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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. god-bluff
    From my experience the Mojo performs better with lower impedance headphones so this might account for some of the superiority of the newer headphone via that particular source?
  2. Tuneslover
    Yup insane is a very accurate description. Sennheiser Canada is charging $680 Canadian dollars and then Justin Trudeau wants his 13% which brings it up to $770 Canadian.

    Here's some more insanity:
    I have been working with Sennheiser Canada about seeing whether the Vaterland is willing to produce a balanced cable for the HD600/650/660 that uses their stock replacement cable which can be ordered from Sennheiser for $14 Canadian dollars, plus 13% tax. However have it manufactured using their stock cable with a Neutrik 4 pin XLR male connector (instead of the current SE connector). That connector costs $4 Canadian dollars (plus 13% tax). So the total RETAIL value of such a proposed cable is less than $20 Canadian dollars (taxes included). So in other words when you go to the Sennheiser accessories section I would love to see 2 stock replacement cables, their existing SE cable and (hopefully) an identical balanced cable.

    Instead the Canadian Sennheiser rep informed me that there already is a balanced cable available. The only problem is that it costs $299 Canadian dollars (plus 13% tax). Even he was shocked at the price and is planning to check with Sennheiser Germany to ask if the pricing was correct or not. It's pretty bad when even the Sennheiser rep thought that their balanced cable was insanely priced. To put it into perspective I said to him that anyone willing to pay around 50% the price of a HD650 for a cable is someone who must have money to burn.

    Insanity in audio is a very real thing.
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  3. Kneel2Galvatron
    Placed my order. I own the 650 and I have owned or heard plenty of headphones under 1k. I will post my thoughts when I get them. I wonder how the 660s compare to the oppo pm1. That might be an interesting comparison.
  4. Pedro Oliveira
    Any sennheiser momentum over ear fan that hás the hd650 or is planning to buy the 660s? If yes could you please compare the momentum with this 2 headphones in terms of bass response and overall sound quality?

    I really like the momentums bass. A little boosted but not too much for my tastes...

    Thank you ... :)
  5. Beagle
    ...which always sends me to Ebay or CAM.
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  6. jchandler3
    I own the 650, M1 and M2, and I'm planning on getting the 660s. I likely won't have them until Nov-Dec, but I'll stay in the conversation and share my thoughts.
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  7. L0rdGwyn
    I did not get a response in the other thread, so I will repost here. Also, for what it is worth, I have already purchased the HD660S :)

    Can @Sennheiser comment on how the technology differs between the transducers of the HD660S and HD700? There has been mass speculation that the HD660S release is an attempt to recycle old parts rather than an isolated effort to improve an old standard, and many are hesitant to purchase as a result. If this is not the case, or the HD700 driver has been altered and now utilizes new transducer technology, it would go far in building goodwill with the community here on Head-Fi if an explanation were made as to why the drivers are so similar in both appearance and specifications. Thank you.
  8. jamestux
    Definitely a possibility, I mainly use headphones when I'm portable though (even in the house - and that could just be sat on a sofa) so for me this is as powerful as my headphone amplification gets most of the time.

    The 660s wasnt noticeably louder than the 600, just clearer.

    Also I'm not sure I like the cable this way round (larger jack with adapter to smaller one) but I'm sure Instill get over that! :)
  9. pietcux
    I did some EDM tracks tonight, see my post # 489
  10. 50sQuiff
    That's very good of you. I know you've already tried several tracks, which were very helpful. If you still have the time, my track choice would be High Contrast - Return of Forever.

    I find the HD600 so good for jazz, which I won't compromise on. But if the 660 can offer improvements elsewhere, I'll switch without hesitation.
  11. Pedro Oliveira
    Only saw this now.... :)

    Thank you very much. Sorry if the tracks were not to tour liking.... :D

    The bass hitted much harder and had a bit more rumble (went lower) on the hd660? The 650 were very far behind? Wich felt Fuller, more fun, engaging and more energetic?

    Now that you got your hands "dirty" just one more favor.... Rock and metal.... Lets try fast and dirty stuff to see wich feels crisper on the guitars, with more resolution and wich is gáster and overall more engaging....

    If you can of try some of these...

    Artic monkeys "view from the afternoon", " this house is a Circus" or "brianstorm"

    Rage against the machine "testify", " killing in the name"

    Royal blood "hook, line, sinker" or "blood hands"

    The amazons "black magic"

    Highly suspect "serotonia" & "little one"

    On the sofrer but still quicker side....

    Two door cinema club " cigarettes in the theatre", "undercover Martin'

    Sundara karma "loveblood"

    Someone mentioned drum n bass and bass as well (high contrast) só you can try this as well...

    Camo & crooked "all fall down" Fred V & Grafix remix

    Dimension "generator"

    Nero "guilt"

    Chase & status "end credits"

    Once again if you dont mine of course.

    Thank you
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  12. Pedro Oliveira
    You havê the lastes silver drivers hd650s? Could you please compare with the momentum? Specially the bass (punch and extension)? Clarity, resolution and extension of highs and mids... Wich sounds closer to the hd650 the momentum 1 or 2? I have (had until yesterday) both as well...

    Was about to buy the hd650 when i SAE the 660 anouncemet i havê the hd600 and love their resolution, highs and mids but i would like them to sound a bit fuller, went lower.... punch is good but if it punched a tiny bit harder it would not hurt....

    Só far the over ear momentum and hd25s are my favourite sound sigs. Fidélio x2 is close as well...
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  13. pietcux
    I am a big fan of Stanley Clarke since I saw him live in 1978. School Days forever... I have the Forever reunion Album from 2011, will check tonight. I listen to a lot of Jazz these days. Like Miles a lot plus Murcus Miller and many other coming also from Europe.
  14. DavidA
    The Momentum bass is a little one-note and a little hollow sounding to me, HD650's bass is much better than the Momentum but still not great. Overall sound is quite different due to Momentum being a closed headphone and the HD650 an open headphone, treble is more rolled of in the Momentum which makes them a little dull and boring to me while the HD650 is brighter than the Momentum its still a little too rolled IMO.

    I'm hoping the HD660s is a slightly brighter headphone than the HD650 with a little more life in the overall sound but before I get the HD660s I'll be getting a HD6XX that I can mod first.

    Listened to a few of the tracks you listed above, most don't sound good on either the Momentum or HD650, both are too slow, they sound a lot better on my HE400 (modded) or my Nhoord Red V2.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  15. Pedro Oliveira
    Lucky you. No massdrop deals for me.... I have to pay 320 euros on amazn if i want a 650. Taxes would kill the deal and the hd6xx would probably get stuck in customs and i would havê to pay to release them. Portugal sucks in that regard....

    But Being a closed back was there much more resonance on the momentum bass and it went much lower than on the hd650? I AM fine with highs of both momentum 1.0 and 2.0.... Is the 650 só Boring as many say? If i Sant to heaf metallica will it sound engaging and dynamic or will it sound like a muffled mess?

    We talked quite a bit about this already but the hd650 sounds much more Fuller than the hd600? Is it much more Boring? I like the hd600 highs and mids and their resolution. I wanted a bit Fuller sound and a bit more bass but at the same time i like how eletric guitars sound powerfull on the hd600 and i dont want to give that up.

    I was really set on buying the hd650 last week but now i think i should wait for a couple more reviews. The hd660s só far seems to be a blend of the hd650s bass (yet perfected) with the more engaging highs and mids of the hd600 and more resolution. Seems awesome....
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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