Shanling M1: An iPod Nano Competitor / DAP || USB DAC || USB Transport || Bluetooth 4.0 + aptX || DSD
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tested m1 with chord like a charm...i dont even need to setup anything..

Yup, I've been stacking with Mojo, Shanling H3 for awhile now and will try Opus #11 soon, too.

I tried a SanDisk USB thumb drive that has an OTG connector, and I tried a card reader with a no name brand micro sd card. Both worked just fine.

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Can't quite figure out how to pair with my el cheapo brainwavz blu-100 Bluetooth headphones. Get to scanning but can't get menu to go down to next level Next level is about paired devices. Any advice?

I'm not sure what the "high quality" switch does on the Bluetooth function does, but try turning that off and then try to pair with your device.  This seemed to work with my UE Boom. 
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originalsnuffy: I just put my BT IEM in pairing mode and forced the M1 to scan for BT devices. The IEM showed up right away, and I was able to connect and listen with no problem. Easy-peasy!

And I left it on the "high quality" setting...

Yep, just did the same and it work as expected here as well.
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Must be an issue with the blu-100. Will try my jay birds next

I think others have reported mixed results with different Bluetooth IEM's so might be pairing issues with some....
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OK, now paired with both el cheapo Blu-100 and Jaybirds.
Did not see anything in the menu about choosing quality levels.
I think the Blu-100 issue was that my iphone was nearby and the Blu-100 was already paired to that device.  I turned bluetooth off on the iphone and was able to connect.  User error.
Now I need to figure out the OTG.  I suspect I need a USB type C to USB stick  OTG adaptor.
By the way, I was not expecting the unit to pair with the iphone as a  DAC.  Shanling did specfically state that this was not supported.  It would have been a bonus.  So far only the FIIO X3II and the Cayin i5 have mated with the iphone.  My two Shanlings did not pair.
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Hey guys I have a few questions:
1. Can it work as an external sound card?
2. Does it need any additional drivers to work as an external sound card or it's plug and play?
3. If so have you tried it on an android device/ iPhone?
4. How does the sound compare against Fiio X3 2nd gen / X1 2nd Gen?
5. Is the driving power enough for 60 ohm headphones (ue6000)?
6. From what I see you can use it for a Bluetooth receiver. Does it work with aptx?
7. How do you find the stereo separation?
8. Does it take a long time to change the volume level (a lot of scrolling) ?
Sorry if some of the questions sound dumb/can be answered by looking at the specs but I need a concrete
answer from an owner of the device. I've just sold my Sony NWZ-A15 and I am looking for either a new player/dac or
just a DAC (Shanling UP/Fiio K1 /LG HiFi Plus etc.) with at least the same quality as the sony.
Thanks :)
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Dear Shanling,could you please make it natively transport dsd file for next firmware? I know from hardware its impossible to play native dsd, but i'm sure its possible to make it support DoP out via USB, since this is just a firmware thing.
Because i know other DAP that is not native DSD but can output DoP via USB transport mode.
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Just watched Uncle Nick's YouTube video on this bad boy.   Nice job!
Comment from Nick's bio on YouTube:  I had Shure E2Cs also early in my hifi journey.   Never really loved them....kind of flat sounding to my ear.  I sold my pair on Ebay recently.
But it turns out that the custom ear molds I had made for the E2C fit well on both the FLC8S and also the Tennmak Pro.  Though lately I am focused primarily on the Spiral Dots.  Those really seem to bring out the best in my IEMs.  Mileage for everybody will surely vary with tips.

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