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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Nik74
    The Gold Lion is very decent. The mullard new production are Russian made reissues so the only common thing with the NOS ones is the name.
    I agree with the above opinion though, great that you have extra tubes but first let the amp play and burn in a bit with the stock tubes also so that you tune your ears to a base sound. Then you have an idea of what more exotic tubes are improving on or not.
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  2. dmdm
    Ok guys, here is the reply concerning the tubes:

    Should be no problem with the tubes you recently sourced from thetubestore as we have often purchased tubes from them (including Genalex – Gold Lion) and used them in Icon products. The Icon recommended procedure is to get at least 15-20 hours of play/burn time in before rolling tubes. The HP8 you purchased was shipped with brand new tested and matched CV181 power tubes hand carried by David Shaw (owner/designer of Icon Audio) himself from the UK while he attended our booth at the recent Toronto Audiofest show. David commented that it was the best he had heard the HP8 – now yours – so do enjoy,

    As I am sure you know, Don Stewart is the Icon/ARC authorized warranty service technician for Icon products sold in Canada. Feel free to contact him and/or myself for any assistance on Icon Audio products offerings.

    Best regards, Warren Lavender

    ARC Audio
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  3. thomaskong78
    I have CV181 power tubes which is one of the best new production tube much better than Golden Lion.


    CV181 power tubes falls slightly short of Sylvania Nos vt231 on details but it still has smooth texture.

    I recommend you to use stock tubes and keep the other new production tube as backup.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  4. dmdm
    Nice, those are not cheap. I'll keep the ones I ordered to roll down the road.
  5. dmdm
    I wanted to say thanks. It's your post that lead me to buying the Icon. Much appreciated.
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  6. dmdm
    So my next issue is the interconnect between the benchmark dac and the icon. I have a pair of blue jeans cable LC1s on hand, a pair kimber kable toniks on hand, or should I buy some kimber heroes or silver streak used from CAM?

    I mean the blue jeans and toniks are decent interconnects. Should I just stick with one of these?

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  7. Whazzzup
    Whichever costs more
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  8. thomaskong78
    Cable rolling is lot of work.

    Take your time and wait until your tube amplifier settle down.
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  9. dmdm
    Lol nice.
  10. dmdm
    Well you seem to like your cables. After all these years I'm still on the fence whether they make a difference or not.
  11. dmdm
    I'm guessing that by the responses and the lack thereof that the toniks would be fine as interconnects.

    Edit: I bought a .5meter of kimber's silver streak. Done and done.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  12. x7007
    where can I find original ear pads replacement for 800s?

    everywhere I looked it's unbranded or generic and replacement not original parts replacement.

    I don't want generic one they will change the sound or be less comfortable
  13. TYATYA
    There u go Screenshot_20191129-214508_Chrome.jpg
  14. x7007
    forgot to mention I need delivery to israel
  15. dmdm
    How easy is it to replace the pads? Or not easy?
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