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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. pietcux
    Ha, you know............your own ears are the only way to find the truth.
  2. oblongdarts
    On the Sennheiser order page, enter code WELCOME10US for a 10% reduction in price. But then I had to pay tax. Hope this helps your decision making process. :)

    Looks like Sennheiser removed the VEIN21WMKWY code from working.

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  3. obsidyen
    I wish they released an HD750 without 6khz peak. That headphone sounds great except for that dreadful peak. Maybe I should wait for the release of HD750...
  4. Schwibbles
    I asked them a couple months ago if they were working on (or planning to) an update to the HD700, like an HD700S or something and they said no.
  5. amartignano
    I agree, despite the peak the Hd700 is a marvellous headphone, and built magnifically.
  6. Tuneslover
    I believe @pietcux has posted quite a few and excellent impressions of his HD660S in this thread.
  7. Tuneslover
    I agree with your assessment (for me the HD660 will cost me $770 Canadian dollars if ordered from Sennheiser Canada). I have the HD650 and will be receiving the Massdrop HD6XX shortly. I would like the opportunity to hear the HD660S, however to me it must be significantly better than the HD650/HD6XX before I would consider upgrading.

    I am also very curious to hear how the Schiit Loki performs with the HD650. In fact, I sent @jude a PM asking him to test the Loki with the HD650 to see if it can remedy the mid bass hump. Also, for him to test the Loki and HD650 to see if the HD650 is able to closely match the HD660S in sonic performance. Now that would be interesting.
  8. god-bluff
    Why two HD650 (as that is what the HD6xx is) iand not one HD650 and one HD600 fir instance or one HD660?!?!

    I have 2 of a number of headphones but they are very very cheap ones. Don't understand why you would need 2 identical quite expensive (cosmetics and cable apart) Sennheisers and then question the value of the new HD660,

    don't mean to offend, just my observation. I wouldn't buy the 660 at its current price but then I have,and I am happy, with just one..... HD600
  9. pietcux
    So I made the EDM test Oliver Smth Gemini(Extended Mix)
    The HD660S can do this music style quite good I think.
    You can play high volumes without distortion. The drum maschine on this track comes across very impressive. The HD650 distorts audible and is kind muddy. All test is done balanced Pentcon from the Sony WM1A. You can even Eq 10DB(31Hz) 5 db(62Hz9 up without distorton. This track is a hell af a break in for the Senns....The rest of the spectrum is clear without any discomfort to me.
    equalspeace and trellus like this.
  10. pietcux
    The HD660S is significantly better than the HD650, it is one hell of a can...( still have EDM on the ears right now....)
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  11. Tuneslover
    I have a Lake People G109S headphone amp that has 2 headphone outputs. My wife and I like listening to headphones and we both like the HD650. However it's impossible to have 2 different headphones (with different impedances) to be volume matched because this amp is controlled by a single volume knob. When the Massdrop HD6XX drop came out this summer I saw an opportunity to get a $200 HD650 for my wife. Also this drop was announced before Sennheiser HD660 was announced. Wouldn't have mattered though because the HD650 is 300 ohms while the HD660 is 150 ohms so the HD660 wouldn't have benefitted my needs.
    trellus likes this.
  12. god-bluff
    Understood. Sorry for questioning and speculating without the facts. Typical me; putting my foot where my mouth is :frowning2:
  13. Tuneslover

    LOL...no worries. Besides you can't have too much of a GOOD thing...aka HD650.
  14. zazex
    I'm in a similar situation - bought the 600's just a week ago and I like them a lot.
    (Replaced the stock cable.)

    Now Sennheiser appears with the 660S!

    Fortunately, I guess, I can return the 600's within the next 3 weeks
    since I bought them from Amazon. But I hope the 660s's are available
    here in the States before then so I can compare the two. :headphones:

    (Had the 650's for a few months about a year ago and never liked them
    very much. Hoping the 660S's are closer to the 600's than the 650's.)
  15. Beagle
    $770?? That's insane. With the current exchange, should be 639.88.
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