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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. MinedSafe
    15mW into 300ohms
  2. GearMe
    What about leckerton uha-4? It works with otg and has a quality dac and amp.
    What? It should be more than powerful enough for that headphone, that is if you have a "standard" redbook source.
    15mW into 300ohms (for the UHA-4)
    260mW into 300 Ohms for the Magni...17x the power might just matter; it certainly provides scalability for future headphone purchases!
  3. MinedSafe
    Exactly :)
  4. mazzelectra
    Hey peeps,
    I've been using my Magni at work (iMac 3.4 corei7 > Modi > Magni > Senn Momentum) for about 3 weeks now and it's DRAMATICALLY changed my attitude about being (relatively) early to my office lol
    Freaking wonderful gear!
    Anyhoo, just wanted to share a resolution to an issue that arose during my first week (or so) with the Magni. I noticed some scratching in the VOL movements, as well as some seemingly RF static/hum at certain areas of the VOL range (especially 7-11 o'clock - which is my preferred listening lvl). The Frequency hum did not increase or decrease with volume levels appropriately, so I inferred from that there may be a grounding issue or machine signal transferrence going on. It was barely audible, and when music was playing I hardly noticed it, but it was definitely not optimal so eventually I decided to contact Schiit about the issue.
    Jason responded as promptly as anyone could bounce back an email (as expected, really - their reputation precedes them! no pressure...) Here's the 'official' interaction if anyone's interested (hope he doesn't mind):
    me (responding)
    Jason (responding to my responding...)
    Since this convo (as of this AM actually) first thing I did was move the power to a different wall socket (it was previously plugged into a UPS into another wall) - same RF issues only at different VOL range settings (like 11-2 o'clock). I had purchased a new TrippLite surge multi-outlet to try out if the wall shift didn't work. After plugging the Trip-Lite into the UPS (which was plugged into the original wall outlet) and reConnecting the M/M stack to the TL outlet...
    No Static or RF hum!! [​IMG]
    As an aside, having the new TL surge protector allowed me to move the M/M stack to a position on my desk where I no longer had to use an audio extension cable to run my Momentums to the stack (previously had to run around the iMac or the original cord would have crossed over my keyboard). I was planning to do this (move the stack to extended power) whether or not the RF signal issue was resolved, just to be able to purify the chain as I noticed while A/B'ing with the original cable VS cable+extender that the sound shifted - flattened a bit when the extender was in place.
    Realizing this, (and because I really don't want to get back to my work current project right now...) I decided to just try the extender with the new M/M position juuuuuust to see if...
    Static + RF hum = BACK!! [​IMG]
    OK...so...being the fake scientist that I am, I proceeded to unplug the M/M stack and try to plug BACK into the original UPS without the extender in the chain.
    (hold on - this takes a minute...) ...
    No Static or RF hum!! [​IMG]
    - - - - - TLDR VERSION - - - - -
    The problem was NOT the Magni, was NOT the power and was NOT the usb > Modi chain (machine noise).
    The culprit was the (sennheiser) audio extension cable. [​IMG] /whip!
    (BTW - the extension cable was from a pair of Senn HD448s, which I had been using at work before the Momentum upgrade)
    Anyhoo, I'll be sending off an email to Jason soon with this development, but I wanted to post here in case anyone had a similar issue. Just to reiterate, I am beyond thrilled with Schiit and their attention not only to detail and quality, but their service is proving to be an industry leading standard as well.
    Enjoy All The Audios!!
  5. fihidelity
    Any idea how long the extended lead is? I was using my Magni with a pair of DT770s which come with a three metre cable as stock, with that I was literally able to tune into a radio station!
  6. mazzelectra

    lol exactly [​IMG]
    Looks like the naughty Extender (Antenna?!) is around 5.5 - 6 Ft.. (1.6 - 1.8 metres)
  7. Headphonia92
    The FedEx guy just dropped off my Schiit. I've got it hooked up and running, so far everything appears to be working great! There's just a small detail that's confusing me. I use a program on OS X called Boom for my EQing needs and with the Modi hooked up, my audio outputs look like this:
    If I switch the EQ on Boom off or close the program altogether, it drops down and the Schiit USB Audio Device becomes selected. Obviously the sound changes fairly drastically as I'm no longer EQiing the audio. My question is: With Boom Device selected and the EQ "on" am I still using the Modi as my DAC or is it somehow bypassing that and using the DAC in my Macbook still for audio and simply bypassing the Modi? My headphones are obviously plugged into the Magni and the DAC is hooked up via USB so there's no other way for the audio to avoid going through the Modi short of Boom simply bypassing it somehow. Could someone confirm if this is the case? Also, if it is, is there a way for me to EQ still?
  8. PXSS
    Set the EQ to flat and do an ab comparison between the 2 outputs.
  9. Headphonia92
    Good idea. Doing this yielded (at least as far as my ears can tell) an identical result. I guess it can be assumed that the Modi is in fact the DAC and that it isn't being bypassed?
  10. PXSS
    It is not possible for the signal to bypass Modi.
    Modi takes in a digital signal, if your setup was using the dac in your mac then the output would be analog. USB is a digit interface, you cant get analog out from it. So if there is anything going into Modi then it's coming in as digital and Modi is doing its job lust how its meant to
  11. Headphonia92
    Awesome, so I can continue to EQ and enjoy the benefit of the DAC at the same time. I'm very happy with this stack (my first). Everything is sounding great! [​IMG]
  12. fihidelity
    Assuming you have your Modi plugged into your Magni then the only way you'd be able to hear your music is with the Modi as the DAC. The Modi can only receive a digital signal via the USB so it would be impossible to bypass its DAC.
    Headphonia92 likes this.
  13. donunus
    Do you have a link with this info? Are the full specs posted somewhere?
  14. donunus
    Just checked the website and here are the power specs... i dont understand where you got 15mW Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 1.2W Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 1.0W Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 260mW Maximum Power, 600 ohms: 130mW
  15. PXSS
    He wasn't talking about the magni by the way.
    He was talking about the UHA-4. Read the previous posts...
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