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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. radekhulan
    I cannot use Bluetooth? So USB DAC to Bluetooth w/ LDAC transmitter does or does not work?
  2. tim0chan
    It's not Bluetooth transmitter for computer
  3. RobinFood
    Basically, when you are in USB DAC mode, or in BLUETOOTH mode, the screen is locked. Touching the screen will mean that it disconnects. That makes it impossible to have it both in USB DAC mode and BLUETOOTH mode at the same time...it is one or the other. That being said, I found the USB DAC not be good enough to be worth it. The lag is just too much.
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  4. Dizzle77
    Damn. Only just come across this little beauty. Wish i’d known about it before I backed the AP80. Not bashing that dap by the way, but I love how the M0 is smaller and supports LDAC out the box. I’d primarily be using a player like this for on the move listening and paired with my 1000MX3 headphones so it’s ideal.

    Does the M0 include usb-c fast charging? What is real world battery life like for BT/LDAC streaming?
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  5. Dizzle77
    Decided to pull the trigger and purchase the M0. Looking forward to receiving it
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  6. Odin412
    Congratulations! I just received my purple M0 a few days ago and I really like it. Small, easy to use and sounds good.
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  7. rkt31
    Sound with iems is very good but with hd650 it is lifeless. Though expecting it to drive hd650 is too much. I have experienced intermittent clicks even with 44.1khz files( very low though) as transport. This can be the reason why it is not able to output dsd64 properly, because of break in stream. My main purpose was transport but it is not performing as per expectations specially in dsd as dop.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  8. jeanolivier
    Lot of words and exchanges but I'm waiting for the 2.2 firmware with custom eq .
    At least .
  9. csglinux
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  10. rdale
    I use the M0 as a transport and I don't get any clicks with 16/44 through to 24/192 PCM, but I don't have any DSD tracks though. Maybe there is something wrong with the USB cable you are using? I use a Shanling USB C to USB Micro for my Chord Hugo, and a USB C iFi OTG cable to connect to an iFi Black Label Micro iDSD and an iFi Nano iDSD. I've never had any problems - it works great, and is a quarter the weight of the Moto G5 phone I used to use.
  11. KamikazeGV
    1)If by "can be used" you mean "provides an enjoyable experience for sound reproduction", no it does not (and mind you I am not picky). If you mean "can send the sound signal to the output jack after about 3 seconds", yes it can.
    2)According to the tech specs it is NOT an LDAC transmitter.

    @Shanling, do you ackowledge the latency problems?
  12. Shanling
    There can be some latency, but never experienced 3 second delay you are claiming.
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  13. Luhar
    When is the next firmware projected to come?
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  14. hemtmaker
    The Fender Ten-3 sounds very nice with m0
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