Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. Quadfather
    I own AKG K812, Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7, Shure SRH1540, Sennheiser HD650, and Audioquest Nighthawks. The Nighthawks are the absolute best sounding headphones on my Lotoo Paw Gold fairness, the Sennheiser HD650s are not burned in yet.
  2. RiseFall123
    It’s easy to remove the ring from the stock ones? They will end to be damaged?

    If it’s a complicated work I will stick to the cheaper proteine leather otherwise I will get the Brainwavz.
  3. Letmebefrank
    They will be permanently damaged for sure. However, it's really simple, especially for aftermarket cheap pads. The ones linked below aren't even glued on, just molded over the ring. All I had to do was cut the thin plastic wrapped around the thicker plastic of the ring and they were ready to go.

    Replacement pads
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  4. RiseFall123
    I am very not used to do this kind of works (don't have the right manuality/patience), but I will try.

    Before to buy the leather ones and the cheaper ones, what do you think about the earpads of proteine leather that I linked to you? If I am not wrong, I had the Nighthawks Carbon and their stock earpads was just proteine leather too.

    If you advice that they are too cheap and not good I will go for the leather yet.
  5. Letmebefrank
    I don't have any experience with those exact pads but the cheaper protein leather pads fall apart pretty quick. If you want something that will last for years I would get real leather. The nighthawk pleather pads I'm sure are great quality, but they are not cheap.
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  6. pietcux
    The new HD660S is a much better pairing with portable devices as your HD650. I run it out of the NW1A with the supplied 4.4mm balanced cable.
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  7. Quadfather
    I will try them someday. The HD650 is a really good pair with the Paw Gold Diana.
  8. RiseFall123
    Does somebody knows if washing the stock earpads is safe or if they will damage?

    If so, does somebody tried it or tell me how to wash them? I am allergic to them but I want to give another chance after washing them.
  9. pietcux
    I once got a used HD700. The guy I got it from was a smoker. I put them inside a net and washed them together with other textiles in a normal washing machine. Just take them out before spinning. Plus only use hand worm water.
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  10. RiseFall123
    Sorry for the question, could you describe this net? In don’t wanna ruin that.
  11. DDDYKI
    This sounds like a "delicates bag," like one would wash a bra in. Most stores that sell laundry products would have this.
  12. pietcux
    Something like this should be available in your local store. It is usefully to wash small things inside the normal textiles without losing it.
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  13. jarnopp
  14. RiseFall123
    You ALL were very helpful. I just bought that "net" and just put the stock earpads into the washing machine.

    If the result will be that they won't make my skin "red" (I am allergic to them, weirdly), I will stick with them, otherwise, I will probably order the @jarnopp pads because they are "ready" for use, directly.
  15. RiseFall123
    What’s the name of the soft clotch base that is between the pad and the earpad?

    When I removed the earpad I notice that this “base” has some cuts So I want to change it.

    I can find it in some shop for buy?

    Also, where I can find the shorter cable that can be found on the HD6xx version, that is shorter and also ends with the 3,5mm? It’s on sell? Or there is another similar cable (shorter than original and 3,5 ending) that won’t lose quality from the original?
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