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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dobrescu George
    The bass is considerably better in quality, might be a tiny bit less in quantity/ 
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  2. kuebler

    Really nobody? Also not from China?
  3. kirthik
    Did anyone get a chance to compare ie800 with audeze isine10/20. I really would like to know how they compare sound wise.
  4. mathi8vadhanan
    Couldn't find one that takes 2.5mm male. 
    This one takes 3.5mm male.
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  5. kuebler
    Thanks a lot. Will try it.
    But as it's very long in case added to the standard cable, I may need a short female 2.5 to male 3.5 adapter, or such a very short cable. Any idea?
    I had tried this several months ago, but apparently the Sennheiser 2.5 mm plug is somehow not standard. At least it didn't fit at that time with a short female 2.5 to male 3.5 adapter cable. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. mathi8vadhanan
    I had used this adapter, with Noble's bluetooth clip. Though it's TRRS, both channels worked fine.
    I recommend this TRS adapter, to be on the safe side.
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  7. kuebler
    Sooooo many thanks!
    May I ask, what's "TRRS" and "TRS"?
    BTW: I also have a Noble BTS, but its battery is extremely weak (max. 1.5-2 hours)
  8. kuebler

    In case anybody is interested: I had ordered the MandarinES for curiosity and got them today.
    In short: total desaster, don't even think of trying them.
    They seem to fit well onto the IE800 nozzle, but there may be remaining leaks. The IE800 sounded completely out of balance, with nearly no bass. Only by keeping them manually and firmly pressed into the ears I got bass. But I could not find any self-stable fitting, with no size.
    In comparison with the original Sennheiser ear tips, after careful testing which are best for the ear, I can get a very stable and repeatable fit, and with this fit, they also shield very well against outside noise. The same is true for well done IE800 ear tip clones. But those well done are not so easy identifiable from poor ones. I got them only after testing about 15 pairs from different vendors. Maybe better to "invest" the $15 (or so) for a pair of originals.
  9. les_garten
    You should be a writer...
    of sad stories...
  10. cellarbro
    @kuebler Are these the replicas or the real IE800? Maybe the bore sizes aren't the same. Also the components inside the fakes are unknown. Apples and oranges. 
  11. kuebler
    You missed the bright horizon given in this sad story :wink:
    I've done a lot of experiments in all directions, and I can tell you, that the Sennheiser ear tips are quite perfect: they shield very well against outside noise and they can give a perfect fit within the ears. BTW: I'm only talking about hearing sessions on the sofa. Walking around is a no go (no pun intended :)
    The only thing you need to do is very thoroughly testing for each ear which size and form (round/oval) fits the ear for perfection. But perfection (or something close to it) you can gain.
  12. kuebler
    You don't want to give up hope?
    Better do now voluntarily than later being forced by reality :wink:
    My fakes (also after long experimentation) are quite perfect fakes (which a subtle variation in signature which I subjectively prefer over the originals). This doesn't have even the smallest correlation to the ear tip problem.
  13. les_garten
    The sad part of the story is that I am waiting with baited breath for mine to arrive...
    and then I see your sad story
    You're right, the stock ones can be made to work as long as you don't move a muscle.
    You've dashed my high hopes from Hungaria...
  14. Lakers1
    Is it true there are replicas of these?
  15. les_garten
    You're joshin' us right?
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