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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. donunus
    alright my bad
  2. GearMe
  3. kimvictor
    He was talking about Leckerton UHA-4. Not Magni.
  4. renji1337
    What do people normally use volume wise on there magni? it seems 9 o clock/10 oclock is the max I can go before it gets too loud. source is xonar dx and headphones ultrasone pro 550s
  5. xnor
    According to my calculations you've got about 25 dB too much gain. So yeah, you'll have to keep the volume control down at all times.
    10 o'clock should be hearing damaging loud already. With compressed music 9 o'clock should already be quite loud (roughly 95 dB SPL or less than 1 hour per day max. according to NIOSH).
  6. renji1337
    o_o. well crap. is it okay to have the magni at such low volumes? should i buy -12db attenuators? and do attenuators affect sound quality?
    Or should I just keep the volume pot at 9 or below.
  7. Barry S

    As long as you're not getting a volume imbalance with the pot turned down, then there's no reason for an attenuator. I usually listen to my HD650s with the pot at about 9 o'clock. Much below that and the channels become imbalanced.
  8. renji1337
    alright, i think i hear somewhat of an imbalance of what i listen at, should i use software volume control, or should I get the 12db attenuators, and if so do they affect sound quality.
  9. Barry S
    Try the software volume control first and see how that works. Some head-fiers insist on a bit perfect feed to the dac, but some also claim that attenuators color the sound--best to try things for yourself and see. I’ve used attenuators working as a sound recordist and they worked fine, but it wasn't audiophile stuff.
  10. Muzika
    My Magni lost power the other night and now it doesn't turn on.
    I'm wondering if my setup influenced the problem...
    PC (USB) -> Modi (RCA) -> Dussun T6 amp (RCA, Record Out) -> Magni -> HE-400
    Any ideas?
  11. miceblue
    Evidently your planar magnetic headphones are so power hungry that they sucked the life out of the Magni. You need a much more powerful speaker amplifier to make your HE-400s "sing" or "come to life."

    Kidding aside, have you contacted Schiit Audio about it? Or perhaps try another wall wart or wall plug?
  12. Muzika
    Haven't contacted Schiit Audio yet. Instead, I've sent an email to the authorised reseller here in Australia. Awaiting their response. I've tried another wall plug - no dice. I only have the one wall wart.
  13. Lady Stoneheart
    May I ask? Is the Magni capable of powering the DT880 (600ohms) to a solid performance level? I'm thinking of picking up 2 of these 3 (HE-400, HD600, DT880) and was hoping that these would power them all well.
  14. Skolar311
    If you send an e-mail to Schiit, you won't be waiting more than 30 minutes for a response. On average for me, it's been 5 minutes.
  15. Skolar311
    I've read that it powers the DT880 fine. I own the HD600's (300 Ohms) and the M/M brings them to life and makes them sing.
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