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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. kubig123
    I would consider them if they
    I find the possibility to use a balance cable a huge plus, it will improve the sound with my WM1Z.
  2. Rob80b
    Well if one is a "DIOR" homme they might be a must have...

    .....as for a ie800"S" unlike the 800 vs 800S the current ie800 although not appreciated by all does not appear to have a "unanimous" fault (as in being too clinical)....maybe move the mid-range forward a tad otherwise IMHO they are currently well balanced.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  3. Slim1970
    Completely agree. If you can drive them properly the IE800's are absolutely a joy to listen to. They are so balanced with rich and full mids and spectacularly well defined and punchy bass. I'm just not sure what they can improve on to get people to buy the S version. Heck they borrowed tech from the IE800's to make the HD800's better. I'm so curious about the IE800S's.
  4. Rob80b
    Slim1970 likes this.
  5. Slim1970
    Great song!!
  6. chickenmoon
    Well, slightly more forward mids, evener highs and a bit more meat in the upper low end would sure do for me. I really find the IE800 too thin and hollow as well as really too unnatural sounding in the highs.
  7. Death_Block
    Crap. Now the prices of the ie' will go down with the release of the ie's' should have waited a few more weeks
  8. Death_Block
    I actually prefer the original colours
  9. Death_Block
    Couldnt find the opus #3 and the dx200 on ebay
  10. posedown

    i want to buy a used Sennheiser IE800 on ebay. Many Auctions ended with around 100.- EUR
    How can i identify a Fake IE800? I read that there are so many out there.

    Any Suggestions?

    Thank you
  11. Death_Block
    I looked around on ebay for weeks checking out all the different posts for a used set of ie's. After reading several articles on how well made the fake's were i decided it wasnt worth the effort of buying from ebay with the eternal iggling 'but what if mine are fake' that would run through my head. So i bit the bullet and bought new from a sennheiser dealer. Peace of mind. Plus i hate buying things twice so i wanted to be sure the first time around.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  12. Death_Block
    However to help with your question ive read the 'S' brand icon can be backwards on the 2.5mm connector, the cord not being the correct length, not having a distinct 'click' in the cord plug, rough mouldings, inconsistant pattern on the cord. Poor stitching quality, bad foam cutting/shape, and a weak magnet for the case. The authentification numbers on the case and senny's website can also be dodgey.
  13. Death_Block
    Plus ive read (not specifically with this product) but people buying a legit product, replacing the packaging contents with a fugazi version and returning the product and getting their money back. So all supplued packaging and purchase receipt can be present with a fake set. So if there is a hint of 'fakes' around im waaaay to skeptical to take the chance.
  14. Rob80b
    Have you checked out this thread?
    There may be a few legit on ebay but the majority are fakes, under $100 definitely....why not post the ebay url here, myself and I'm sure members will gladly voice their opinions.
    And as noted above the unscrupulous buy legit, swap out with a fake and return for a full refund....Amazon being the biggest target but at least you are protected.
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  15. Dobrescu George
    I'd recommend sticking with buying from someone you know, if you want a second hand pair...
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