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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Letmebefrank
    The reduced distortion in the bass will make it sound tighter and more refined, and allow it to go deeper without distorting to a higher frequency. One of the biggest problems with the 650s is the distortion in the bass.
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  2. Schwibbles
    They are able to be purchased on Sennheiser's U.S. site now.
    Does that mean if you order them now, they won't be shipped out right away?
  3. pietcux
    The review is totally in line with my own impressions. This is a no brainer. I can wear it for hours in the office and to me it represents the sweet spot in dynamics and tonality. With the HD650 I dislike the bass and the dynamics, on the Beyer DT1990, the tonal balance is a bit less balanced and they are harder to drive.
  4. kman1211
    I agree on the HD 650’s dynamics and bass, the HD 650 only satisfied me dynamic and bass wise on a very specific Lyr 2 setup I had with just the right tubes and DAC combo, otherwise it seemed a bit off in its dynamics. The HD 600 didn’t have this problem but I found it very intimate and a bit slower. Though the newest HD 600s came off a bit different(faster and tighter) than ones from 2-4 years ago oddly. What I’m very curious is how the HD 660S compares to the Amiron Home.

    I wonder how the HD 660S will come across to people with relatively heavy long term listening. I grew a little bored of the DT 1990 after like 3-4 months, while the Amirons just keep growing on me. I always grew a little bored of the HD 650 over a period of a months while the HD 600 like the Amirons grew on me over many months.
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  5. imackler
    Someone who purchased a pair said they were shipping out on Friday.
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  6. pietcux
  7. iancraig10
    I’m not exactly sure. I do know that Frans has a nice working setup that for everything he’s sent to me seems to produce a good representation of what I hear.

    He has sent me many treated headphones, where he’s measured them and according to what he’s seen, modded them and they are always really good. In fact, I’m expecting a d600 from him within the next couple of days or so. He’s measured them for his headphone section and modded them for me.

    One thing about his reviews though is he tends to understate rather than overstate. We both run DIYAH with Javier and I’m kind of opposite in that I probably overstate much more than him since my reactions are much more based on what I hear where he sees it. He also has an uncanny knack of interpreting graphs very accurately. He’s often described a headphone that I have extremely well without even hearing it!! It’s quite frightening .....

    It seems to me that he’s saying that while the hd660s is an improvement on the hd650, some might not want to go from hd650 to it basically because there is a big similarity as well.

    I have a few Kameleons and in one of them, I have an HD650 filter. It is a really great sounding amp and takes the hd650 to another level tonally. I know that Hi-Fi purists will go on about bass distortion etc, but on the head they just sound great. No doubt, he will be doing the same for the hd660s since he did tell me that it might well benefit from eq as well, although he does consider it to be a very good headphone as it is.

    What I really like about Solderdude is his frankness without exaggeration which is also tempered by what people like to hear in a headphone. For instance, I have a DT770 filter that is beautiful where he has left the bass characteristics there because, in his own words, ‘people buy the dt770 for its bass’ but he tempered it so that the whole listening experience is way more balanced.

    For me, his descriptions are pretty much spot on tbh.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  8. guido
    the review compare them extensively with the HD-650 but from what it describes it sounds like they may be more similar to the HD-600...I wonder....
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  9. TokenGesture
  10. iancraig10
    He’s a lovely character as well. I like him a lot. :wink:
  11. daltonlanny
    So the consensus so far seems to be that the HD660S is indeed an improvement over the HD650 in most categories, even if slight.
    So now my question is this:
    To those who now own the HD660S, and ALSO own the HD600, or have compared the two, what are the sonic differences between these two headphones?
    Are the HD660S a clear upgrade over the HD600's main strengths as well?
    (I always personally felt the HD600's were somewhat more energetic, lively, and more neutral than the HD650's).
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  12. jamestux
    Hi both.

    I had a back to back with my (15 year old) HD600 running off a Chord Mojo last weekend.

    They sounded so similar at first that I couldn't notice a big enough difference to comment on when I first put them on.

    Then I put the HD600 back on and it sounded slightly veiled, especially in the high mids and highs (but they still weren't fatiguing).

    Anyway, my wallet and I are having a wrestling match about them at the moment - they were definitely an upgrade!
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  13. chocomel167
    Has anyone compared the hd660S to a hd580 yet?
  14. LaCuffia
    They just went on sale in the US yesterday and I don't think they've been shipped yet either. I think it's only been out a week or so in Europe.

    You won't be getting comparisons for a while I suppose.
  15. Beagle
    It now goes deeper but does not show up as doing so in the measurements?
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