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Schiit Saga Tube Rolling

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  1. Odin412
    Well, so far I'm really liking the Raytheon tube! Deep, juicy bass; smooth, liquid midrange and clean, not overly bright treble. Very nice overall tone, too. I think I finally get what the vintage tube thing is all about.
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  2. Allanmarcus

    Right now I'm using a Mjolnir 2 as a headphone amp, but also as a preamp to a Koss ESP/950 and an Auralic Taurus Mk2. I have a mullard 12AU7 in my Crack amp. Can I use this 12AU7 directly in the Saga?

    In the Mj2 I have two WE396a tubes, based on a recommendation from @Jason Stoddard
    Has anyone tried a WE396A TO 6SN7 adapter to hear how the WE396a sounds in the Schiit?

  3. liquidsmote
    You said it better than I did ... really summed up the quality of the sound I'm hearing from this tube! I'm glad you like it ... not all NOS are winners, but there are gems out there ... and not always the most expensive ones at that!
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  4. liquidsmote
    Unless I'm seriously misinformed ... no you cannot use a 12AU7 in the Saga for at least a couple reasons: 1) 12AU7 is a min-tube ... a 9 pin ... while the Saga uses a 8 pin octal socket. 2) the 6SN7 is a 6 volt tube ... the 12AU7 is a 12 volt tube. I've seen adapters out there but I wouldn't go that route ... there's plenty of affordable new issue and NOS 6SN7 tubes available that sound great. I've even tried a 6SL7 with no issue.
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  5. KoshNaranek
    Has anyone tried the Sovtek 6sn7? It has a different internal design than the EH/Tung-Sol series.
  6. Odin412
    I haven't tried the 6SN7, but I've tried the Sovtek 6SL7 and liked it quite a bit. I found it to be very nice and smooth with good bass, with maybe a little hardness in the midrange. However, the tube is quite cheap so there's little harm in trying it.

    I also tried a JJ 6SL7 but I found the midrange to be too 'hard'-sounding for my taste.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  7. KoshNaranek
    The JJ 6sn7 is terrible. I gave it to the kids down the street for "show and tell"
  8. treynolds155
    So after many months of research I pulled the trigger on the Saga and I've got to say it is a HUGE improvement over my old Theta DS Pre that I was still using it's analog section. I went back and forth vs the Freya but am glad I got the one tube Saga. Out of the box I popped in a Raytheon that has been the buzz for sometime here, I fell in love with the sound immediately and like I said it's been a really big improvement in every way over the Theta. So after a month burn in, just for the heck of it I put in the stock tube and give it a listen and was surprised by how much fun it was, what a lively tube. Now I'm not saying it's better by any means, just that it was quite enjoyable, very detailed and in your face...not always in the best way but....fun!! I'll refer to that tube as my guilty pleasure lol. Anyway, if you're considering the Saga...go for it!! And don't be scared to start off with the stock tube, with only one to deal with...you will try others.
  9. Odin412
    Congratulations! I'm very happy with my Saga as well. It sounds great, the relay-stepped attenuator is way cool and it's fun to try out different tubes and change the sound a bit.
  10. treynolds155
    Thanks! As much as I love the sound with the Raytheon (it will be left in it for the most part) I'm thinking of trying out the new issue TungSol to see if it matches the sound character of the stock tube but perhaps be more refined. After burn in I found the sound of the Raytheon vs passive to be hardly noticeable. There really was something about the immediacy of the stock tube that I liked, not that I'd want to listen to it all the time. The Raytheon is a keeper for sure. You really got to love the Schiit out of this thing, one tube and you can change everything...and for only $350!!! My older high end vintage equipment is starting to get lonely lol
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    super excited to hear this does accept 6sn7, I understood that the 6H8C was the Russian equivalent of a 6sn7

    I've got an extra Sylvania 6sn7GT Green Label that I'm not using, I'm curious to see how the Saga might improve the already super detailed sound of my Ember II with my White Lavel Syl 6sn7 GT
  12. Odin412
    I've had a lot of fun rolling a number of tubes through my Saga over the last few months and I though that I'd share my impressions of the tubes that I've tried so far. Please note that I'm very treble-sensitive so I tend to react strongly to tubes that have a bright tone to them. YMMV, of course:

    Stock 6SN7 Nice and smooth
    Tung-Sol 6SN7 Too bright
    Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 Gold Too bright
    RCA 6SN7 (vintage 60s) A little bit bright, but very nice bass and midrange
    Raytheon 6SN7GTB (vintage 50s) Deep bass, liquid midrange, smooth treble; very slight brightness
    Raytheon 6SN7GTB (vintage 60s) Deep bass, liquid midrange, very smooth treble - the version with chrome top has smoother treble
    Sovtek 6SL7GT (vintage 70s) Very nice and smooth with good bass; maybe a little hardness
    JJ 6SL7 Hard-sounding midrange
    RCA 5692 Red Base (vintage 50s) Nice and smooth with good imaging and space; slight brightness
    Raytheon 6SN7GT / VT-231 (vintage 60s) Somewhat lean bass, but good space and very airy and extended treble; a bit too bright
    Northern Electric 6SN7 Good bass, open, smooth and vivid midrange, airy treble; very spacious; a tiny bit bright
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  13. liquidsmote
    Awesome post! You beat me to the NE 6SN7 ... sounds like it compared to the 50's / 60's Raytheon? Also looks like the only tube you didn't find a little bright was the stock Russian ... I might have to give it another shot, as it's been a loooong time.

    Have you tried any 6SL7 tubes? I've only tried a JAN PhilipsECG 6SL7WGT. I would like to hear the increase in distortion that's mentioned in the manual, but I didn't get it from the Philips. It too was a bit bright, but I've found that with all Philips ... octals and 9-pins.
  14. limelake
    I noticed no difference with the stock tube at all, with the FAA GE6SN7GTB the differerence was slight. How much difference is there move to some of the others out there ?
  15. Odin412
    Thanks! I find that I really like the Northern Electric tube. It's not cheap, but I really like the sound. It looks cool too - it's so big that it just barely fits into the hole on the top cover. Initially I found it a bit bright but I dialed the 6 kHz band on the J River EQ back around 2 dB and that helped a lot. The only 6SL7 tubes I tried are the JJ (didn't like it) and Sovtek. The Sovtek is actually quite nice, but I thought that it sounded a bit 'hard' in the midrange sometimes. Maybe it's the added distortion that I'm hearing? When I feel like it maybe I'll look for a couple more 6SL7 to try out - they're not that expensive and it's fun to roll different tubes and listen to the differences.
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