Schiit Saga Tube Rolling

  1. Odin412
    I tried the EH tube, but it's not for me. It has good bass extension and sound stage, but the treble is too bright (and slightly strident) for me. I've probably had the tube running for 30-40 hours before giving it a good listen today. Maybe it needs more burn-in?
    Anyway, back to the stock tube for a while - and I really like how the Saga sounds with the stock tube! The Tung-Sol is next.
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  2. Odin412
    I've now tried both the Electro-Harmonix Gold and the Tung-Sol tubes, and I've decided to return to the stock tube. The EH and Tung-Sol tubes sound quite similar, but they're both on the bright side for my taste. The stock tube may be too dark for some, but I really enjoy the smoothness and musicality that it delivers. All in all, the Saga is an outstanding value and a great preamp.
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  3. JohnBal
    I think if its musicality and tone you're after, then a 1950's RCA might be what you're after.
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  4. theveterans
    If you mean the 5692's they're not the right one. The 5692s are more open, extended, sort of opposite of the traditional tube sound that is present with the stock tube. In simple terms, the tonality is exactly like passive mode, but much clearer, wider and more extended on both bass and treble. So if passive mode doesn't sound musical to the OP, the 5692 won't as well.
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  5. JohnBal
    Actually, I was referring to the RCA 6SN7. I have never heard the 5692, but the RCA 6SN7's I have heard have been smooth.
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  6. Odin412
    Thanks for the tip! I'm a bit ambivalent about vintage tubes. On the one hand I've heard vintage tubes in other amps that sound absolutely incredible. On the other hand there is a finite supply of vintage tubes with corresponding escalating prices, and when they're gone they're gone for good. The RCA 6SN7 looks to be around $65 which isn't too bad so maybe I'll give that one a try. There's also a new production tube from Northern Electric that I haven't tried, but it's expensive at $90 so I'll probably try the RCA first to see if I like the 'vintage' tube sound.
  7. liquidsmote
    Try a Raytheon 6SN7GTB before the RCA if you can ... it can be had for less than $20 (all 3 of mine came with box and tested NOS) and really has that good vintage tone. I was a little dissapointed with RCA ... it's not bad, but for the price I was expecting more ... and IMO the Raytheon outperforms it by a good margin. Raytheon 6sn7gtb - Copy.jpg
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  8. Odin412
    Sweet! I became overwhelmed with temptation and ordered the Raytheon as well as the RCA. It'll be fun to check out some real vintage tubes!
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  9. liquidsmote
    Nice! I hope they both work out for you and I totally know that temptation ... my wife said if she's any more little boxes come in she'll kill me ... so now I have to hide them! =D =D =D

    If you don't mind me asking, where'd you pickup the Raytheon? I got all 3 from eBay, but the RCA came from the Depot. They just had a sale for ~$25 off that one, but I had already picked mine up full price =/ .

    And BTW ... I've been eyeballing that Northern Electric too ... just because it looks so darn cool! I'll post if I ever pick it up!
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  10. MOFOfunk
    I have found a Sylvania 6SN7W made in USA in a box fro the danish marine and a General Electric "Electronic Tube" 6SN7GT. Both look new. Have any of you guys any experience with these tubes? Sound impression are appreciated. What is the right price for them? The guy who is selling them wants 150US$ for both of them..
  11. liquidsmote
    I have a couple Sylvania 6SN7GTBs as well as a military Sylvania 6SN7WGT brown base (VT-231). The civilian versions sound better to me than the WGT, with a clean Hi-Fi sound, great extension, bright but not sibilant highs, and slightly loos but nice lows. The WGT is a little more controlled than the GTBs, but not as "smooth." I paid just under $50 for mine from Antique Electronics Supply.

    I am NOT a fan of the GE 6SN7GTA or 6SN7GTB ... they both sounded the same ... harsh, sibilant, and brittle are how I'd describe them. My opinion of the GEs runs contrary to most others', so YMMV. They were cheap though ... $40 with box (old GE style, not 60s redesign) from Tube Depot, and $20 without box from a seller I buy from on Reverb.
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  12. MOFOfunk
    Thanks for those impressions and good guidance. It's a vast jungle out there for a tube newbie.
    The way you describe them it's definitely the 6sn7gtb that would fit my sound preferences most. Would you say your system is resolving/analytical, the opposite or in between?

    If any of you experienced tubies happend to fall over a good tube offer you are more than welcome to link me in a PM. It can be for Saga and Freya i'm researching for a friend with Saga and for my soon to be Freya.

    Now I'm going to check out:
  13. liquidsmote
    With that said, don't hold yourself back from trying GTs, GTAs, GTBs, and WGTs ...

    My system is capable of resolving the differences between any of the tubes I've thrown in, and I would say it trends towards a bright and exciting type of sound. My Saga preamp is currently in front of a Rogue Cronus Magnum, which itself has 9 tubes total tubes of various types. The total possibility of combinations can be overwhelming, but even a single change can make more than a subtle difference. I will say that of the 10+ different 6SN7 variants I've tried, the Raytheon (USA or Japan) has sounded great regardless of what I roll into the Magnum (or the EL84 Miniwatt I ran before).

    I'd also check out ... I've been ordering from them for a while, and they've always resolved any issues promptly without any muss or fuss.
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  14. Odin412
    I got the RCA from Tube Depot and the Raytheon from I haven't had a chance to listen to the Raytheon yet, but I'll report back on what I hear. I've spent a little time with the RCA and I like what I've heard so far.
  15. liquidsmote
    Nice! I forgot about TCTubes! All 3 of my Raytheons are later gray plates ... it looks like yours will be a 50's black plate. Lol, now I'm jelly ... let us know what you think!

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