Sennheiser GSX 1000 / 1200 Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by shankly1985, Nov 5, 2016.
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  1. CooloutAC
    Almost bought the sennheiser again, cause one good thing about it is it is very noiselss. never a crackled, clicked or popped, like my onboard does sometimes.

    Usually though, its just a matter of cleaning and reinstalling vid and audio drivers and enhancement programs.... Especially in windows 10. Its like windows 10 messes up the audio on purpose, that would be my first suggestion. It was a real downgrade in terms of audio support from windows 7.
  2. Netdiver
    I have strictly no sound from the audio out with my Asus VG248QE monitor... and very very very low sound with external speakers.
    Do you have the same experience ?
  3. Glasofruix
    So, did anyone get an answer from sennheiser about the config reset bug? I got nothing... It appears that microsoft has updated their usb 2 driver and it does not play nice with the GSX.
  4. x7007
    I posted on microsoft feedback and also talked to sennheiser. nothing more I can do
  5. x7007
    Jessus, no one can answer on this question ,, really ?

    I'm trying to ask everywhere , I mean someone must know about it.

    Is there a difference between using WASAPI and DirectSound with GSX 1000 with movies 7.1 and 5.1 ? does WASAPI still enable surround or convert it to STEREO ? because only DirectSound can transfer the virtual surround ? does a single person knows ? I tested WASAPI on DTS 7.1 test and all the speakers worked properly .. but I want the technical idea why it works.
  6. halyosy
    hello guys

    can someone help me to get best gaming experiance possible ??

    right now my on the go audio gaming was AKG k702 ( no bump edition)

    with a chinnese dac FX audio x-6 but i have best onboard (period on the z27x generation) an maximus ix hero motherboard so i often to switch up from onboard to my dac fx-x6

    i only play comepetive CS GO , overwatch and pubg also mainstream game like dota 2 or others

    i really want the best experiance for gaming as possible i can

    i laid my eyes on sennheiser GSX-1000 gaming dac/amp ??

    its have good christmast price in my country arround 170 usd ish

    will the GSX-1000 boost my experiance in competitive gaming ???

    as i really love the akg-702 i prefer it over ad700x

    or should i spend my money on better dac like chord mojo or something ???

    please enlight me i really want the best gaming experiance as possible (if can pls no advice to change headphone cause for me this headphone is good)

    thanks fellow gamers :D
  7. Sinery
    It'll make your experience better, it just won't make you better.
  8. happycamperjack
    CSGO already had a software HRFT mode thats similar to Gsx1000. It might be even better because it also simulate top and down position which gsx1000 can't do. For all other shooting games right now, yes that surround will help you hear enemies behind you.
  9. shankly1985
    Sorry but this new audio added into Csgo sounds bloody awful. Way, way to much echo and it doesn't sound normal at all.

    The GSX is 10x better than HRFT in Csgo. That's my opinion anyway.
  10. happycamperjack
    I didn't say in game hrft sound better, but it simulate more directions(up and down) that give players a competitive edge as that's seem to be what the OP was asking for. So no GSX 1000 will not give you an competitive advantage for CSGO compared to the in game HRFT.
  11. x7007
    I've found the issue !!! with Sound Reset

    Disable this ! and the issue will be fixed

    That's Quote

    "Its too buggy, sometimes it loads ok sometime it just hangs and onedrive loads longer then expected, even after logging in.. also this new feature can break audio startup service.. apparently my sb doesn't get set to correct audio format."
    "Same thing by logoff, sometimes taskmanager or explorer hangs."

    EDIT : Tested and it's working now ! yepi

    EDIT 2: ha ****, it seemed at first that it fixed, but somehow it returned .......
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  12. Glasofruix
    Oooooh, looks promising, will test it asap.
  13. x7007

    Uninstall HEVC VIDEO EXTENSION from APP/REMOVE from Windows 1709 !! it screws the DPC Latency like tons if you have many video files around the computer ! it keeps loading the HEVCDLL file non stop takes SSD USAGE and CPU and SOUND and causing heavy DPC Latency
  14. Sinery
    It it something you installed yourself or what?
    From what I gather it's a ****ty windows store app thats enables smart apps to play h.265.
    Sound exactly like the kind of garbage Win10 sneakily installs.
  15. x7007
    something that came with Windows 1709 update I use Update/Upgrade , not fresh install . some computers I fresh installed I didn't see it installed. but they are just non gaming computers with no HVEC or HDR hardware acceleration support, so windows must find compatible devices to install it on.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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