemo.  Stinkin' Gorgeous!

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My new C50 preamp.  IMO, it's the best looking solid state preamp to-date.



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Have McIntosh CD players proven to be reliable ?

I wouldn't say they're more reliable, but they do stock a ton of spare parts to last many more years than others.
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An alternate view of the legendary classic!

May I ask where you got that cover?  I need one for my Mc275.
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Daamn nice setup.. I always want to hear them first hand tho don't know any Canadian that has them. one of my unreachable desires.

Buy used or older models.  I would start with a Mc2105 power amp for about $1000.  That's a GREAT amp to get your feet wet.
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I had it custom made by Gingko Audio

I debated a lot about the openings for the cables, in the end I decided to have it cut so the speaker cables and power cable can stay in place but the interconnects must be removed to use the cover.

Trying to have it made so that the interconnects, especially balanced, could stay connected would have required a very large vertical cut out almost to the top.

I have used them for other custom projects and they all came out great.
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Mc2505 is a good start, but I like a Mc2105 a lot more. That can be had for less than $1000.
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My new toy!  It's a HD/XM tuner, MR88.  Beauty right?  That is fiber optics lighting.  



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