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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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    Screenshot_20180707-112859_Google.jpg Sorry if some1 asked before : Do you guys agree that dust cover decrease micro detail and clarity ?
    How to solve this problem w/o sacrify protectiveness?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  2. casper3127
    I have them permanently stored in a zipped travel box when they're not in use. No dust gets on my headphones to be seen in my signature.
    You were misunderstanding. I dont say about dust but the cover.
    w/o cover sq is better but I am using w/ cover and so, no dust for mine.
    If have any better dust cover for sq, I want to know
  4. Amberlamps
    Got my 800S today.

    First impressions, underwhelmed.

    Didnt expect to be blown away so its cool.

    First couple of songs went so so and then it started hitting songs made well, basically everything before 1970, abba and romper suits.

    Once I found a well made song, it came alive, huuuuuge sound stage, spatial 3d = 120fps if it was a video card.

    Really nice sound, which will only get better with time, plus, 10 year orpheus warranty, < hooah magic and which no doubt will come in handy as I do not like the plastic metal thing that can be touched accidentally when putting on or off the headphones.

    Its just a matter of time before it gets pushed in and dented which no doubt will affect the audio ? If not, cool, but I would still like stuff on expensive headphones to not be able to be dented by fingers.

    The box is nice, will use the bag to make a thong, really nice feeling material, I mean really nice, it glistens when i look at the mirror on my bedroom roof, the box is nice but would rather it of been a case instead, < £1400 and no case, hmm, paid £1099, so I managed to get a scoop, still want a case though.

    Still getting used to its sound and will eventually do a proper review.

    If I am being honest, I wont.

    Anyway the cans.

    Nice looks, kinda, sound is good, kinda, price is dear, kinda, box is ok’ish, kinda, would of been better had it not had a dented corner, pony up sennheiser, < needs new box and free carry case and some more of that shiny really good feeling material that used to line the box.

    They are kinda dated, they still have wires, why could these not get updated so they dont need a wire ? I would of thought sennheiser would of been upto date since they are a german company, why the cables ? Its 2018, we need wireless ones.

    It came with a small usb thing, like you see on wireless keyboards and mouses, is that to make them wireless ? If so where do I plug it into, I had a look but couldnt see anywhere on the headphones to put it, plus I was dieing to try them on and the cable came attached, so I just plugged it in, but I would love to have them on wireless, cuz my phone has bluetooth.

    Some song just started playing and omg heartburn, these headphones just massacred a good song that I dont know the name of, was like it was out of tune ? either that or hugos batteries are running low, cant see the ball colours as its on stealth mode.

    Its only day 1, but my wireless beats studio are much better i think, they have a bigger soundstage and less bass, but they keep needing recharged, but thats ok.

    Will write up my review when I accidentally break them, hopefully a bad review will help me get a new set for free ?

    TL;DR version.

    It’s kinda good and bad at the same time, whilst also being daylight robbery, could of bought a pair of speakers for cheaper, plus, where is the led’s ? Thought they are meant to light up or was that just on the hd800 ?

    Will change my review to a good one if I can get more of that shiny material < needs a new shirt to go with the thong.
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  5. Hifiearspeakers
    Are you trolling?
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  6. raband
    Few beers too many?
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  7. wldcohso

    I understand why you feel the way you do regarding them. which set of head phones were you using prior to getting the HD800S?
    A XB series from Sony :D :D
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  9. Amberlamps
    Huh ?

    Beats by Dr Dre, they are Studio 3 with wireless connectivity.

    My beats are also black, just like my sennheisers, but they dont have that plastic metal thing that is easily deformed.

    I have another cable that comes with hd800s, but my stereo doesnt have that type of connection and neither does my hugo2, is it for american stereo’s ?
  10. donlin
    Not sure if this is meant to be serious or a joke. I would say the HD800S probably isn’t for you.
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  11. Amberlamps
    I am sure they are for me.

    The bag they came in had my name and address on it.

    OK, will admit.

    They are for me.

    They are great, however, box does have a dent in the corner.

    About what, 2-3mm of a dent.

    What cans did I have before, well they were not beats by gre.

    Audiotechnica line up from A to Z take yo pick.

    Not far from gre, but far enough to keep me in the safe zone.

    < Still want my led’s.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, 2018
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  12. Audiofiend1
    Everyone knows wired headphones can't compete with wireless ones they are just more futuristic. That extra cable you have only works with old soviet plugs of the Gost 7396 variety, but if you jam it hard enough into any socket it should work but don't quote me on that.
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  13. ZappaMan
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  14. Amberlamps
    Initially I read your post as, “everyone knows wired headphones are better than...”.

    Turned off my dyslexia and realised.

    I have found that one person on head-fi who has a sense of humour, sorry, ZM and Nickstar were found before you, so, you are number 3.

    However, people do say that bad luck comes in three’s.


    Are you my bad luck ?

    Sorry will quote you.

    Futuristic looks from the Soviet Era ?

    You just made my computer crash.


    What, still trying to compute and cpu = 100% usage on 4 real cores and 4 fake ones.

    My conclusion, Futuristic and Soviet does not compute and only ends up changing your desktop background to a picture of Putin.

    With his top off

    And wrestling bears.

    He got pinned in 30 seconds and tapped out when his wife got him in a choke hold.

    < sent via my ipad, because you made my computer crash.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, 2018
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  15. Thenewguy007
    Yeah, my HD800 have strobe light that automatically turn on when playing Abba.

    You might have got jipped.
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