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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Death_Block
    I read that the mojo can also be used to power loudspears? Im hopefull after something for the ie's on the go and something for when im home
  2. Dobrescu George
    Both Mojo and iDSD BL will be able to act as a DAC, if you have an amplifier that can take a line-in and the right connectors
  3. Death_Block
    I use Tidal at the moment for the free sub) then will be using Quobuz. I dont have any hard copies of music.
  4. kalo86
    What could be the best pairing with IE800 among Mojo, iDSD BL and FiiO X7ii for the best sound quality? I know that the Mojo and iDSD BL are not a DAP like the X7ii, but in terms of sound quality there should be a clear winner for details, separation, soundstage.
    Please take into account the only intent of driving the IE800 (so, not in discussion the pure outupt power, where the iDSD wins easily).
  5. Dobrescu George
    You probably need to add Opus #3 and iBasso DX200 to that list because those also drive ie800 REALLY WELL.

    To put it straight, if it is just between Mojo and iDSD BL, I'd probably go with iDSD BL at this time :)

    FiiO x7mkii is still on its way (taking quite a bit to arrive directly from FiiO), so I can't comment on it at all.

    iDSD provides amazing amount of details, separation and soundstage. The other thing you might want to try is DX200, it also has amazing amounts of those characteristics.
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  6. Slim1970
    I have the FiiO X7 MKII and to get the IE800's to sound good and open up I have to turn the volume level up between 90 - 95. It's a musical pairing at that level but they do require a little more power/volume to perform their best with the X7 MKII. In comparison to my Shure SE846's I have the volume level in the 70's and they are getting really loud. The X7 MKII is more than capable because max volume is at 120 clicks. The X7 MKII does offer the convenience of being an all in one solution with interchangeable amp modules. I'm finding that the IE800's like power and that's something the Mojo and the iDSD BL can provide easily.
  7. kalo86
    Of course, when the argumentation is focused on the available power, then both Mojo and much better the iDSD do a great job. But I'd like to discuss about the audio quality because it's another topic, far from the output power. I still don't think that IE800's need the amount of power of the iDSD... 16Ohm...
  8. Slim1970
    I'm going to take another listen to the X7 MKII with the IE800's. The X7 MKII is capable of driving both the SE846's and the IE800's but it sounds better to my ears with the SE846's. The X7 MKII delivers the bass on both models but I thought there was more treble clarity with the SE846's than with the IE800's. The SE846's sounded more open and detailed when driven with the X7 MKII. Were as I thought the IE800's were more laid back and warm by comparison.
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  9. Death_Block
    Im confused, the ie's are extremely sensitive. I thought that was to do with their low power requirement. Able to sound ok with the least possible power. Now i hear they work best with 'more' power. Is that to say the ie's are perfect for mass sound quality in low power yet capable and best used with high power? How can an IEM be tuned to sound amazing at both? The Senny dealership i bought mine from memtioned that they work fantastic in the most basic of power and also are alot more difficult to power than their specs mention. How can a small IEM be such a hassle? By all means this isnt a complaint. Tp me it sounds senn has made a product truely amazing.
  10. Slim1970
    It comes down to system matching and synergy. The IE800's are easy to drive but the X7 MKII has more system synergy with the SE846's to my ears. The IE800's sound better to me when driven by the iDSD BL, Mojo and my newly acquired Dragonfly red. The X7 MKII can power the IE800's but to me I've heard the IE800's sound better.
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  11. Dobrescu George
    ie800 surely like a lot of power!

    ie800 doesn't need the whole 4W peak power of iDSD BL, but they need considerably more power than other IEMs, probably the most power hungry IEM. Still easier to drive than most headphones.

    ie800 needs more power than all my other IEMs, I can guarantee that. It is not a bad thing, and most smartphones at max volume will be enough, but you should be aware that they sound better with a bit more juice :gs1000smile:

    Oh yes, system synergy is something that you need to take into account when purchasing something. I'm really loving ie800 with iDSD BL, Opus #3 and DX200 right now all of those bring ie800 to heaven levels :darthsmile:
  12. kubig123
    just got an email from the Sennheiser Sales team, the Dior Homme x Sennheiser ie800 is available for sale in the US, unfortunately considering the incoming release of the ie800 v2 and the price I'm afraid I'll pass.

    <<The Pocket Solution includes the high-end Sennheiser IE 800 ear-canal headphones with a leather pouch by Dior Homme. This package is priced at 1,150.00 USD.>>
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  13. Rob80b
    Not the best DAPs out there but depending on my outing I’m either running my ie800s off a Fiio X3II (full res aiff and mp3), an iPhone 5 or iPod Nano 5th Gen…all of which give the Senns more or less enough volume…not too sure how the newer Fiio or X7 compare but the X3II is much warmer, organic sounding compared to the Apple stuff ....bass is fairly prodigious on all three.
    ....Wouldn’t mind trying something like the Mojo and a higher dap to see what the ie800s are fully capable of but it’s got to be accommodated in a shirt pocket most of the time, so size is a restraint.
  14. Rob80b
    Thanks for the update on pricing …they’ve been listed on the Senns site and Dior

    Interesting color and presentation but not too sure I’m keen on having my stuff labeled with “DIOR HOMME”…:triportsad:
    Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.41.25 PM.png

    ie800'S' now we're talking....:)
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
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  15. Slim1970
    I like the color contrast. But with the IE800S looming I'm not sure how well these will sell. I'm just wondering how much better the IE800S's are going to be over the current version.
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