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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. equalspeace
    The 58x doesn’t have anywhere near the imaging, or level of micro detail of 660s. It’s not even close.
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  2. donlin
    The way I understand it, the 58X is related to the HD600 and the 6XX is related to the HD650.
  3. Ichos
    The 58x can't even touch the 660S in technical ability.
    I owned both I know!
    Of course now the 58x is sold.
  4. kman1211
    Sorta, the 6XX is quite literally the HD 650 in a different skin. The 58X has an entirely different driver than the HD 600. May be inspired by the HD 580/600 but it’s definitely different.
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  5. Deftone
    I don't agree either but many people still believe it's how to get a 660S on the cheap.
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  6. Mhog55
    If anyone has a 2nd 660s, or might be looking to part ways - I have a like new 58X and Audioquest Nightowl I'm looking to trade straight across.
  7. Deftone
    The original HD580 precision was created by Axell Grell to be a, as close as possible dynamic version of the Orpheus which then evolved to the HD600. HD650 is a smoother bassier version and now we have the HD660 that in my opinion lends from both the 600 and 650, speed and separation / rich and smooth. I'm not sure how the 58X fits in because it doesn't stick with the traditional tonality.

    You could say that all of these 6 series headphones are slightly different tunings of a dynamic Orpheus. Still I want a baby HE1 like we had the HE60, that would bring my wallet back out of hibernation.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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  8. Deftone
    I think sennheiser spent of lot of R&D on the HD700 and 2 things that came out of it were the higher quality driver (with the questionable tuning) and the steel mesh suspension dampener. Sennheiser believes driver dampening is a very important part of high quality sound, it didn't go to waste though and it's what you see is used in HD660S also.

    Sennheiser-HD-700_Vi2_1200 (1).jpg
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  9. Deftone
    You might have some luck in the for sale/ trade thread.
  10. Mhog55
    Already posted. Thx
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  11. kman1211
    Yeah, honestly after having the chance to hear the HE-90 briefly years ago I'll have to agree the HD 6xx family does seem they try to emulate the sound of the Orpheus. Honestly I think Sennheiser should release a more reasonably priced electrostatic headphone again. I'm not sure if they will though. To me the HD 660 S replaces the HD 600 more than the HD 650, I feel I can have both the HD 650 and HD 660 S but the HD 600 would just be ignored if I had the HD 660 S. The HD 58X doesn't have that distinct HD 6xx family tonality to it? Never had the chance to hear one.

    Oh I definitely agree about good driver dampening on a headphone, I'm actually kind of particular about the drivers the headphones I buy have. To me the HD 660 S is an evolution of the HD 700 despite the different tuning and honestly seems to be the replacement as the HD 700 was discontinued. Some headphones with good/great drivers do have some questionable/unorthodox tuning, looking at you Nighthawks(and a few others too).
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  12. Deftone
    HD58X actually was going to be a different sounding headphone but massdrop wanted to change it during the prototype stage. It has proper sub bass extension compared to 6 series but a smaller sound stage, low resolution treble and lacks any refinement that makes it sound like a high end headphone. It wasn't meant to be that though, I believe it's a fun sounding, low cost 'first real headphone for people that have never had anything more than free disposable buds.

    It's definitely appealing at that kind of price.
  13. Mike F
    Apparently Alex Grell still has a pair of original HD580 Precisions at home and still uses them for personal listening. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-pned4EH6FSO/learn/interview-axel-grell-sennheiser-headphones.html

    'Yes, I actually have [an early edition of] the HD 580 at my house. I don’t get a lot of time to just relax and listen at home, but when I do, I’ll still use those headphones a lot.'

    Equipment wise, it's probably the only thing I have in common with AG! :wink: I'm going to get a couple more balanced cables for my 6 series headphones and I'll put one on the HD660S and one on the HD 580 Precisions. That will be interesting!
  14. kman1211
    I’m curious what it was originally supposed to be like. So basically a good first headphone for people who haven’t quite realized what a truly high fidelity headphone sounds like. Though honestly the HD 6XX isn’t much more at all and you get a true audiophile headphone with that, but I realized many people don’t quite get the HD 650 early in the audiophile journey, I sure didn’t. It was only a couple years after first owning one of the HD 6 family I realized how good they are.
  15. Mike F
    I totally agree with this, except that I might have said that the HD660S is more of a better implementation (and tuning) of the HD700's driver, rather than an evolution of the HD700.
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