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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. jwbrent

    Sennheiser includes oval tips with the IE 800 which I use, and I've had no problems with getting a great seal.
  2. jwbrent
    By the way, if anyone wants to trade a set of the ML ovals for another size, please PM me. My IE 800 was bought from an authorized dealer and confirmed online, so I would like to trade with someone with an authentic set.
  3. Audioguy94
    Hey fellow Audiophiles, i have a question. I currently own the Shure SE846's but have gotten an itch for a new set of earphones. I think i want to get the IE 800's. Here in the UK i can buy them directly from Sennheiser for £600. I would rather pay full price for them and have peace of mind that they aren't fake. Anyway - i love the forward mids on the SE846 and the quality of bass, especially with the black 'warm' filter. But i also like analytical sound and ive heard the IE 800's have more detail compared to the SE846 and in general aree detail monsters. Ive heard they are a little big on the bass which I'd love. HOWEVER ive heard the mids are recessed which to me would be a nightmare. Can any of you tell me if what i am hearing is true? Much appreciated, cheers.
  4. Dobrescu George
    I don't think the mids are recessed at all. 
    Maybe they are not as forward as 846, but they are not recessed one bit. 
  5. Mr Makarov
    IE800´s do have more detail and are overall more refined than SE846, if sound stage is what you want you will get a surprisingly wide one. I once had that itch/curiosity about IE800 and when I got them it was like end game feeling. By that I mean having them both is like end-game for me. IE800´s are more like "indoor IEMs" to enjoy at home but are terrible for commuting, even walking short distances (horrible microphonics, short cable). Now about mids. When compared directly to SE846 with any of the stock tips, mids are not as forward, not as thick but there´s surprisingly more detail and clarity to them. They are very very good for vocals so what you will hear with IE800 will not be a "nightmare" but a "bliss". Also you will have some spare IE800 eartips that you can fit (easy process) to your SE846 to remove the veil from upper mids and highs (compared to all supplied Shure eartips).
  6. cfc7

    I didn't like the IE800 for 2 main reasons: fatiguing tizzy treble and recessed mids - this can be easily seen in their frequency response graph also.

    I haven't tried the SE846 but related to forward mids and rolled-off treble, IE800 is quite the opposite.
  7. cellarbro

    IE800 is definitely not recessed in its mids. The treble can be a bit too much for some people as sometimes it can get a little fatiguing for me. The IE800 are much more detailed than the se846. Its a no brainer in my opinion on detail and clarity. 
    The IE800 do not have analytical sound. It has a somewhat W sound signature. Strong prominent punchy bass, somewhat forward mids and then a very sparkly treble response. I dont think you will find the mids recessed as I have never gotten that impression from my experience. The treble is sparkly and the bass is punchy but I would never go as far as to say the mids are recessed. In comparison to the bass and treble, it may not be as in your face, but never the less you hear the vocals very clearly. It sounds like you are in the front row of a performance. 
  8. cellarbro

    Agreed. I honestly think they are both the same to my ears. but yes. They dont sound recessed at all or laid back.
  9. Audioguy94
    Thanks for the replies guys. I have just ordered them direct from Sennheiser! I'll make sure to give a thorough review of them when I receive them and have listened to them for a decent amount of time. It's good to know the mids aren't recessed, at least in your opinion. What do you prefer, the SE846's or IE 800s? I know you'll like both for different reasons, but which one would you say is your main go to IEM? I'm just wondering whether these will be my true end game IEMS. I've owned a few high end headphones, the Fostex TH900's, Beyerdynamic T1's, Sennheiser Momentum and have recently got into IEMS, with the SE846 being my first high end set.
  10. Caruryn
    Se846 with a capable dap but is a matter of synergy.With mojo it's ie800 with ZX2 se846 by far once you add TRRS,thicker,well layered sound with better detail(yes,se846 needs a really capable source)and timbre and that deep bass is stunning.I can only imagine how it sounds with the new Walkmans.
  11. Roybenz
    I sold my 846's and got the ie800. They're more clear and detailed.
  12. Dobrescu George
    The treble is where the magic is with ie800! [​IMG]
    Actually, I do like thinner sounds, SE846 is a bit thick with any setting - but this is absolutely a matter of taste and preference!  
    ie800 and TH900 might have some things in common, especially judging after how some people describe both, but ie800 should be the perfect complementary IEM after you already have 846. I do love ie800 with absolutely all music I have and I do EQ most of my headphones to have a similar sinagure, but that is just me. 
    One thing about ie800 is the mids. The mids of ie800 are perfect. Exactly how I like mids to be - the tonality is just riiiight. 
    the treble is barely neutral, but some people are more sensitive than others. I absolutely love this treble and find it to be perfect! 
    the mids tho, are as forward as I would ever want them with ie800. Any more forward and they would be fatiguing for me [​IMG]
    But hearing and ear shapes and even what they wish for are very different between people, so it is absolutely ok if opinion is different between different people [​IMG]
  13. Riley Beale

    Would I have a problem with the IE800 fitting if I am not in favor of shallow insertion?  I also have the Monster Turbine Pro Copper which I sort of consider shallow insertion depth to an extent and they do not stay well in my ears.  I find that shallow insertion also lacks proper noise isolation for my ear anatomy usually, but there could be an exception I have not tried yet.
    Thank you
  14. Dobrescu George
    Riley, you do ask a lot of things and multiple times. There is only one answer and it is simple. Buy them and experiment. No one knows what ears you have. 
    From the 2 years of owning ie800 I can only say that I used them both shallow and deep insertion, both over the ear and straight down, both amped and unamped and everything in between. Except for IEMs that are too big to deep insert, you can use an IEM as you like. Ie800 can totally be used with deep insertion if using small tips and will sound great. IT can also be used with shallow insertion with medium or big tips and it will sound great. It all depends on your ear shape and that is something you only know. I couldn't use certain IEMs due to my ears making them uncomfortable (ie80 would fall out every now and then, no solution at all to this, the tubes were too big to stay in the ears) and I was able to use ie800 regardless of fit.
    Ie800 does have a fit that you need to get used to. I do usually recommend only buying things you can test. I found Oppo PM-1 to sound nice, Senn HD600 to sound nice, but I disliked Senn HD650 albeit some people feel that HD600 and HD650 are very similar.. 
    Hard to say how you will feel about things. Try to end the despair and enjoy what you have right now. Always enjoy and be grateful for what you own - nothing will make you happy if the happiness doesn't come from the inside. 
  15. Riley Beale

    Thank you George.  Sorry to I kept repeating myself.
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