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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Headphoner
  2. Headphoner
    If you have $800 to spend, consider Kingsound KS-H1 electrostatic phones with its dedicated solid state M-10 amplifier.
    Both units are available combined as a package for $800.
    I haven't heard them, but initial comments about them are so promising that the phones are worth investigating, especially if you have $800 to spend.


  3. CommanerKeen
    Trying to!
  4. mbyrnes
    Ok I just bought this amp to go with my Mixamp and akg k702 Annies. Any suggestions on setting this up? Would I max the Mixamp and use the magni volume control to adjust volume? Any other hints would be appreciated.
  5. Gnomeplay
    Turn all digital volume controls all the way up, adjust volume via amplifier. It'll allow you to hear the least amount of noise floor from the gain of the amplifier.
  6. mbyrnes
    Thank you gnome
  7. Como
    I'm French so sorry for my poor English.
    I've got a modi and a magni, and I want to know if I can use my magni with my Sennheiser HD 25 C II (70ohms) without any problem ? And if the sound can be great or not with this combo (with my iMac and sound in flac).

    I know this is not the best headphone for hifi and amp (It's my djing headphone), but for a noob like me it's enough for the moment.
  8. Skolar311
    The Magni/Modi won't do any harm to the headphones, whatsoever. I can't say if they're a good match because I haven't heard the HD25 on the M/M.
    Just wanted to let you know not to worry about damaging the headphones. If anything, they're happier with the clean power.
  9. Como
    I can try my HD 25 without any fear.

    Another noob question, i want to connect my modi to my amplifier and also to my magni.
    For that, i have 2 like this :

    Connect on my modi, just for have 2 output instead of one. So one for my magni and one for my amplifier.

    Is my solution right ?
    My question is to know if this RCA adaptator can be damage the sound ?
    And if you know some good RCA adaptator like this one (mine is very cheap, 1,5$)

    Many thanks.
  10. Skolar311

    I bought a MonoPrice RCA-to-3.5mm and it cut out all the time and gave me nothing but problems... I then spent a lot more on a reliable cable and I think it was totally worth it. The cable is an AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-to-3.5mm, it was $27 but the build quality is beyond any other cable I've bought.
    If you want a more affordable option, then I heard that Mediabridge is decent. But I would really recommend going with the Evergreen based on my experience.
    Also, what kind of Amp are you planning to hook the Magni/Modi up to, and what are you trying to do?
    Hope this helps and I hope I answered the question.
  11. grandmike
     To answer my own question and THANK YOU for those that has chipped in . I have purchased the SCHIIT STACK and the MAGNI comes stock with ->>>  20130528_164200.jpg
    . No Step Down or what so ever necessary ( for those who runs 220V ) . !
  12. Skolar311
    Ignore my last post...I see what you're trying to do now and the cables I provided won't do what you're asking.
    Your solution should work though, but I would still look into higher-quality components.
  13. Como
    If you know a same adaptator like mine but in highter quality, tell me.

    I have good rca cable, good usb cable, good amplifier and speaker, sound in flac on my computer, a good DAC (modi), the only low quality part is this rca adaptator that i would like to change.
  14. Skolar311
    Maybe try this RCA splitter by AudioQuest. Like I said, AudioQuest is top notch.
  15. kimvictor
    Wait, are you guys using the splitter to have 2 input to magni or 2 output for a dac? No matter how high end splitter you use, if you have it to have 2 inputs into an amp, the SQ will worsen(quiet significantl).
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