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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Skolar311
    From my experience I prefer the sound of the Magni + Modi over the O2 + ODAC, with both of my HD600's and my Shure SRH-840's. The Magni provides more oomph to my HD600's than the O2 can and I've never, ever noticed a lack of bass or a veiled sound from the Magni. It's always been beautifully transparent!
    I could write a dozen paragraphs about my tests too, but in the end it's irrelevant because it's all subjective. Some headphones sound better on the O2 and some sound better on the Magni. When running the tests that you did you should use more than 1 set of headphone, 3 at least. Usually comparing the 2 amps with a set of closed back and open back headphones at least because It's a completely different presentation and might change your opinion.
    Your review really should have said "I prefer the sound of the O2 over the Magni on the Denon's".
  2. DScience
    What's the best way to hook up the Magni (only) to your computer's sound card?
    I am going to get a new sound, is it best to just get an RCA - 3.5mm adapter and hook up the magni to the sound card jack on the back of the computer?
  3. ab initio

    Yes, I would go from the Line-out on the back of your computer. Don't use the headphone jack on the front---you don't need the extra current for RCA inputs and computer headphone amplifier implementations are typically poor. If you don't need the extra gadget in your audio chain, then avoid.
    soundcard line out -> 3.5mm to RCA cable -> Mangi -> headphones -> ears
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  4. Headphonia92
    Hey guys, just confirming that I need one of these:
    and one of these http://www.monoprice.com/Product/?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030301&p_id=5437&seq=1&format=1#largeimage
    Those should complete the stack setup right?
  5. Skolar311
    Yep that'll do it.
    I bought these AudioQuest Jumpers for my Magni/Modi and they work great. A bit more expensive but that what you can expect from AudioQuest, but I love their products. These are shorter than the normal PYST cables that Schiit provides (which causes the amps not to stack properly) while these cause no problems.
    But in short, yes, what you've found will complete the setup.
  6. Skolar311
    But then again, the RCA's you've found are 1.5 feet long. That's pretty long, so I would recommend something like the RCA's that I provided above.
  7. Headphonia92
    Awesome. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on those and the M&M's. Going to use this to power some Grado 325is's and the occasional odd listen of the ATH M50's or my GR07 BE's. Maybe my wallet can rest for a bit. Wishful thinking I'm sure....[​IMG] *The issue I have with the ones you posted is that they're even more expensive than the ones Schiit sells...1.5 feet is a little long but I think I've seen other members using the same RCA's without too much problem. I will try to see if they have a shorter one however, I'm not seeing one immediately.*
  8. Skolar311
    When most people buy the cables right from Schiit (PYST Cables - Put Your Schiit Together) they use a rubber band to pull them tight together. Seems to work, but I prefer as short as possible for the cleanest look.
    The M/M Stack will be great for your Grado's as well as the M50's. I own the Shure SRH-840's which are usually directly compared to the ATH-M50's and the Magni plays my 840's VERY loudly and very transparent. It really is a powerful little amp and you'll probably get the same results with your M50's.
    I also own the Sennheiser HD600's which are 300 Ohms and the Magni also makes them sing effortlessly. If the Magni sounds this good on my HD600's, I bet you would have a similar experience with your Grado's. It sounds like you and I share similar tastes in style/performance/price :) :)
  9. Headphonia92
    Absolutely, it sounds like we're one in the same! The Schiit aesthetics are what hooked me. Especially considering my MBP is also metallic, I couldn't pass up the look. The cables I ordered will be a little long, but tucked at my desk at school I don't think I'll notice them. I, like you, do value clean looks.

    I actually just clicked buy on Schiit's website and have a brand new M&M stack heading my way! Excellent to know that these should compliment my cans nicely. When they come I'll have to make a quick post and let you know how I'm getting along with them. Fingers crossed for a great experience. Cheers!
  10. MinedSafe
    Have any of you tried to connect schiit dac to android phone over the usb otg?
  11. kimvictor
    Yup. It doesn't work, even with powered usb hubs as USB ARP.
  12. MinedSafe
    Ok thanks Looks I need to find something else unfortunately
  13. kimvictor
    What about leckerton uha-4? It works with otg and has a quality dac and amp.
  14. MinedSafe
    Headphone amp is not powerful enought for my 880 250 im affarid. Will keep on looking :)
  15. xnor
    What? It should be more than powerful enough for that headphone, that is if you have a "standard" redbook source.
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