Sennheiser GSX 1000 / 1200 Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by shankly1985, Nov 5, 2016.
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  1. happycamperjack
    Actually the speakers settings for my GSX 1000 Audio main does reset to stereo everytime I restart the computer even after the clean install of Creator's update. My bad. I guess I'll have to reset it for 7.1 everytime I restart the computer from now. Not a big deal as it's some clicks, but still annoying.
  2. shankly1985
    When you restart and are at the desktop, does your speaker have a red cross bottom right? And says something like audio services not started?
  3. happycamperjack
    No it doesn't. It just reset my speaker setting for the GSX Main Audio output from 7.1 to stereo. I'd suggest going into Device Manager and uninstall the device drivers for your GSX 1000 and maybe USB hub.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  4. shankly1985
    My issue was very different then. My GSX doesn't reset to stereo anymore, I had an issue with Windows Store apps not opening and not loading the audio services correctly. After I fixed that my GSX now remembers 7.1
  5. Matfra
    Hi guy, will the GSX 1000 will drive my Fostrex T50RP MK111 50 Ohm ? They are hard to drive apperently
  6. Evshrug
    There are two factors to look at in a headphone to determine how “hard to drive” a headphone can be: how many ohms or Ω impedance, and the dB measurement of Sound Pressure Level (SPL) or sensitivity. For example, the Sennheiser GAME ZERO is an ideal match for the GSX 1000, and the headset has an impedance of 50 Ω and 108 dB SPL. Moderate listening volume on the GAME ZERO is achieved at about 20-22% volume setting on the GSX.

    If the Fostex T50RP has the same impedance, but less sensitivity than the GAME ZERO, you might have to use a higher % setting to achieve a similar sounding volume. I cannot speak from experience on how the Fostex sounds on the GSX 1000
  7. happycamperjack
    Absolutely not. GSX 1000 is more like a DAC, definitely not enough to drive any planar. You'll need to get an amp. Schiit Magni 3 just came out. It's magnificent when paired with gsx1000 for movies and games! Gsx1000 is good for music too when used in 24 bit stereo mode. But there are better DACs out there for that.
  8. Matfra
    Give me some advise guys. Should I keep the GSX pair with a Amp, or replace the whole thing with a new DAC AMP . I could get a Fiio E10 for 50$. Im not sure if I should keep the GSX.
    As you told the DAC is not so good. But im not sure if I could hear a difference with a other DAC.
    I dont want to waste money.
  9. happycamperjack
    The question is how important is virtual surround sound to you. To me GSX1000 is the only solution for an accurate HRFT on PC that sounds great. I watched movies with surround sound and play FPS games a lot of my PC so GSX1000 is a godsend for me. For music on your planar fostex, it won't make that much of a difference if you get a better DAC. It's more than satisfactory for 95% of the population as a stereo DAC as it outputs a very clean and neutral signal. Just get a Magni 3 to pair with it.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  10. Evshrug
    I would second what happycamperjack said about the GSX having a DAC that is more than satisfactory for the overwhelming majority of people. Adding a $50 E10 would replace the GSX in your signal chain; you can’t use both at the same time. The E10 also doesn’t have any specifications to solve any of the potential issues you mentioned.

    It’s much easier to first try the GSX directly connected to the T50RP, see if you’re satisfied, and consider adding a discrete amp later if you aren’t satisfied.
  11. pietcux
    have not done the Windows update so far.
  12. x7007
    What happens when I use WASAPI compare to Directsound in Movies 7.1 , 5.1 ? Do I still get the surround I mean technically because I can hear better, but I'm not sure if that's how it suppose to be. Because PowerDVD17 won't enable WASAPI when there is Dolby or TrueHD DTS . so that means it can't work. can someone tell me and explain what to do ? I use 7.1 for movies DTS and AC3 , it's better to use DirectSound ? for Music 2.1 beter to use DirectSound ?
  13. x7007
    Can anyone answer that ??
  14. Netdiver
    So you recommend a Magni as amp ? O2+DAC can be an alternate ?

    I feel that the sound level even at 100 (max) is too low. (I use a Sennheiser HD 598).

    Thank for your advice
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  15. Netdiver
    Oh and can someone describe the connection settings before I order one to fully understand, what is connected to what and how ?
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