Schiit Saga Tube Rolling

  1. Odin412
    That's a tough question to answer since perception of sonic differences varies a lot among individuals, and only you can decide what does and doesn't make a difference for you. To me a new production Electro-Harmonix or a 1960s vintage Raytheon will sound noticeably different than the stock tube. Now, 'noticeable' in this context does not mean night and day difference, but a subtly different sound that you can hear. My advice would be to purchase a couple of inexpensive tubes and try them out to see what you think.
  2. limelake
    Okay thank you, How about new production tung sol ?
  3. liquidsmote
    I think Odin was talking about the new production in his post. My impressions below his ... definitely on the brighter side of neutral, but the bass was nice. I run it every once in a while, but always go back to the Raytheon.

    I DO need to pick up that NE 6SN7 Odin has. It is pricey in comparison to many, but is beautiful and I know would really pop sitting on the socket saver!
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  4. Odin412
    I attached a photo of the Northern Electric 6SN7 in my Saga. As you can see it's quite large and almost fills the opening. (Apologies for the slightly out of focus image - my stupid phone had trouble focusing on the tube glass.)

    NE 6SN7 in Saga
    by Odin412 on
  5. liquidsmote
    You weren't kidding ... that's tight! You should consider a socket saver just so you can see the bling bling of the gold base on that NE!
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