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Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by philw, Apr 13, 2012.
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  1. wantan
    I'm interested to try the HDVD800 with my HD800, it's a very sexy looking unit and I'm very curious to hear Sennheiser's idea on the HD800.
    Many reviews rate the DAC as not that great but the rarely mention how the feed the DAC. I wonder if there is a difference between the USB and the spdif digital input? If anybody could bring me up to date on this I'd be happy, I didn't read through the whole thread. :)
  2. iDesign
    Although source and cable input matter to some degree, the HDVD 800 uses an older Burr Brown PCM1792 DAC. Overall it was a fine amplifier with HD 800 but a better DAC implementation would have been more ideal. I think Sennheiser viewed the DAC as an added connectivity option and they underestimated how much audiophiles would scrutinize it.
  3. SeraphimZ
    Thanks, which DAC (better than BB) do you suggest to work with HDVD 600 under $600 for HD800S? BNC digital input will be cool! 
  4. iDesign

    The selection of a DAC to use with the HDVA 600 is a personal one. The HDVA 600 chassis has an unusual size and there are few DAC's that will match the physical design or can be stacked below it. Schiit's Multibit DACs may be good to consider since some are small, have a similar brushed metal enclosure, and they preform well.
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  5. wantan
    Many thanks for the help!
    I'm going to get the amp and share my impression.
  6. greggf
    wantan, looking forward to your impressions.  Might add the HDVD 800 here as well.
  7. FelixSG
    Can anyone advise which is the best digital input for the HDVD800 for the best sound quality ?
    Emailed Sennheiser but did not get a reply ........
    Currently connecting my Bryston BDP Pi player to the HDVD800 with Furutech GT Pro USB A to B cable. Thinking of getting the Curious cable but if other digital inputs will have better sound quality , I would invest in a different cable.
    Thanks in advance:)
  8. iDesign

    Although optical sounds smoother, it is limited to 88.2 kHz. USB is capable of 192 kHz.
  9. King of Pangaea
    I prefer to hook up via RCA SPDIF whenever possible.  I think it supports all formats and speeds.
  10. HiFiIsExpensive
    Hello guys! I've been enjoying my HDVA 600 for some time now and I really like it. However, I just wondered if the power lead I'm using is correct or not as it is a 5A fused lead. Should I switch to a 3A fused lead instead?
  11. HiFiIsExpensive

    To be fair, the DAC inside the 800s isn't that good actually IMO. It would be better if you get a separate DAC for it will be better. The Chord 2qute is a good choice but only has RCA output, but it's priced at $1599 or 995 pounds. 
  12. HiFiIsExpensive

    Agree the internal DAC is not that good. The 600 is a better deal, plus you can save some money for a good DAC.
  13. FelixSG
    I was looking at the 2qute too but I think I will wait for the new Sennheiser amp and its reviews/audition before investing in a DAC and also , hopefully I can really wait :D
  14. FelixSG
    Does a digital player like the Bryston BDP Pi need a long burn in time ?
    Will it sound more detailed after burn in ?
    It's funny but I lost some details changing from iPod>mojo>nighthawks to bdp pi>hdvd800>hd800s !
    The birds and beach effects at the beginning of Alan Walker's Faded and the echo/second voice at the beginning of Chris Brown's Look at Me Now sound more obvious with the iPod combi :rolleyes:
  15. FelixSG

    Maybe I can use the mojo as a DAC for the hdvd800......:cool: ?
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