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Seiun player, $150 player with monster spec. Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by shiikamaru, Nov 8, 2015.
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  1. jdog
    For all those with a defective PHA, you might want to contact CD and let them know the problem(s) you are experiencing. I have problems with occ stuttering between songs when using the music player on the unit. I informed CD of the issue and they say they are going to send me a new unit in the next week or so to replace the one I have. If the new unit turns out to be a better one than I have, then I will return the defective one back to them... Too bad that the Pro X failed to pan out, seemed they had a pretty good prototype going for a while, but at least they say we will get a refund. I guess we'll have to see how long that takes....
  2. rumlyne

    So I guess that answers the question of this thread then: Yes, it was too good to be true.
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  3. hellfire8888
    hmm ok how do i get the refund for pro x?
  4. _pettman
    Send them a message to contact@cyberdrive.co
  5. tienbasse
    I wish I could share your optimism, but some of the defects are design issues (balanced output inverted channels, and not always properly balanced [mine has no bass on left side], volume button not well centered with too few steps to be usable with sensitive IEMs, noisy line in...).
    So fixing them would mean replacing all units.
    Do you really expect them to do this ?
  6. jdog
    @tienbasse, I don't have any real expectations for CD at this point, but they will never know that your unit is horribly defective unless you notify them of the problems. They offered to replace my unit after I told them about a problem I was experiencing with the PHA. So, seems to me that I should take them up on their offer. If the new one they send appears to function better than the one I have now, then I will accept the trade in... it's that simple. If you don't believe you can receive a better unit at this point, then don't bother with it. It's up to you.
  7. talan7
    I'm glad I got my refund last year for both the pha and pro-x.
  8. Kundi
    And i was thinking about two year delivery date coming up. Oh well i hope i get the refund by then. Probably not.
  9. KosstAmojan
    Yeah, I'm just getting one channel myself.
  10. tienbasse
    It's up to me indeed. :wink:
    I kindly contacted them and listed the various issues (built, balanced ouput).

    The answer came 3 days after: "there is no standard for 2.5mm balanced wiring, and you should buy our balanced cables if you want proper L/R output."
    No standard? Then why is everyone else cabling 2.5mm correctly (=following A&K pin-wiring) ?

    And the other 4 items in my list (channel unbalance, uncentered volume knob, noisy line in, not enough volume steps) were royally ignored, even though the first 2 are clearly hampering usability... No exchange proposal either...

    So guess what ? They don't CARE.
    I sincerely hope you'll get another unit, although I have doubts. And I suppose you'll have to pay another 30$ for shipping your unit back to China...
  11. jiangzhenjerry
    Guys, don't hold too much hope for this company. It is a Taiwanese company that is using a fake name (real name "iStage"). Its CEO (who appeared in CD's Youtube videos) is involved in and charged with multiple economic crimes in Taiwan. See for yourself what Taiwanese Hi-Fiers have found: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Headphone/M.1501064850.A.B27.html (use Google Translate if necessary). The point is, if you've still got a chance, go get a refund.
  12. tienbasse
    Thanks for the information.
    It is high time that Indiegogo stops hosting too-good-to-be-true projects, their success rate is pathetic when compared to other crowdfunding platforms.
    And I have yet to see them acting when things go wrong, meaning they don't care either.
  13. tienbasse
    Strangely enough, Cyberdrive (I should say Verisonix) has sent me a replacement unit without any warning, joined with a QC check list mentioning some of the things that had been reported as bugs/faults and verified.
    I'll make sure to properly test it this week-end to see if they have fixed anything.

    If they have, I'll make sure to mention the effort. :wink:
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  14. KosstAmojan
    I got a notification that they were shipping me something as well, though it was the player. Please post your results!
  15. tienbasse
    Well, I think I'll enever understand why they bothered sending a replacement unit that fixes nothing:

    -the volume know is a little better centered but this was the least of my concerns, since I had fixed this one myself

    On the other side:

    -balanced output still has inverted channels and is not balanced at all (left channel produces practically no bass as with my first unit, which hints at incorrect pin-wiring). It shoudn't be that hard to rewire the balanced output correctly ffs !
    -usb dac input (called dsd) works even more randomly than my first unit. I can't make it work with my V20 when the first unit works fine.

    I hope they don't count on me to ship back one of the units (30€ of shipment!) because it fixes nothing and I didn't ask for it.
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