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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. rutter
    I was quite unimpressed by the HDVA 600, which should be the same amp as the 800. I prefer the Jot even with the HD800S. I've also had experience with the Mojo and I would expect it to make the 800S crisper, thinner, and possibly drier, the opposite of what I'm looking for in many ways. Frankly I'm surprised it even drives the 800S. The Chord amps we're referring to don't seem to be balanced either. I'm not looking for a $2500-3000 tube amp.

    This looks like a pretty interesting suggestion. Can you elaborate? Does it make the 800S full while reining in brightness?
  2. yates7592
    Glenn OTL is superb with HD800/S and entry level model is <$1500.
  3. IkSak
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide between the HD800S and the HD800. Currently, a Sennheiser representative here in Colombia is in a stock liquidation and is offering the headphones at aprox. US$1000 and US$900, both new.

    I listen mostly to classical and latin music and I'm considering purchasing one, but I'm unsure which one to choose.

    From what I've read in the forums, the HD800S is less amp picky and has more bass (although at the expense of a bit of distorsion). On the other hand, the HD800 has less distorsion and the 6 khz peak (not sure how much this matters for clasical). I have two questions for you:

    1) Which one may suit my needs better? For amps, I have a Lyr2, a Vali 2 and a Magni 3 which I use with a Bifrost.
    2) Among my headphones I have an HD700 (modded) and an Massdrop AKG K7XX, which I use for classical. Are the HD800/S a good upgrade over these?

    BTW, the seller has three of each to sale, so if anyone's interested, just let me know :)
  4. chimney189
    I think the Lyr2 would be a great pair-up with the HD 800S. As you stated, the original HD 800 is a bit amp picky. I think the HD 800S is in general less of a hassle to deal with. You get a great product right out of the box that doesn't need any modifications or expensive amps in order to have a proper sound signature.
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  5. donlin
    I have owned the HD800 and HD800S two times each and for me the HD800S is just so much better sounding than the HD800. The so called distortion in the base is a non issue. The HD800S has tight deep bass that for the music I listen to (real instruments) is ideal.
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  6. IkSak
    What do you think about the hd700? Is the hd800s a noticeable upgrade for classical?
  7. donlin
    I am one of those odd people who really liked the HD700 but yes the HD800S is better sounding across the board (comfort is the only place the HD700 is better). Less fatiguing, more extension at both extremes, more space, more resolution etc. I listen to a lot of classical music, and all Sennheisers do well with it, but the HD800S is best IMO.
  8. exdmd
    I am using the HD800S and they work quite well with the Vali 2. I have auditioned other phones but keep coming back to the Senns. I used the Vali 2 until Amps and Sound built my Kenzie tube amp which I much prefer to the Vali 2. Even with a TOTL tube amp I found the HD800S a bit lacking in bass which a Schiit Loki corrected quite well. Soundstage and imaging is important to me and the HD800S are the best replacement for speakers I have heard.
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  9. Swiftfalcon
    Auralic Taurus mk2 lets HD800S be what it is, a natural sounding detailed headphone with expansive soundstage. It is a very neutral amp, it doesn’t really make it sound full but the treble is well controlled & never harsh (by comparison the treble on 800S jotunheim combo is harsh.
    For fullness, Woo WA 7 or Ifi pro ican are good choices.
  10. rutter
    What exactly do you take for fullness? As in, what is it?
  11. Swiftfalcon
    Fullness as in individual notes seem to have more component tones. Just my take.
  12. smodtactical
    Do any of you equalize the bass on your HD800S? I recently did a subbass ramp on my graphic equalizer on foobar 2000 and it made the 800S sound incredible. Now it has an authoritative but detailed sub bass and even mid bass rumble. These headphones are now great for EDM and Jazz. I was impressed because I was able to preserve virtually all the mid and high end detail. When I A-B to no bass and then bass its incredible how much body and musicality the 800S achieves.

    I was thinking of getting the ZMF atticus or auteur, but I don't think i need to now! :D

    (oh and HD650 is like a basshead cannon now)

    Anyone else here do this?
  13. Whazzzup
    No need to eq with a good server and system synergy, Andy Scott doesn’t need a lick more bass. But eq is a friend no doubt.
  14. Nik74
    I m doing the 10 day free trial of Sonarowrks atm and I m really interested to know what other owners of the 800S think of this software. I havent had time to do critical listening yet but I find the sonarworks to add a degree of coloration to the sound along with the enhanced bass and clarity. Some music sounds more alive with it but orchestral stuff suffers a bit .What do you guys think ?
  15. rutter
    Without Sonarworks the 800S sounds pretty thin and "analytical" with the Jotunheim to me. After what it did for the LCD-X I have I'm a big fan of that EQ. I believe it makes this headphone better too. I disagree about coloration, I still believe it's decrapification.
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