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Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by philw, Apr 13, 2012.
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  1. FelixSG
    Hi Bill,
    Don't mind me asking, what is USB 2connection ?
  2. King of Pangaea
    USB 2 is the original USB type, before the USB 3 you said you didn't feel comfortable using with your iPhone.  Is your iPhone USB 3 only?
    USB 2 is the usual way to connect digital music devices other than SPDIF or Optical.
  3. FelixSG
    My iPhone is 3.5mm jack and lightning output only.
    As the HDVD800 has USB B input, I use the apple USB 3 adapter + USB A to B cable to connect to the HDVD800 which I am looking for a "better" way to connect.
    I have tried the normal USB http://www.apple.com/sg/shop/product/MD821AM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter?fnode=97
    and USB 3 http://www.apple.com/sg/shop/product/MK0W2AM/A/lightning-to-usb-3-camera-adapter?fnode=91
    I noticed a significant difference in sound quality (USB 3 better) and AudioQuest recommends the same.

    Mac OS X & iOS Related

    Can I use DragonFly with Mac OS X?
    Yes. DragonFly Black and Red are compatible with OS X (starting with OS 10.6.8 to present). There are no known compatibility issues with OS X.
    Can I use DragonFly with Apple iOS devices?
    Yes. DragonFly Black and Red can be used with Apple iOS devices.
    To connect DragonFly Black or Red to an iOS device, the Apple Camera Connection Kit must be used. For 30-pin iOS devices, click here. For Lightning devices, click here.
    When connected to an iOS device using the recommended Camera Connection Kit, my DragonFly Red or Black exhibits clicks and pops in the background of the music. What should I do?
    In some rare instances, the combination of an iOS device in conjunction with the standard CCK and DragonFly Black or Red causes a clicking in the background of the music.
    Neither we nor Apple have been able to determine why that is, but in circumstances where this occurs we’ve found that using Apple’s Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Connection Kit resolves the problem. In addition, this connector offers improved audio performance over the smaller unit and gives the end user the ability to charge their iOS device while listening to music.
    I have also connect my iPhone to the Mojo with L19 http://penonaudio.com/L19-Lightning-to-Micro-USB?search=lightning
    and it sounds better than apple USB adapter too.
    I have purchased and still waiting for http://penonaudio.com/Lightning-Pure-Silver-Decoding-Cable%20?search=lightning
    and hope it sounds better than the L19.
    I am just looking for the "best" way to connect the iPhone 6s to HDVD800 for optimal sound to enjoy the HD800S.
  4. King of Pangaea
    I don't know anything about iPhones or lightning connectors so I can't help you.  Just use whatever sounds best.
    Good luck
  5. Nihilarian
    Just received a letter from Sennheiser that the hdvd 820 is in the pipeline but won't be available before the end of the year.
  6. ipromesisposi
    Excellent news!
  7. fapman
    Can i ask where did you get this information? 
  8. harj
    I own the following products hdva600, ch800 and hd800s.
    In order for me to use my hd800s in balanced mode, would I need to send a balanced single into the hdva600, or does it not matter because the hdva600 will convert the single input to balanced?

    Or to make make my question simple, does the hdva600 convert a unbalanced input (from source) to a balanced output (headphone)?
  9. SeraphimZ
    Hi everyone! :D 
    Thanks! I was thinking of buying HDVD 800 soon but guess I'll live with my NFB28 balanced till HDVD 820 is released maybe, sadly it will take a long time </3 thinking about stax 3100 atm.
    current setup: PC usb > ap2/pp > rca digital > NFB28 Balanced > HD800S
    easily noticed improvement in SQ (not a day & night difference of course) when i used ap2/pp but will see what happens after 200 hours, been using it for 2 days. 
  10. King of Pangaea

    ​I cannot absolutely answer about the HDVA 600 as I have the HDVD800, but since they are supposed to have the same amp, I suppose what is true for one will be true of the other.  I run my Oppo 95 >HDVD800 balanced, XLR3 and > out XLR4 to HD800.  I imagine the balancing occurs in the amp itself.  I have another player, Marantz SA8005 which I run RCA unbalanced > HDVD800 and the only difference I see is the different acoustic signatures of the respective players. 
    The CH800 you mention is the Sennheiser XLR4 cable, right?  I got mine from Zycable in China.  I doubt there is any significant difference.
    Ask someone who knows more about electronics for a definitive answer, OK?  This is the best I can do.  Probably balancing happens in amp. Whether a balanced input signal into amp will afford any improvement, I can't answer for sure.  Probably not much, if any.  I go with the theory that if it doesn't cost very much more, go balanced.  If it costs a lot more, forget it.  I think balancing mainly makes it louder. 
  11. King of Pangaea

    ​As far as the HD800 S goes, I think it is just a regular HD800 with an extra balanced XLR4 cable added and some spiffier packaging. The specs are the same.  Amazon is unloading HD800 for just under $1000.  Senn us probably dumping HD800 and will in future only offer HD800S, black trim.  Same cans.

    ​What the HD820 will be is anybody's guess.
  12. 62ohm
    The HD800S is not exactly the same as the HD800. They are similar, but sounds and measures quite differently.
  13. King of Pangaea
    What is different? Same size driver.  Same specs.  Seems they just added some extra black paint, another cable and only raised the official list price by $200.
    Amazon dumping at $1000 tells me something is up.
  14. iDesign

    This subject has been covered extensively. You can read the HD 800 S product page to understand the differences: 
    HD 800 S Differences: 
    1. Further optimised reference class in wired headphones (hence the added second harmonic distortion
    2. Enhanced sound reproduction achieved through absorber technology
    3. Additional cable with balanced XLR4 connector
    4. High-class matte black metal parts
  15. 62ohm
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