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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. chimney189
    Sometimes it's the bass of the 800S that impresses me the most.
    Very detailed and textured.
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  2. Amberlamps
    Now you tell me.

    And nobody told me about the loose fit problem What.

    Aka, move yo head and yo cans be dead by falling off and hitting the flo

    < will use elastic bands to keep things tight, wallet will not fit.

    < on the down lo talking schiit.

    Lay down on the flo

    Lay down on the flo

    Am in a rage

    So if we gotta do this let me no,

    Thats wut I came fo

    Thats wut I came fo
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  3. Svatopluk
    If your having trouble with the HD-800S staying put, just wrap a washcloth around the headband. For something more secure, try one of those shoulder belt pad things from the local auto parts store. And you should stop worrying so much about the steel mesh getting damaged. I've had the HD-800 for seven years and the steel mesh is still like new.

    Also. if ABBA sounds lackluster with the HD-800S, you need a less compressed recording. Can't help with the strobe light however.
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    After I bought a 8x copper cable no.5 from pw-audio and a 8x plated copper cable from satin audio...... I am comming back to stock cable.


    Not as bad stock cable of hd650, 800s goes with good stock cable.
    Best characstic of it is oval shape wide expanded sound stage and have space between vocal and instruments.
    Expanding of this oval sound stage by left right direction with high freq locate most further and the base near my head with vocal....

    My 2 aftermarket cables roll sound stage in to a sphere shape like, it size not wider than the long oval axis of stock cable. Vocal and instrument is quite same size in a same zone even they are all keep details....
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    While are you guys trying to change someone's mind while he doesnt want it to be!?

    He hates what he hates. Does it impact to your beloved 800s?
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    Veryyyy goodddd record for your hd800s as "the way it is" :p


    20180709_205044.jpg 20180709_205031.jpg
  7. Amberlamps
    I do like my 800s

    Only thing that I could really pick on is the less than tight fit.

    Its cool, I keeping them and have a few ideas, one of them is in the posts above, tieing something around them and see if they tighten up, also bought some dekoni elite sheep pads, they seem chunkier and may possibly fix it for me ? < just happy jim didnt fix it for me instead.

    Jimmy doesnt do headphones.

    Only K...
  8. Amberlamps
    Has Roon and Tidal, will check out your recommended tracks.

    Cheers :wink:
    Frame of hd800s need to be stronger for supporting dynamic load.
    Some tracks sound heavenly while holding tigh 2 cups.

    Change ear cup can makes changing of rigidity and distance ear to driver. It change the sound.

    800/s need a strong support for vibrating of driver. I sometimes hold it several ways and feel it disappear from my ear. Just sound remain like in real enviroiment

    Read somewhear that its headband use damping meterial to kill vibrating and infacts it vibrate less than hd650. But 800s use a bigger driver and "more open" air so need more hard and solid base
  10. Amberlamps
    Yeah, I did read the dekoni pads change the sound. Some like, some dont, wont change them right away, will use stock ones for a while.

    As for the loose fit, its not loose loose, its ok and I get the same feeling, no headphones on and sounding like listening to speakers instead.

    The stage is huge and these cans have made me respect the work of Chord so much more, my Audio Technica range from A to Z do not come close, only thing I miss is that AT have excellent fit, although they look stupid, their clamping system works and I love it.

    But, they are not as good as these, they were not in the same price range so its unfair to compare, but some of them are just a couple hundred less, but not as good musically as HD800S.

    It has brought me to the point where I can now get the full Chord experience, to be honest, many times I have wanted to buy other brands, but I have been an AT addict for years and I just stuck with them because I like them.

    But will not rma ( paid for rma ) to them in a hurry again, < paid for a new cable to be implanted, done in 30 minutes and took a month and a half to ship back, only because I started emailing and asking What, you took my money fast enough, now break out the beepa numba.

    Would not of been so bad had they not emailed me and said, work done in 30 minutes, now ready, am like, cool, weeks past and nothing, so I had to turn up the drama to bust a nut.

    < does love 8 hunnad’s, its just that I cant help but take the piss, lifes too short to be doom and gloom, piss taking is a breath of fresh air.


    Positive John @Mojo ideas will like this post, well, maybe not like, but its better than some of my Chord related posts which < regrets, but it was winter.

    Not sure about @Rob Watts, maybe possible rye smile, < does not know, but do want his jet setting lifestyle.

    < will work for chord, if only to make the tea, will not even charge them for my tea making abilities but its only if I get lots of airplane action, < wants to fly emirates a380 best class, one of them self contained cubicles, the fun I could have in one of them omg partay.

    Would not fly quantas, as me and australians dont mix, just ask that dude, but he bought me a pint, so we cool, plus I heard their A380s blow up.

    Airlines only get once chance to keep their good name, quantas destroyed theirs at the same time they did a number on a rolls royce engine < blasphemy

    But yea, Mojo and poly and hugo 2, excellent with hd800s < audio technica failed in that respect, now I hate em.

    I love kelly osbourne.

    In a dream

    That turned into a nightmare.
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  11. Amberlamps
    Just got my Dekoni Elite sheep pads.

    Sennheiser so easy to get off.

    Dekoni easy to put on

    Dekoni is a nightmare to come off

    Sennheiser nightmare to put back on.

    £70 wasted :frowning2:

    However Dakoni really nice and comfy, but music sounds like it was coming from a walkman in 1981, on a loose C60 < before 90 and 120 minutes were invented.

    Openness gone, BB King left the room, had to fight sennheiser to get him back.

    I think I will probably cut the mesh on the bottom of the dakonis, it may help lose some of the muffle that they created ?

    I do like and love the feel, but they do detract from huge stage the 800s have, will try the fluffy one and hybrid one to see if they are just as bad.
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  12. raband
    Agree with you on the installation of the Dekoni's and originals.

    Easy off/on, hard off/on.

    Have gone back to stock for now - let us know if you try without the foam.
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  13. donlin
    I've heard nothing but bad reports about the sound of the Dakoni pads.
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  14. Amberlamps
    Trust me, I have schiit hearing and I noticed it right away.

    I would love official sennheiser ones that are leather and thicker height wise, I hate this fluffy schiit as default pads, as they mank up quickly, sweat etc. Would even prefer pleather over felt pad.

    The Dekoni’s are nice, no getting away from it, but they seem to not only be thicker height wise, but also have a thicker width.

    If they could keep same width as the senn ones, and, if they did not have that womens tights looking material at the bottom of the donut, they might actually be able to keep the same huge stage whilst making the 800S so much more comfier and less prone to moving.

    Cans moving happens to me, not bad moving, but I wont be air guitaring it up with them on.


    Elite sheep are nice looking, but failed to comply with the contract sonically and need to be thinner width wise and have no material at the bottom. I am positive ( not really ) that the material on the bottom is a major factor in the equation and which I think dampens down the sound.

    I just dont want to cut up £70 the same day I got it.
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  15. ZappaMan
    deep in the sheep
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