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Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by philw, Apr 13, 2012.
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  1. iDesign

    I'm not sure why this is surprising. The Mojo is likely a better DAC. As for using it with the HDVD 800 there is no reason this cannot be done. Though the Mojo sometimes will shut off due to heat when it is charged and synced at the same time-- especially when the ambient room temperature is high.
  2. King of Pangaea
    I don't know about the Bryston but my Sennheiser amp definitely sounds richer after about a 4 or 5 hour warmup.  Most electronics offer improved performance after burn in. Some just require more burn in time than others.  Don't confuse burn-in with warm-up: burn in is initial time on after never being played. Warm up is time spent after turn on for a particular listening session. 
  3. iDesign
    The Bryston BDP PI is a digital server so how does that have anything to do with burn in and warm up for the HDVD 800?
  4. King of Pangaea
    Well, it runs on electricity doesn't it, which means it has to be turned on, and keeping it on burns it in. Or does it run on ozone or something?
  5. FelixSG
    Sorry if this is a repeated question (I couldn't read this entire thread)
    Anyone used the Uptone Regen with the HDVD800 ?
    Is so, is it worth it ?
    How much improvement of the sound from the HDVD800 ?
    How did you connect it for best effect ?
    Thanks & regards,
  6. ardilla
    My take on the HDVD800, if someone is intersted :)
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  7. Sennophile
    Thanks! A perfect review, very elaborate and very honest!
    Just what I was looking for!
    I'm a strong proponent of the HDVD800 with the HD800. [​IMG] 
  8. Dionysus
    Excellent read and as an owner of the HDVD800 I find it hard to understand why the community, owners of Senn HD800 or S have rarely embraced this it for its excellent synergy.
    Of all the gear I have purchased Amps, DACS over the last decade the HDVD800 and HD800S are still part of my collection.
    Thanks for a very honest take on this fine amp.
  9. ardilla
    Thanks guys!
    Yes - the HDVD800 has really gotten that much love, but it is a safe choice for the HD800. Any comments on the HD800 vs HD800S and the HDVD800, Dionysus? 
  10. Dionysus
    In the end an HD800 is still an HD800, if you know what I mean.
    So to better answer the question, both the HD800S and regular 800's synergy is excellent with the HDVD800. Frankly I have had several amps and none of them have the synergy that I find with the HDVD800. Now the DAC which seem to be overly criticized in my opinion is polite maybe to much, but I think it was done by design. Maybe for the very nature of the HD800 short comings.
    The S lost some of the killer trebles top end some, not that it sounds bad, no.  
    But it lost some of that extra detail the 800 has, the bass is fuller and more but the 800 had good bass, just not the bass in the amounts the S now posses, but its bass was detailed.
    For me I always loved the HD800 in its original release the amount of talk about the 6kHz spike never ever bothered me, If I had to do it all over again I would have kept the original but I'm very happy with S.
    Currently my setup is mostly used with the Sony HAP and the internal DAC by passed and my main rig I have other gear but this combo is my favorite when I to critical listen, Hope this helps its all just my 2 cents and of course sound is always subjective and this is my personal opinion and experience. 
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  11. Edric Li
    So apparently the black HDVD800S we've all been waiting for will not arrive in spring 2017 as promised; instead we got this: https://hypebeast.com/2017/3/dior-homme-sennheiser-2017-spring-collection
  12. fapman
    Nah man. I don't think this has nothing to do with that. 
    This is just something to promote their products. 

    And btw. This is the classical HD800 in the Dior Homme- edition. Not the HD800S. But it does look cool tho. 
  13. FelixSG

    Thank you for the nice photos of your setup.
    May I ask what headphones cables are you using ?
    I'm using the CH800 and planning for a future upgrade.
    Are you using an audio power cord for your HDVD800?
    I bought the Silver Electra 7 from Wireworld and it made a big difference to my ears. Better imaging, smoother treble and vocals , background noise reduced.
    I just ordered some brass footers and weights for my HDVD800, will update if it improves the music.
    At the moment, I removed the factory legs and rest the HDVD800 on Vibrapods that improved the bass details.
    Just sharing .....
  14. FelixSG
    My setup

  15. Dionysus
    I use all WireWorld cables, for me those cables do not color the SQ in anyway its like the headphone is directly connected to the source. they are pricey as all get out but the difference between these and stock is huge.
    Headphone: NANO-PLATINUM ECLIPSE HEADPHONE CABLE   terminated in Balanced.
    Power: AURORA 7 POWER CONDITIONING CORD connected directly to the HDVD800.
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