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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. Amberlamps
    You know it.

    Footballs deep.

    In the heart of russia.
  2. ZappaMan
    I see a Mongolian man in traditional garb calling his tamed bird of prey from afar. He has no need of the dekons, but looks on with what seems like interest.
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  3. Amberlamps
    If only they were round, could possibly use on other headphones.

    But a D, huh.

    I will keep them, maybe mod aka cut a hole on the tights material at the bottom, if not lucky, then I lost £70, no big deal, am sure if I ever sold my cans, it would maybe look cool to the buyer that I have real sheepskin ear pads for them, and they are new, brand new.

    Hopefully it adds an extra £362.47 to the sale price.

    Not in a hurry to test them back out, cuz I can see myself snapping my headphones because they do not come off easy and sennheisers dont go back on easy, its like, pop one side in, the other side pops off, was wondering, does this white plastic go under the rim like on my AT cans, had to google that schiit and youtube won.

    Just think, 30 years ago, I would of had to of bought a vhs video tape showing how to put them back on.


    Your bird is dead because it ate my bait, a dead sheep filled with fertiliser, bomb really has been planted.
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  4. raband
    @Evshrug - as a contact for both Dekoni and Sennheiser,

    Have you tried the Dekoni pads on the HD800's?

    Did you have the same issues removing the pads and going back to OEM as @Phuca and myself?

    How did you find the sound/comfort?
  5. Evshrug
    There’s a trick to it (you actually do have to twist like in the photo), I had trouble with the pads seeming stuck the first time I took them off. You have to pop out the flat side of the D-shape, and then rotate the flat side over the curved diameter of the pads, and then they just come off easily.

    I recorded a how-to video, doing a voice over and I’ll post the vid tomorrow on Instagram and Facebook. I’m doing a couple of these short vids, but it’s surprisingly hard to time a voice over after the fact.

    I find the sonic changes to be minimal on the open headphones, but sometimes the sound is a tiny bit more direct with the sheepskin pads. I like the HD 800 stock pads, but I’m more used to the feeling of Velour used in the Dekoni pads. The Dekoni pads are noticeably thicker, and a bit squishier, which I think is more comfortable. I got both my HD 800 and Dekoni pads before becoming an industry insider, and the Dekoni pads were much less expensive than the stock pads. I know some people swear by either pad, and people should pick whichever sounds most appealing.

    @Phuca, did your pads get damaged? Dekoni has a lifetime warranty, they might be able to help from their website.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  6. peter123
    Thanks for the heads up on the warranty, my pair (velour) got broken the first time. I ever tried them. Don't know how it will work since I'm in Norway but I'll contact them and see if they can help in any way.
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  7. Amberlamps
    No no, they arrived in top shape.

    I just did not like them, not them exactly, they are really nice, it’s just that I didnt like what they did to the sound.

    My problem, will not send them back for a refund as I have already worn them, maybe when the default pads get manky, I may try the dekonis again, but in my opinion the sound stage of the 800s went from huge to huh What.

    But they do look very nice though, it is a pity as I really would of loved to of kept them on all the time as I hate felt pads.

    Will sell for £70 if anyone is interested.
  8. Evshrug
    I think I was supposed to remove my stock Sennheiser pads the same way as the Dekoni pads, to be honest I noticed I had creased the clear plastic on the back of my Sennheiser pads after removal.
    The trick is to pop open a gap on the (almost) flat side of the pads, and then use that gap to twist the pads off. I just finished the voiceover for this video, and I wonder if people would like to see more videos like this:
  9. rutter
    Ugh, I'm finding the Schiit Jotunheim to be a little bit too bright with the 800S, even after equalizing with Sonarworks. Anything to help with this aside from replacing the Jot? I think if I listen to certain songs, particularly with female vocals, for a long time I'll either be in pain or will have to really lower the volume. That's not good.
  10. TYATYA
    Anyone had tried some piezo material to improve vibration of hd800/s frame?
    I dont hear at too high volume untill the cans vibrate much but I like the sound when hold ear cup frame to get it more solid/stable still.
    My idea to try is to use sheet of piezo material (which usually use as vibration absorber for power amps, spk...) to put somewhere on hd800s frame.
  11. donlin
    I know there’s a lot of love for schiit on head fi but the couple times I’ve tried their amps they sounded thin and bright.
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  12. martyn73
    I agree about Schiit stuff. I've got a NJC Audio Reference II which provides a lot of gain but I can't help wondering if a balanced amplifier work better (provide more bass). I'm thinking of either a Lake People RS 08 (very expensive for me), CMA600i (issues about clicking sounds) or a HDVA 600 with a balanced DAC. It's not clear whether the HDVA 600 can output balanced with only a single-ended input from the DAC.
  13. donlin
    The Sennheiser literature says the HDVA 600 converts single ended input into balanced throughout the amp stages.
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  14. TYATYA
    Dual xlr input exist on the rear of hdva600
  15. martyn73
    Thanks, but my question is whether my 2Qute which only outputs in RCA would enable the HDVA 600 to output via the XLR socket. Maybe RCA cables terminating in XLR male plugs would work?
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