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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Caruryn
    I disagree and and i am pretty familiar with them as i own them for almost 3 years.Don't mistake treble energy with detail,the focus of ie800 is in mid/highs,the clarity of ie800 is sliiightly better but almost equal once you go white filter/blue mod but the se846 is fuller with more realistic presentation especially in the mids,instruments,guitar strings are lifelike and the timbre is class leading.The ie800 as addicting as it is with the extended,highly detailed but fussy treble with wrong source and airy vocals(the rest of the instruments do take a step back in the whole sig,what hits you most is the treble/bass not the instruments ) is thin sounding. Maybe they transform with a really high end source like Alo CDM as noted by a member here because with mojo even though it pairs well and taking its full sounding sig into account the instruments  although detailed clean and rich due to treble they still sound thin.
  2. cellarbro

    You may prefer the SE846 for on the go. The SE846 fit my genre of music that they excel at as well. The IE800 are absolute monsters at rock music. No brainer TOTL kind of sound. If someone tells you something completely blows away the IE800 they are full of it. Something may be a few notches better in some things or better at one certain aspect compared to the IE800.
    You will need to give it some burn in time. I didn't like them out of the box and it had me questioning if I purchased a legit pair. (They were from an authorized dealer of sennheiser and I checked with sennheiser as well)
    IE800 not really good for traveling so its limited to an at home IEM mind blown experience. Cable is short and microphonic. Isolation is also very average.
  3. cellarbro

    I don't think I could pick between the two. I own both the IE800 and the SE846 and they are honestly great compliments to one another. They dont sound the same. I definitely prefer my SE846 more than my IE800. The thickness of the presentation is absolutely perfect for electronic music and hip hop. I never find the details lacking. The slight roll off at the treble works for me. I use the white filters which is the brightest of the filters and never do I feel fatigued. The IE800 will make my ears hurt a bit after 30-1 hour of listening. Ill had the need to take them off. 
    IE800 definitely has a little higher resolution in detail but I prefer the sound of my SE846 more regardless of detail. Its about how much I enjoy the sound. Not the technical capability of the IEM.
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  4. Mr Makarov
    Go to IEM: SE846.Everything about them is practical even the sound. They sound just right to me (awesome with some tip rolling) and more importantly I can listen to them for 6+ hours straight. Good for discovering new music. But at home I use IE800. I just love that soundstage, treble extension and different bass presentation...can´t help it, it is my "cup of tea". The problem is, that once you have them both you will notice that they are something like a part of the "end-game-package" (if it makes any sense). For me they both replaced all my full-sized headphones. I like IE800s more than SE846s but I prefer SE846 over IE800.
  5. Orky261
    Revisiting old love, this pairing sounds much better than DP-X1.
  6. Caruryn
    Nice,i read that dx200 is dx90 on steroids with technical/analytical sig but everything amplified,spatial,detail,transparency but how is the bass depth and punch?I am assuming the pair is very good like with dx90,is the detail better with balanced cable?
  7. Dobrescu George

    Why did you have to say this [​IMG]
    Now I'm really interested in DX200! 
  8. Caruryn
    Yes it is making quite an impact if you value soundstage,transparency/analytical sig,they say it even beats WM1A in this regard but it is bass light from what i gather.
  9. Audioguy94
    I do hope the Sennheiser IE 800 don't sound too much like the TH900. I ended up selling those, I preferred the sound of my Beya T1's due to the fact the TH 900 had recessed mids. I will definitely compare the IE 800's to the SE846's... I love my 846's... If I had to really knit pick though I would say the treble is a little harsh on them.
    Just got my shipping confirmation from Sennheiser! Woo! Hopefully I'll be reviewing them for you guys tomorrow or Wednesday. Work is going to seem to go by so slow as I'll know by the time I get home, I'll have new IEMS!
  10. jwbrent

    Congrats on your purchase! I don't find the mids on the IE 800 recessed at all. YMMV.
  11. joshnor713
    If you find the treble on the SE846 harsh you may dislike the IE 800 (not meaning to burst your bubble). I have both earphones because I equally love what they bring to the table. The treble on the IE 800 is a definite step up from the SE846, but it is fatiguing to people sensitive to high pitch.
    The mids on the IE 800 aren't recessed, but coming from the SE846 it will certainly feel that way. I think it's more that the mids on the Shure's are forward. Give the IE 800 a fair listen.
  12. cellarbro

    yup agreed. If somehow you find SE846 harsh, the IE800 were definitely the more sparkly of the two. 
    SE846 I can do for 3+ hours 
    IE800 probably 30-1 hour depending on tips used.
    If you do find the treble harsh, swap out the tips for the foam tips from campfire audio. (Do not use comply, They damaged my IE800 grill) This was the best sounding combo to me without sounding too bright. It did make me a bit hyper conscious however about earwax going into my IE800 since you don't have the ear tip mesh from the stock tips to block ear wax.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Laughing in treble [​IMG]
    There ain't nothing like ie800 being too bright [​IMG]
    HD800 is - or rather has a spike that makes them fatiguing but ie800 is clearly okay to those ears.  
    I agree with you, if someone finds se846 harsh (how? [​IMG]), maybe ie800 is not the best choice. 
    I honestly don't know what would be the best choice in that situation... Se846 is supposed to be one of the most rolled off IEMs out there, if that is harsh, maybe EQ is needed. 
  14. joshnor713
    He could switch to the black filter on the SE846 - having that option is perfect for this situation.
  15. Orky261
    I was surprised that the bass is now meatier and more precise meanwhile the treble sparkle is tamed a bit but still exciting (feels a bit warmer than usual but not by much). Sound stage is really good especially if you hear orchestra, you get the sense of space and correct positioning. I'm currently using PP8 as my main driver so I can't really say about details because BA > DD in terms of detail resolution but I must say it really compliments my listening experience.
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