Sennheiser IE 80 S impression thread

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  1. ouyangx

    It was just announced on IFA 2017, It can be pre-ordered right now, but the shipping will begin from Sep.15th.

    The whole chassis is a lot smaller that IE80, and the cable of it is now officially replacable. Comfly tips has also been included right in the box.

    Hope to see more immpression and discussion of this cutie from you guys!:)

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  2. FlyingWing
    It's nice to see Sennheiser also release some new IEMs, else arch-rival Beyerdynamic would steal their show for dynamic IEMs.
    I expect the IE 80S to sell between 200 and 400 Dollars. Just where the IE 80 started.
  3. jant71
    You can expect whatever or just look at the product page which has been up(and linked to 2 posts ago) and see the actual price :smile_phones:
  4. ouyangx
    I have pre-ordered it and still waiting for shipping.

    Some discussions are still under the old ie80 thread.

    Still too early to say something really grounded right now, indeed
  5. Polar1
    I don't think that a straight jack plug is a good choice, I'd prefer an angled one.
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  6. PhilW
  7. jwbrent
    I like the smaller, more sculpted design versus the older version.
  8. Ahmad313
    Someone here can post some impressions/information about the sound signature of these IE80 S, are these suitable for mids/vocals lovers ,?
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  9. Ahmad313
    Any updates about the IE80 S,???
  10. mosi
    I took the plunge about two weeks ago after my beloved Klipsch X10 died on one side after countless years of service. I'm not too confident to write a full scale review and am still unsure if I want to keep them for reasons explained later but at least have gotten a little accustomed to the sound by now. I'm pretty confident I'm out of the "new gear syndrome" phase though.

    Music wise I'm currently going for a mix of various Piano stuff, Lindsey Stirling and Daft Punk. They're driven out of my phone for office use and at home from the headphone jack of my PC. I don't have any sort of headphone amp as my X10 got really and utterly muddy and boomy when amped by some Meyer amp years ago. No idea how these will react to some powerful source than a smartphone.

    The first and foremost thing is the thundering bass response, even on the lowest dial. Comparing them to a set of Beyer DT-990@32 Ohm, the Beyer feel bass-shy in comparison. Turning up the bass dial extends the lowest end by a tad but it's really hardly noticable for me.

    The next, and to my ears most disturbing thing, is the seemingly recessed highs. Sure, detail is there but compared to an old set of HD580's and my DT-990, the highs are somewhat recessed and the whole package sounds muffled in comparison.

    I'm completely unsure at this point. Is this simply laid back sound with heavy bass or is something wrong with them?

    I've contacted Sennheiser, asking if the sound signature is intended or if something is wrong with my pair. I'm honestly clueless right now.
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  11. Ahmad313
    Thanks for this detailed post, i think you are the first owner of IE80 S who share his impressions and unfortunately there is no any positive sign for me,
    As a previous owner of Sennheiser's CX870 and CX980 i was really interested in these new IE80 S but now i am bit disappointed,
    Are you sure you burned them in properly ,? and also try them with different eartips,
    Anyway please keep updating us about any further improvements and any response from the sennheiser,
    Now am waiting for some more impressions from other people's .
  12. mosi
    There was no burn-in period per any definition. As for the sound signature thing, thanks for making me test the different eartips again.
    Compared to my DT990, this is the result:

    Rubber single flange
    Small: thin
    Medium: bassy, still slightly muffled
    Large: Bassy, Muffled

    Rubber double flange
    Small: thin
    Medium: still thin
    Large: bassy, muffled

    Small: Bassy, slightly muffled
    Medium: Bassy, Muffled
    Large: Very Bassy, Muffled

    I'm sorely missing anything related to airyness and am liking the bassy response at the same time. Sure, they are not muddy or woolly or anything. The sound itself is controlled and all but they are clearly lacking in the treble department for my taste and for the price. Needing a half solid seal on the single flanges to brighten them up doesn't really make things any better.

    Microphonics: very little due to thick cables. Over-the-ear style wear gets rid of the remainder for me.

    Is there a thing as too good a seal on IEMs? The large tips don't feel too large to insert but the audible differences are big. From my experience with BA-type IEMs, the more seal, the better or you end up with thin sound. Does this translate to dynamic IEMs as well?
    I ordered from Sennheiser directly by the way, so I'd rule out fakes. I'll wait for their response next week. I'm swaying between asking about a replacement and hoping for the best or trying to return them on the spot and looking for brighter ones.
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  13. egokun
    I'm very interested in these, as the original IE8 is still my personal favorite IEM. Yes, it's anything but accurate, very far from a monitor-type IEM, but it's a ton of fun. Too bad my pair was damaged and the replacement model IE8i is almost as expensive as the brand-new IE80S - IF you can find a non-counterfeit one, which is pretty much impossible if you don't order from Sennheiser straight. Amazon carries a LOT of counterfeit Sennheisers.

    After my beloved IE8 got damaged, I managed to find a genuine IE80. Supposedly a refined and better-sounding model, I actually find it less engaging, with a narrower soundstage and different bass.

    So as I said, I'm extremely interested in the IE80S, but it's quite expensive and currently not for sale on any European website that allows for returns if I end up not liking it.
    Then again, I'd rather try them as soon as possible, before the Web is flooded with counterfeits.
    I wonder if fit is a little better than with the previous IE models. That's really my only gripe with the IE series. Very hard to keep in my ears, they fit much less deeply than your average IEM, yet the bass can only be fully appreciated with a perfect seal.
    Sound is also very dependent on the tip. The IE8 came with a hard foam tip that for me provides the best fit and the best sound. I see the new IE80S only comes with soft silicone tips.
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  14. Ahmad313
    Actually i am a strong believer of burn-in even the manufacturer suggest it or not and specially a dynamic driver must need for burn-in period,
    When i purchase a new iem i must burn them in for at least 200hrs so i suggest you also try a burn-in process with some fast music on moderate volume for straight 50hrs ( just let them burn-in and don't listen) and after 50hrs check the changes/improvement in sound signature .
  15. ouyangx
    Still burning-in my IE80S but some initial impression can already come about.
    I`ve changed the stock cable to Sqrmekoko`s replacement cable with mic from Amazon(and that of IE80 as well), and have been pairing it with Sony`s PHA-2A.

    The overall tuning is V-shaped indeed, but what stand out most to me is an obvious bump in upper low end when compared to IE 80, even when both bass tuning ports have been set to medium level.
    This bump make the whole music a little bit muddy and veil-like, and it can spoil the atmosphere of certain genres, classical music suffers most.
    But the tuning can put some fun and excitement into especially pop music. And I love this. Art Angels by Grimes have really come to life with IE80s, it has a better presentation even than my se846

    resolution:a little bit worse than my expectation, maybe im impressed by the resolution of se846 for too long time
    sound stage:wide enough for me, everything sounds further than se846
    tuning: much more fun, less neutral, sennheiser have done a good job by presenting a "smooth u-shaped" sound.

    and the comply foam tips works great for me.
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