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Dividing zero since 1995.

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AKA Private Dancer

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    Dividing zero since 1995.
    WTB: ATHW100
    -Mini itx,
    -Gaming consoles
    -Desktop projects
    Headphone Inventory:
    Want to buy

    Grado HF2 (single digit serial # 1-7) jude ehem ehem
    Sony CD3000 headphile (Larry's purpleheart wood)
    ATH W100
    Stax 404 limited ed.


    -My favorite Tesla 1
    -Sony CD3000
    -Denon 7000
    -ATH w1000x, w5000( traded to RS1
    -Grado RS1
    -AKG K701 / k702 / K601 (I've got the 3 standards but k601 takes the cake) all of them are gone
    -Grado 325i Goldies
    -Alessandro MS2i fat lips and thin lips
    -Turbine Pro Gold
    -Koss pro a44

    Used to have
    -Grado 325i Recabled / Denon D2k / Ultrasone 900
    -AKG K601
    -AKG 702
    -Denon D7000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    -Little Dot Mk III
    -Little Dot MK VI
    -Meier Cantate( went to a good home
    -ibasoo D2
    -ALO RX Mk1 red and black
    -Meier Audio Corda Cross1
    -Corda Move sold
    Source Inventory:
    -Alienware m15x i5 procie max out
    - My lovely portable Sony vaio P
    -Phenom II X6 /ATI 6850 xfire/ 8gbs mem/ 2TB hd gb/ Feser 1 X360 watercooled
    Music Preferences:
    -Classic rock/ Classical/ Electronica it changes on the mood
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