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Sennheiser HD250 Linear Impressions Micro-Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by malfunkt, Apr 22, 2017.
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  1. Monsterzero
    Thanks for that. Can you hear much improvement vs. the stock cable? Can you let us know the name and/or the link for the exact connectors you have.

    I didnt like the 540. I found it to be too bass light,but I seem to be in the minority on that one.
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  2. 477621
    The stock cables that I got with the 250 were past their best. I bought the custom cans ones as they were the right length. The only time I have heard a big difference on cables is when the outgoing cable was a thin bellwire type affair. As long as it's not cheap crap I've never been able to tell.

    I bought one full price and picked two up second hand for about a 3rd of the price.

    Search for Cardas HSPC plug, it is those. Same ones as 565, 580, 600, 650 etc.

    Good to know, a lot of people seem to rate the 565's as bass light too. But in my experience they aren't. Ears are weird things eh.
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  3. jhog
    I’ve got some 250s on the way - are are they ok driven out of portable amps? Specifically the Headstage Arrow and the ALO Continental? I’m not really a full-size amp kind of a person, y’see!
  4. Malfunkt
    Well, not sure how it compares to the HD535/545/565 series... but compared to the 600/650 it is drier, with more fleshed out top-end. Still very balanced, no weird spikes... very good for classical, rock and jazz. It is much brighter overall than the 250. The top-end I find is more continuous and true-to-life. Quite a bit of sizzle on cymbals and hats (listening to Coltrane - Blue Train) and vocals are present without any masking (Electric Light Orchestra and CCR used for reference). If I had to have just two cans for home, the 540 and 250 would have you covered.

    As far as bass on the 540, it isn't much different than many open backs in this respect, the bass rolls off. But what is there is very good, tight and detailed. But yeah, putting on the 250s right now listening to Liquid Stranger - Cryogenic Encounters (@Monsterzero you'd probably like) and the bass is represented as integral to the composition. And amazingly, the 250s don't sound closed. So much depth.

    The 800 is wholly different animal. They are a bit of ear scalpels, but that massive openness makes up for their edginess. Filling that open space is finely separated detail. Again, there is a dip in the upper-mid to lower-treble transition that the 540 doesn't have. Surprisingly, the 800 is both bit more relaxed compared to the 540 and still a bit 'shouty' (perhaps this the famed 6kHz peak addressed on the 800S). Even with some of its unique traits / issues, it has held well against new competition (as an example see Big Sound 2015 here). Other manufactures still haven't quite been able to match the expanse and openness. Focal Utopia is overall better and faithful sounding frequency presentation but still doesn't have this expanse (not sure if its possible without doing some weird things to the FR curve and enclosure tricks which affect tone). They are still growing on me, and with the right material, they soar. For instance for binaural recordings they just transport you into a different place.

    If the 250s are 300ohm, should be fine.
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  5. ScareDe2
    Wow this thing looks great on the harman graph it even has that 6Khz notch that I like. Perhaps too much bass and 10k treble but the body of the sound seem on the very linear side. Very good!
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
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  6. jhog
    Had the 250 linear II’s for a couple of weeks now and must say I am immensely impressed. Running them from an ALO Continental v2, which is known for its gorgeous mids, (thus ironing out a slight weakness), these are a fantastically engaging, detailed and musical listen. They absolutely destroy my HD25 pros (now stolen) and are also a noticeably better listen to me than my Fidelio X2s, with only a fraction less of a spacious sound, which is remarkable for a closed back. They’re also v comfortable to wear. It’s been a while since I was truly impressed by an HP, and even more fun that it should be a model that hasn’t been in production for more than a decade. My only dilemma is that I want to use it on the go, but a little worried about it getting broken and parts being difficult to source...
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  7. Monsterzero
    Im very impressed with how well the HD250s scale with higher end gear. While they sound very good from my vintage receivers,the La Figaro 339 took the HD250s to another level, and then....The Glenn OTL + HD250s is sooo damn good. The soundstage is huge,not only in width but in depth.

    This is a testament not only to the incredible GOTL but to the HD250s,who are outperforming not only the HD6xx but many other costlier and more popular headphones on the market today.
    If youre considering a new amp I highly suggest looking into a Glenn.

  8. ScareDe2
    A potential holy grail or just a very good vintage gem?
  9. Monsterzero
    Its my current fav headphone,which if you look at my stable is quite a statement IMO.
    There is nothing "vintage" about its sound. Ive owned several vintage headphones,some better than others,but the HD250s and Sextetts are on a whole other level.
    I will never sell my 250s!
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  10. padam
    It really depends upon the individual's perception.
    If you hear something better, especially with a direct comparison, you will realise that it has weaknesses, too.
    Also depends on the source material, with really high-quality stuff you realise that something is missing, but with others (like older movies or YT for instance), it is better keep that at a certain level.

    Some flaws: somewhat slow bass response, the treble is a bit rough, and a generally relaxed, but veiled presentation that takes some time to adjust to.
    And they need plenty of amping, preferably balanced (especially the less efficient 600 ohm version, which I found to be a bit smoother than the other ones).

    Still, they are very nice, especially amongst headphones that have isolation (and most of them aren't as comfortable either because they are supra-aural), most of them have just as many weakness, if not more (while also costing more).
    And the diffuse-field equalised soundstaging is very special, too.

    Somehow I highly doubt that the HD 300 Pro is anything similar by looking just at just the specs (frequency response, impedance) and design (more oval and non-removable, single-entry cable, really?)
    Looks more like an evolution of the HD 280 Pro, but we'll see (hear) it in a few months' time.
  11. SHAMuuu
    You like them more than your ZMF?
  12. Monsterzero
    For many(but not all) genres,yes.

    The HD250 tops the ZMF in:

    The ZMF tops the HD250 in:
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  13. SHAMuuu
    Are you the dude who reviewed Sextett MP on youtube, and said it was more musical than his HE-6. I think you were sat in some office chair with no socks on feet lol for the HE-6 review.
    I got the sextett due to that guy
    Might have to add the linear soon:D
  14. Monsterzero
    Yes,thats me.

    After living in SE Asia for eleven years I absolutely hate wearing anything on my feet :) BTW my own damn brother now refers to me as "Sparticus" because of that video.

    I dont recall saying the Sextett was more "musical" than the HE-6(even though I think it is) I believe I said it was more enjoyable(engaging,if you will),mainly due to the fact that I like to crank up my music and the highs on my slightly modded HE-6 were still too piercing for my ears.

    I saw youre selling your LP Sextett...I dont blame you,even though I still own it,I do not like the LP version myself,too bass light.

    Regarding the HD250 I think its a great headphone that scales real well,especially with an OTL. Let us know how you like it,if you ever decide to pull the trigger on a pair.

    I need to get on doing a video review of the HD250 & Atticus. Still need to edit my Campfire Cascade review too....All of course sans footwear:ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  15. SHAMuuu

    I decided to keep the LP :p after putting them back on my head. Im going to cuddle them tonight :D

    They were bass light or not bass satisfactory until i put the shure 1540 pads on them. 770 vb woreked better on monitor as well as hm5 sheeps. I dont find them basslight since i love dt48/480

    Yes that would be an awesome video and comparison the zmf vs linear ! enjoy your reviews :D
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