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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. S Crowther
    I have sonarworks true-fi. I don't like it with HD800S. The treble sounds harsh and the sound coloured. On the other hand true-fi makes my ultrasone Ed.10 sound the best cans ever. The result is my HD800S and Hifiman HE1K and Audeze LCD3 now sit in their boxes.
  2. smodtactical
    Upon further experimentation and listening it seems my sub bass boost does compromise the mids and it seems maybe even a bit of low treble (it softens them and makes them less detailed or clear). So it seems I can't just subbass boost my way to warmth while still retaining all the detail. But this boost can still help sometimes if Im listening to music that is too hot on the 800S in the upper frequences... I guess you can say it just adds a softer more musical feel to the 800S with a more full thick low end. Not necessarily a bad thing but would have liked to retained full detail.
  3. Swiftfalcon
    I ve tried foobar eq and schiit Loki for HD800S. I prefer the 800S unadulterated :D
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  4. Whitigir
    I love hd800s too, the same way
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  5. rutter
    Sonarworks is vastly superior to the Schiit Loki, but the effect comes as a package and there is not much modifying.
  6. smodtactical
    I don't blame you guys
  7. rutter
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is what Sonarworks claims to do. It's literal equalization rather than the half-nonsense you'd attempt with the $150 Schiit Loki. It's extreme value for the LCD-X and I think it makes the 800S better too. I've been concerned with brightness as well and curiously they have measured an average dip among 800Ses that seems to extend to say 6khz, which the application consequently boosts. Not sure disabling the EQ helps all that much though and I think the EQed sound is markedly better. Some of you seem to imply that this produces discoloration, but I'm buying what Sonarworks are claiming that even such expensive headphones come out of factories essentially disfigured. Heard multiple sound like crap prior to Sonarworks, and perhaps some of you are too used to that.


    Here's what they have for the 800, to crudely see if their claimed measurements check out. The infamous 6khz peak is what I'm familiar with and that seems to be at 8khz here. The 800 is obviously brighter but there are question marks. The bass doesn't look much different, which contradicts one of the modifications of the 800S and impressions.
  8. smodtactical
    Ok I found a middle ground with my subbass to bass ramp. Now I am getting a beautiful touch of warmth and depth in the low end but preserving most if not all of the mids and high detail. The 800S now has a beautiful detailed but more engaging warm low end. Going to keep experimenting but this change is keeping me from destroying my wallet on the ZMF Auteur.

    This slight EQ is also beautifully bringing out the double bass in all my Jazz music.. listening to Denis Solee with Beegie Adair and turning EQ on and off is just such a no brainer for having it on. The double bass just sounds so good and gives a solid foundation for Solee's horn and Beegie's smooth articulate mid frequency piano notes.

    Love it!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  9. chimney189
    Have you had the chance to audition the Auteur?
  10. smodtactical
    Nope you ?
  11. chimney189
    I've had a chance to audition them.
    From what I remember the bass on the HD 800S is more present than the Auteur.
    The Auteur is probably the most neutral headphone I've had a chance to hear though, if that's your cup of tea!
  12. smodtactical
    Wow are you serious, I'm shocked by that. I thought the Auteur would be much more bass and have much better sub bass than the HD800 S! Damn I was still thinking of pulling the trigger but not so much right now.
  13. ZenErik
    Probably going to pick up another HD800S within a month or two. Usually I don't miss headphones much when they're gone, but the HD800S is always on my mind when I think about headphones. Would love to have it with my ADX5000.

    Edit: Good example would be watching Blade Runner 2049 last night. Yea, it sounds awesome on the ADX5000, but the HD800S soundstage is perfect for lots of movies, tv, and gaming. Obviously it sounds incredible with all sorts of music too. That goes without saying.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  14. chimney189
    Are you near Chicago, Illinois by any chance?
  15. wldcohso

    I felt just like you after selling my HD800s to get a the Focal Utopia.. loooong story short I repurchased them... the headphones are great to have in any collection.
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