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Seiun player, $150 player with monster spec. Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by shiikamaru, Nov 8, 2015.
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  1. _pettman
    Sadly no, will update if I do
  2. _pettman
    I should be getting my PHA on Tuesday, which i'm happy about.

    They still haven't commented on my questions regarding the Pro X..
  3. tienbasse
    Please, people who received or are going to receive the PHA amp, I'd like you to test the 2.5mm balanced output if possible.
    Mine is not working properly (low output level with noise and strong channel imbalance), while single-end output works fine but at deafening levels (low gain is still way too much even with 64ohm headphones).

    So I'm curious to see if my unit is working "as intended" or really has a defect.
  4. _pettman
    I don't have any balanced headphones, but I will let you know what my general experience is like

    EDIT: I may look into getting some balanced headphones
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  5. sososerious
    Mine has high noise on the 2.5mm and I have to unscrew the barrel slightly on my DIY cables to get them to sit properly and flush enough to hear both channels. No detectable imbalance even with sensitive iems which I can only use on the first and second volume step (this thing is obviously not meant for portable use).

    Saw someone mentioned they have wired the channels up wrong so left and right are reversed and one of the channels is inverted, need to plug the PHA into the pc and use the test suite to check this out fully.
  6. jdog
    It clearly looks like there is a significant QC issue with the PHA. My PHA actually works very well, and I am really enjoying the balanced out with the built in MP3 player. I am hoping some issues can be addressed with a firmware update, such as the reversed channels. The only problem I have had with my unit is that it will occasionally stutter when a new song starts.. kind of a start song, stop song, restart song experience that lasts 1-2 seconds. But when the song restarts, all is well for the remainder of the song.. I hope that CD will address the issues (provide replacement units) for those of you having problems, because I believe this PHA can be/is a much better audio device than people might perceive from just reading through this thread....
  7. _pettman
  8. tienbasse
    Another nice shady website to let people think they're big players and a serious company...

    Seriously, this old website is full of bulls**t products (3 PHA models, wonderful) from 2016.

    I honestly don't expect to get any kind of support from these amateurs...

    Don't forget the actual perk, the Pro/ProX DAP is nowhere to be seen except as a prototype.
    At best they're amateurs, at worst, this is a pyramidal scam that made a few people richer.
  9. _pettman
    I agree.

    I do have their Feather DAC which produces some nice sound, that's what made me back them on IGG. Which looks to have been a big mistake...

    They actually had good support before the campaign, I remember them responding within a day to a query I had with the DAC!
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  10. gmeardi
    Just received my 2 PHAs...
    I agree to Tienbasse first review:
    - build quality is approximative at best (volume knob, ...)
    - sound is ok from internal player: using my over-ears open AKG K701 I could appreciate an excellent (powerful) listening.
    - using iPhone/iPad with NEUTRON player, lightning to usb (camera cable) to PHA DSD DAC: excellent sound.
    - using the aux in (line in from iPhone or whatever other source): TERRIBLE hisses and crackles. Unusable.
    - using PC with foobar: probably not found the right drivers (using the Cyberdrive Control Panel I found on their website, but I'm afraid it's an old driver v.1.00 / 3.12.0), 'cos Foobar cannot set the output to DSD (even with correct plugins).
    - not yet tried the balanced out.

    Do not know if - at the end - CD has used the ESS9018S DAC or K2M...

  11. _pettman
  12. Jackpot77
    Interesting review - good pics of the internals too. Looks like the 9018S did make the cut in the end, but the taped down cables running right across the circuit board and the sellotaped-in Toshiba 64Gb micro sd card for the "internal" memory really made me chuckle.

    Also, running through Google Translate, the poster seems to state that the balanced out is wired up wrong, so the output will be out of phase. @tienbasse - I'm no expert, but that sounds like tbd culprit for your balanced out soundstage and general sound issues?

    I do have some balanced cables, but don't have any cheaper IEMs to test out wired up to the PHA output, so don't fancy putting my Athena or Zeus in the firing line and frying something if CD haven't wired the output correctly! :wink:

    Can anyone comment on the effect of wiring up the 2.5mm wrong (apart from the poor Sonics)?
  13. _pettman

    The digital 'DSD' output does output some good (if not great) audio, max volume on PHA and about 25/100 on my laptop is perfect. No hissing or distortion, even at full volume.
    As for the analogue input. about 15/100 on laptop and use the PHA to control the volume. Again, no distortion. But hissing noticeable at all volumes on the PHA with nothing playing.

    I used foobar2000 with my NuForce EDC IEM's and 24/44.1, 24/88.2 FLAC's. The PHA is set at Lo Gain on the stereo output also, the line out doesn't seem to perform well at all.

    One other thing. the PHA does seem to have a limited soudstage as there is noticeable distortion in background effects in some songs. It's relay noticeable at the start of Galantis - True Feeling and some parts throughout the song. It's non existent with my GS8+ and NW-A45.

    I have the v3.12.0 driver installed that my CD Feather DAC uses also.
  14. _pettman
    To @Kundi and anyone else interested, I have received an update from CD regarding the Pro X..
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
    Kundi, rumlyne and ExpatinJapan like this.
  15. talan7
    Oh, well!
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