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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Deftone
    There quite possibly could have been issues with the first batch of 660S that was soon adjusted. I was late to purchase one because of all the noise on this forum that put me off, I'm glad I changed my mind because this is an excellent headphone and always gets used even with a HD800S on my desk. I still stand by my statement that 660S is more revealing than 650 because I can hear the differences between DACs quite well on this headphone. It can go from dull, slow and hazy to clear, fast and dynamic. Put a chord dac in the chain and you get an amazingly clean, articulate and smooth treble.
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  2. nordkapp
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  3. Several more weeks in I'm still of the same opinion: I don't know what the deal is with "grain" but if it goes away, or you get a pair without it this headphone is just incredible. It's superior to both the 600 and 650 with the proven timbre of the 6xx line. It's cleaner and just pleasing in all the right ways. You really can't go wrong.
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  4. Deftone
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  5. Deftone
    How you finding it with Qutest compared to other DACs? I absolutely love HD660S with Hugo2 and it appears Chord does too...

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  6. pietcux
    I was the first user on HeadFi to receive a HD660S and I never got the comments about grainy treble. To me there was never grain in the sound .
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  7. audiorrorist
    I haven't heard these, but I'd like to hear them.
  8. Deftone
    The thing is Hd650 die hards will always find an excuse to not upgrade.
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  9. Deftone
    Yes HD660S is an upgrade, a lot of people go to great lengths to mod the 650 to get it closer to 660S, tighter bass, bass speed and better treble clarity that should tell you something.
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  10. DavidA
    Agree that there is very little to no grain with the HD660S, more so if compared to the HD58X which to me has the most grain but even then it could be just my HD58X that is grainy. HD650 and HD600 have just a bit of grain but its not very noticeable unlike the HD58X which has grain that is quite noticeable to me.

    I don't consider the HD660S an "upgrade" to the HD650, more like different tools for different situations, HD660S is much easier to drive properly IMO since to me its pretty good from almost any device while the HD650/600 only really sound decent/good when driven by a OTL amp. My only "problem" with the HD660S is pricing, a bit over priced IMO and to me the timber is just a bit "off" in the mids with some genres to me.
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  11. Ichos
    Is it possible to share some brief comments between the 660s and 800s?
    It's been six months since i have had the 660s for a review and now my memory is failing me.
    And the truth is at that time for a strange reason i didn't compare them directly as i was more interested at comparing 650 vs 660s for the review.
    I am itching to buy an HD660s but i am not sure why!!!!
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  12. Deftone
    HD660 doesnt have the same sound sig or really the technical performance at all but it does reveal the differences between sources and DACs far better than a HD650. I like the HD660S so much because it has that rich, easy to listen to musicality of HD650 but you get a little taste of higher end sound thrown in without being fatiguing.

    They are both enjoyable but in different ways. I was really surprised how much you could hear the differences between Mojo and Hugo2 and to me that shows its resolving better than the HD650 where i was hearing very little improvement in treble.

    660S is the same price as 650 in my country so its an easy choice.
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  13. Deftone
    I agree you lose a little magic in the mids but the improved imaging, bass speed and clarity makes up for it.
  14. Ichos
    Thank you for the input!
    I have HD800s and used to have HD650 for years and then sold them.
    The question is if I should buy an HD660s as a complimentary can to 800s or if I am wasting my money!
    But I think you have already answered that above.
    The 660s is an easy going listen with a taste of higher end technicalities.
    And I understand your post above that this get a fair amount of time despite you having the HD800s.
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  15. Deftone
    Not a waste of money at all imo and yes you are correct they get they get plenty of listening time. As much as i like 800S the 660S keeps pulling me back with its rich sweet sound.
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