Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

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  1. egokun
    Vocals: good, a bit "dry"
    Soundstage: not particularly expansive.
    Overall: great detail, good balance, fantastic fit, no shrillness or sibilance. It's good, even excellent at that price, but the IE80 (not the latest model, the previous one) is better tuned to my taste.
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  2. jant71
    B400 with stocks tips? Stock cable?? Just trying to gauge if they are optimal or not. Hollow I may have heard a bit with the B400 with the wrong tips but can and should eliminated. Though no doubt they shouldn't have the sub reach of the Senn nor the absolute stage size esp. being sealed. Of course the two earphones could be nice compliments to each other for both dynamic and armature flavors
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  3. MM1990
    Well... since I live near the Sennheiser headquarters, I'm going to visit their flagship store tomorrow and test those IE80S and IE800S...
    Can't wait to try them out :)
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  4. shonik
    Does anyone know if custom tips made for the IE80 would also fit the IE80S?
  5. ouyangx
    cant wait to see your comparison between ie800 and ie800s!
  6. nicholars
    I got these as a replacement for some broken IE80, I did like the IE80 a lot and the IE80S are maybe a bit "dry" sounding compared to the IE80, but the bass on the IE80S is extremely good, the midrange sounds similar both are very good, another thing with the IE80S is the comply tips are 100x better than any of the IE80 tips, the IE80S actually stay in your ears properly and isolate outside sound. The imaging and soundstage on the IE80S is also extremely good but so was the IE80, most obvious upgrades from the IE80 are the extremely good bass on the IE80S and also the fit / isolation and cable etc. which were not as good on the IE80, maybe a bit more treble would be good but I like the treble on the IE80S because it has good detail and is not sibilant. Dragonfly black + IE80s = best sound I have heard from portable / IEM.
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  7. shonik
    I just received my IE80 S today from Amazon, however when trying to authenticate them on the sennheiser website using the QR code, the authentication fails.... Has anyone else had this problem? Worried I've received fakes :frowning2:

    Also, does the sennheiser IE80 S have a remote on the stock cable, as mine doesn't...?
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  8. maniac2003
    Same happened to the pair I tested. They came from a authorised Sennheiser dealer. Cable is without mic.
  9. nicholars
    Had approx 10-20 hours on the IE80S, I would say they have improved with use, could be in my head.. But overall got to say the IE80S are really great, best IEM's I have heard, they are definitely a step up from the IE80, especially the bass, which is amazingly good, the midrange and imaging is also extremely good.. If I was to pick a negative it would be the treble is a bit muted, but its very detailed and good treble with no sibilance or harshness at all, the IE80 were a bit more "sparkly" treble, but also had a bit of harshness which the IE80S do not have. Overall these are very good and I think that Sennheiser make possibly the best sounding headphones, makes me want to try out the new HD660S. The IE80S also match very well with the Dragonfly black.
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  10. Blacjack
    So I went out on a limb and picked these up despite lack of impressions and enthusiasm. The IE 80 has kinda gotten a reputation for being overpriced and out done by other IEMs like the FLC8s, but Sennheiser really did well updating these. The bass feels much more controlled and the highs are never sibilant. The sound quality is overall improved in every way from the IE80 and is a solid step up, with no real downsides.

    I think an underrated feature of these things is the durability. The wire produces quit literally no noise. This feels like a nice IEM that you can actually take around with you without worrying about it breaking. I use them as sort of ear plugs at night to keep the noise away and they are extremely easy to sleep with and very comfortable. They work really well straight from a phone as well, but do seem to scale a bit with things like the Dragonfly black (the only real amp/dac I have used with these). I'm not sure how they would sound with something fancier.

    Overall I'm really enjoying these, they are quite a bit cleaner than expected, and the new fit is much more comfortable.
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  11. stronggeek
    I purchased mine from Amazon and did the authentication process with QR code. They're legit. Who's your seller?

    And mine did not come with the remote.

    On a side note these definitely blow away my old IE60s & are only a little better than my (what I believe to be fake) IE80s. I was surprised as I thought the sound would be much better. However, I do enjoy the bass and over all build quality as well as style over the older model.

    Best of luck with your purchase. Hope you get it figured quickly! With any luck you already have.
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  12. Uncle00Jesse
    how would these compare to the iSine 10s? If I could get the 80s for $244 brand new, would they be the much better buy?
  13. Deftone
    @Sennheiser any word of this case being available as a spare in the parts store?

  14. Sennheiser
    The stock IE 80 S cable does not have an inline remote.

    It’s never fun to take a chance with your heard earned money, only to find out you possibly have fakes. Is the QR code clear of stickers or other obstructions? You can also check our authorized dealers list. Here is our counterfeit products page (US):
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  15. Sennheiser
    Currently, only the previous generation IE case is available for sale separately (and would fit the IE 80 S):

    To find cases and other replacement accessories, go to the Sennheiser website for your country, select Service and Support, repairs, and Sennheiser accessories. If you have an IE 80 S case that becomes damaged, you can contact our service department for replacement.
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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